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Minor Chakras and Their Activation to Open Your Masculine and Feminine Energy Streams

In this episode, I will talk about minor chakras. These are shoulder chakras, elbow chakras, palm chakras, knee chakras, and the chakras at the soles of your feet.

You will need these chakras to be activated to fully open your heart space, fully open your heart chakra, expand, take more challenges, achieve more in this world, and have a bigger impact.

11:39 About the symbolism of the cross and what it has to do with the minor chakras

20:34 Thymus chakra and its function

27:30 Shoulder chakras and their functions

44:00 Elbow chakras and their functions

52:00 Palm chakras and their functions

1:00:00 Activation of the horizontal chakras

1:05:00 Knee chakras and their functions

1:10:40 Sole of the feet chakras and their functions

1:21:00 Breathing of the cross practice

Questions from the collective:

1:15:21 Is it possible that only one chakra on my feet is congested?

1:17:40 How do we work with the minor chakras?

Please enjoy!


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