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Mental Body How to Work with Negative Thoughts What Influences Our Thoughts

This episode is all about the mental body from a spiritual perspective. We will talk about how the mental body is created, where thoughts come from, how to work with negative thoughts. Mariya's higher self will tell you about the shape of the mental body, how to work with it, the role it plays in our lives. We will talk about the shadow side that humanity is experiencing from the mental standpoint. We will also give you a couple of very potent practices that will help you to take care of your mental body and deal with negative thoughts.

Please enjoy!

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Sergei: Today, I would like to talk to you about the mental body. Could you please tell us what is mental body and what role does it play in people's lives?

Mariya: Sure. So, the mental body is the fourth energetic body of a human. I guess energetic in a very loose way, but the fourth body available to the human in a 3D consciousness. It is a layer between the emotional and the spiritual body and it is a very expansive body. The allegorical way of thinking about the mental body should be, it would stand for the air energy in the same way that the emotional body stands for water.

The mental body is what you could think of as an intellectual body or the body of intellect or the mind, which is, I would say, very obvious from the name of this body. But it goes above and beyond just the intellect space or how you are used to thinking of the intellect of the mind or intelligence in general. The mental body is responsible for receiving and transmitting information, storing knowledge and accessing knowledge including some aspects of Akashic records. So, lower space aspects of Akashic records, not the higher aspects of the Akashic records, because those are only available to the spiritual body.

It is also your body that would process the incoming information, make decision based on it and would send signals to the other bodies based on the decisions that have been made. The mental body communicates all the time with the lower bodies. It's very, very connected and tied at the hip to the emotional body. Very often your thoughts and your feelings go together as two links of the same chain.

The mental body is the most expanded of what we would call the lower bodies. So, the lower bodies are the physical, the energetic, the emotional and the mental. And then the spiritual body would be considered the higher body because, technically, when you disincarnate, all the lower bodies collapse for the most part and stay in this dimension with very, very few exceptions and very, very few learnings that get encapsulated and transmitted upwards to the spiritual body. And then the spiritual bodies actually would leave the plain of this planet and would get reunited with the higher aspects of your consciousness back to your higher self.

So, the mental body, like I said, is the most expansive, which means that in terms of area or radius, it would be the biggest of your lower bodies. It is the most sparsely constructed, which means it's quite literally airy. There is a lot of breath to the mental body. There is a lot of space that it is able to hold. And technically if you think about receiving information and transmitting information, it is the antenna-type body. So, if you were to metaphysically imagine a sphere with a little antenna tip on top of the sphere, that can be the metaphysical interpretation or the metaphysical image of the mental body. It is really truly meant to gather the information from the surroundings and help you interpret what's happening around you so they can make better decisions.

When I say the mental body's expansive, I actually mean that it has an ability to perceive things that are in your immediate proximity as well as things that are very, very physically far away from you. So, it would be processing signals that could be incoming from far away planets as well as signals that are incoming from the kitchen of your house or the living room of your house if you're in the bedroom.

So, it spans pretty big distances. I mean, distance doesn't really, truly exist as far as the mental body's concerned. Its purpose is to help you make right decisions, to orient you in time and space and to alert you of any danger you might potentially be facing. If you think of your bodies from the lower to the upper, I think one important distinction to make is that as we go up from the physical to the spiritual body, the expansiveness or the relation to self, versus other really changes.

So, there are two bodies that strictly belong to the self, you as an individual, the physical and the energetic two bodies. So, what I mean by that is that there are predominant functions that are concerned with your particular incarnation, your life, the flow of your energy. And it's a very constricted universe. It is a universe of one human. So, you are pretty much god or goddess as far as your physical and energetic bodies are concerned.

When we move up to the emotional and the mental bodies, those are relational kind of bodies. That means that it is me versus other. So, we have expanded from the construct of me myself and I into the construct of a bigger society or a bigger group of people, sometimes a planetary group or people, or the galactic family, the intergalactic family. So, the emotional body explores the concept of me versus others. So, it deals a lot with the relationships, your feelings. But it also tends to deal with things in close proximity to it.

