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Mind Control and How the Moon is Used to Control Humanity

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In this episode, I will talk about mind control. You will learn about all types of mind control that are used to control humanity. You will also learn about beings that stand behind and why they do this. I will focus specifically on the Moon and how the Moon is used to control and manipulate our behavior. In the end, I will give you tools to protect yourself from mind control.

10:00 Who controls the world and what tools they use

18:00 Slave race

20:00 How humanity becomes activated

24:00 How crystals are used to mind control

29:04 What are the ways you are being controlled

33:15 Crystal grids that are embedded into Gaia to control people

34:20 How the Moon is used to control us

36:00 How technology is used to control us

37:00 How media is used to control us

40:00 Cancel culture

42:00 How low vibrations are used to control you

45:20 How big cities are programmed to control you

51:40 How Moon rituals are used to mind control

01:16:40 How to protect yourself from the mind control

01:19:00 How to cleanse your mental body

Questions from the collective:

  • Question 1: Am I not supposed to follow the Moon cycles then?

  • Question 2: If we are subject to all these tools of control, how do we make sure that we are not playing by the rules of these people on top? How do we protect ourselves?

  • Question 3: How do they use the Moon to control us?

Please enjoy!


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