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Moon Energy Connection with the Moon New Moon and Full Moon Rituals Truth about the Moon

In this episode, we will talk about the Moon energy. We will talk about the Moon's connection with Gaia. How Moon's energies affect our lives and how to work with them.

Here is the list of questions for this episode:

  • What is the Moon from the spiritual perspective?

  • What kind of energy does it emanate? Or a types of energies? What qualities does it have?

  • How does this energy affect humans?

  • How does this energy affect Gaia?

  • Does it have a gender? Is it feminine or masculine?

  • Does it have a consciousness? Does it have a name?

  • What are the benefits of connecting with the Moon?

  • How to check whether you have strong or weak connection with the Moon? How can you make the Moon your friend and you ally?

  • How can you work with the Moon? How can you use its energy?

  • What are the rituals that you can do?

  • Are there any special days that are particularly good for working with the Moon energy?

  • What are the byproducts of the broken relationship with the Moon?

Please enjoy!

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