And then the mental body while also being that one of your relational bodies is a lot more expansive than the emotional body. So, it would pick up on things that could physically be very, very remote from you, like a galaxy away from you and your mental body could still pick it up. So, it's still me versus other. And then once we go up to the spiritual body realm, that is the concept of unity and oneness where you don't necessarily always perceive yourself as an integral and separate part of the whole in the same way that your mental and emotional bodies would. So, it's just a much higher dimensional perspective.

So, yeah. Does that answer…?

Sergei: Yeah. It does answer my question. Maybe we could just go a little bit deeper. I want to understand its purpose. How with emotional body, will learn that it's like a navigation mechanism. With mental body, it feels pretty similar. Right? No?

Mariya: No, I wouldn't say that they're similar. They're similar in the way that they help you get oriented in the grand scheme of things. It's very different, though. Your emotional body always… when I said it is your navigational body and it's your true compass or truth north, it is something that makes you truly you. Your emotions could be unique to you or your ancestral line. Mental body's very different. It's receiving information in the moment and adjusting it as you go while holding onto truths that are eternal.

So, what would live in the mental body would be your soul contracts, your vows and the promises that you've given to yourself and others as well as your ancestors gave to others and themselves. It would contain things like your belief systems about, again, yourself and the world. But it is spur of the moment because, basically, once you descend into 3D realm, life happens. So, basically you need your in-the-moment navigation.

So, the navigations that your emotional body provides is more permanent. Your truth would never change. For instance, if the purpose of this life for you is discovering benevolence, true altruism, your emotional body would always remember it. And things that are altruistic are going to feel good. And things that are the opposite of altruistic would feel very bad. Whereas the mental body is very different. It is processing something that's happening on another planet and is making a decision on how you should react in the moment based on this incoming information.

So, it's a lot more spur of the moment than permanent. Your mental body is not necessarily pointing to your true north. It is just giving you in-the-moment decisions based on the short-term circumstance.

Sergei: Got it. Right. Then, maybe we could just walk through some of the main functions of the mental body.

Mariya: So, there are functions that have been planned, and I would think of them as the functions of the mental body but it might not have necessarily manifested for the majority of humanity. So, because this is your communication mechanism, it is like a personal radio that transmits, that also receives frequencies. The communication, for instance, with the higher realms or the guidance from the higher realms would and should be possible through the mental body. This is the body for processing information and receiving insight and intuition.

But actually, a lot of intuitive hits would be coming through your mental body. And a lot of people actually believe that they come through your emotional body. It's both. It depends what level we're talking about. If you're walking into a room and you feel uneasy, it might be your emotional body reacting to the energy. But very often, the intuitive hits that speak to something bigger, or just information that you know out of nowhere, that would be the intuitive hits that you have received from your mental body.

Now based on where humanity is, the mental bodies are not as developed yet. So, they don't necessarily act as that… I guess a lot of the information that they receive is never sifted through to the consciousness. So, people never really remember getting the insights. And I would say 98% of the information that is trying to get to them, they're not receiving it, or processing it even. So, it's a largely underdeveloped body still compared to some of the other bodies. Even emotional bodies in humanity are a lot more established, a lot more evolved. I would say humanity's just starting to tap into the mental body.

So, basically there are many functions of the mental body. Like I said, keeping you safe, keeping you aware of any danger or any new information that you need to know and to be aware of, that's the mental body. So, keeping you in sync with everybody else on the planet to the collective consciousness, that is part of the mental body. There is a collective consciousness of the emotional body also. So, you have your own and the planet has its own. But also, collective humanity has an emotional body as a species in the same way collective humanity is going to have a collective mental body. So, you are a byproduct of the collective.

Storing things that are "important" around the belief system and your belief systems are very often your guidance system of how you act, or the things that you attract or don't attract in life. So, it would be things like having money is wrong. A typical example of a belief system that could shape up your whole incarnation. Relationships with money tend to run through generations throughout lineages. So, this is something that tends to be inherited.

Like I said, storing things like sacred contracts, any promises that you made, regardless of the fact of which life it was, would be stored here. All of the shortcuts that help you make sense of what the world is and how you should be acting because mental needs to make decisions very, very quickly. It is the body that has to move with lightning speed. Whereas the emotional body actually has more time generally. It is something that actually would kick in an instinct.

So, a lot of the instincts and instinctual behaviors live in the mental body as well as the physical. There are different kinds of instincts. Some are more complex, and others are simple. But they would live in either the mental as a memory of what should done given the circumstances or in the physical as just a kneejerk reaction. A kneejerk reaction lives in the physical for instance.

Your lifeforce lives in the mental in the way that basically… and you could say that part is, again everything is connected to the energy body and the physical body, but because mental also has to do with air, your breathing is very connected to the mental body as an air quality. So, very often, people who have limiting and restricting beliefs or a lot of them that are restricted basically are creating constraints within a mental body that is actually supposed to be very volatile. The mental body has the structure, but that structure is a very loose structure. When you create a lot of rigidity in by having limiting beliefs, what actually gets constricted is your lifeforce.

By having a limiting belief, you constrict your lifeforce which means you can't live your life to the fullest. You're limiting yourself which means that your mental body and the beliefs that you hold around yourself in the world, and what you deserve and what you don't deserve, how good or bad you are, is going to get translated into the physical with the constriction in the chest, or the heavy feeling in the chest, or the inability to breathe fully. And that's actually one of the issues with humanity today, they're not able to take full breaths. And they're actually largely unaware of that phenomenon.

So, that's why when someone starts doing breath work, it's like they're breathing for the first time in entire life because they've never actually felt what it feels like to have unrestricted lifeforce inside of their chest. Because in the mental, there are so many restrictions. So, to truly understand some of our physical ailments, we're going to have to go up to the mental and the emotional body to try to understand what the root cause is. But the root cause of… and then you have all kinds of issues with breathing, any kind of lung disease or even respiratory ailments.

That's why there's so many respiratory diseases on planet earth. I don't know if you've noticed. But quite literally every winter there is the flu season. It's because the flu season is actually the time when the lungs have accumulated so much that they can't go on any further. They need to detox. So, flu season's actually a massive detox for your lungs. The reason being is if you cannot breathe fully, that out breath is really important because the out breath is the detox breath. So, if you're not able to breathe in fully you're not able to breathe out fully, which means that detox does not happen naturally.

So, for as long as humanity's holding onto constricting beliefs in its mental body around who they are, what they deserve etc., etc., they're not going to get rid of flu season no matter how many shots you give them. Shots is a whole separate, different topic. But I hope you catch my drift.

Sergei: Yeah. Of course.

Mariya: So, respiratory disease again, the disease of the constricted force of life. It is no wonder that the global pandemic is a respiratory disease. What that is calling humanity to do, A., it's a big, massive detox on one aspect and we can go on and on about the pandemic. But one of the aspects is the collective detox. Humanity needs to release all of the limiting and constricting beliefs.

Sergei: That's interesting. And I think we'll have a separate episode about the pandemic.

Mariya: If you want to.

Sergei: Yeah. But maybe just as part of this conversation, what is the biggest misbelief, or wrong belief that humanity has right now?

Mariya: Humanity doesn't believe in its own ability to choose. Humanity does not believe in its own power. Humanity feels like they're… so, it's basically the victim mentality. That's the belief that we're dealing with.

Sergei: For both men and women?

Mariya: Oh yeah. Both genders feel like they were dealt a particular hand in this game. And there is very little they can do to sway that. A lot of humans are being born into… well, everybody's being born into a particular race and particular religion, into a particular income. And more often than not, they stay in their lane. And then you have governments that use the guise of safety for control and for pushing their own agendas.

So, basically humanity's feeling like a victim in relation to a lot of aspects including disease. Humanity's feeling completely helpless as it relates to cancer, as it relates to diabetes, as it relates to, an actually new wave of, all of these psychiatric diseases that are actually caused by pharma. There were never as many psychiatric diseases in the history of humanity until pharma came around. One of the easiest ways to control somebody is controlling through the mental body. So, you give somebody a mental disease, so they go in loops.

Sergei: Got it. And how is it formed?

Mariya: What formed?

Sergei: The mental body. How is it formed. At what point and maybe what powers contribute to its creation?

Mariya: Just like the emotional body the mental body is formed… it's like a symbiosis where both your mother and your father contribute their lineages. So, you actually inherit biases and prejudices of both of your genders selectively. Most likely you're not going to end up with double the prejudice. But it's a little bit selective. Generally, a child would adopt one of the beliefs around money. And if the husband and the wife, say, have different beliefs, then the child has a pick of which belief to choose. Like attracts like, so very often the husband and wife would have the same exact limiting beliefs around money abundance, etc., etc. So, both lineages contribute to the mental body as well as…

Sergei: You mean its common pattern right now on this planet, you come to this world with belief around money?

Mariya: It was just the example that I gave. But there are a lot of limited beliefs. In general, 3D is one of the dimensions to figure out abundance. And because abundance has been sold to you as cash, there are so many limiting beliefs around money. Absolutely. Because people actually have been sold the wrong idea of what abundance is. But no, it doesn't really matter what negative belief or positive belief because the belief systems are not all negative and not all positive. They're sometimes neutral, sometimes a little bit of everything. It depends. So, basically you asked how does the mental body get formed?

Sergei: Right.

Mariya: It's a collaboration of your higher self, so to speak, and all of your previous incarnations as well as the two contributing lineages, your mother's lineage and your father's lineage. So, the child would inherit some combination of both. So, three main forces form the mental body.

Sergei: Got it. And how many beliefs do you usually inherit?

Mariya: Oh my god. Thousands.

Sergei: Thousands?

Mariya: Of course.

Sergei: Right away?

Mariya: Well, beliefs are shortcuts. They're actually quite helpful if they're the right beliefs just because there are a lot of external stimuli. And humans would be quite paralyzed by decision making as a process if they didn't have shortcuts preinstalled. So, to give you a quick example, everything around survival and what is right now instinctual is actually a belief system. For instance, when the prehistoric human was attacked by a tiger, faced with a tiger, more often than not the right plan of action was to run. It's instinctual. You run away from a tiger. You're probably not going to outrun it.

But there were some that ran away. And the ones that didn't run away didn't live to tell the tale. That's why they didn't pass on that belief system to the next generation. And then the people that survived the tiger attack were the ones that either fought it or ran away. But to fight a tiger, you better have a weapon and you better be really strong. So, running was a much better option for the weaker people or the younger people, etc. And so, if there is a relative that survived the tiger attack or the tiger aggression, they would live to tell the tale. And they would pass that on as a belief to everybody who A., they told the story of their survival or B., basically their direct seed, their direct child, offspring.

So, our belief systems are more often helpful than they're harmful. Problem is a lot of them were built as a survival mechanism. So, pretty much every single belief you could examine today would be pointing you to this is how we survive. You do X, Y and Z, you survive. The problem is it's not ultimately all about survival as humanity evolves. There are other things that come full circle. One thing is everybody's trying to be happy.

So, if you're trying to be happy, survival… it's a necessary evil, but it's not necessarily going to make you happy. Just staying alive doesn't mean that you're on the path. So, if your emotional body is trying to get you to a happy place and your mental body's trying to get you to survive, do you see how they might be slightly at odds?

The reason they're at odds… and that's your favorite conflict of the mind versus the heart. The only reason they are at odds is because the belief systems need to evolve as humanity evolves. At one point surviving the tiger was all the happiness that somebody wanted because at that time humanity was learning how to survive tigers potentially. That's a very, very loose example. Now humanity's very different. You need to achieve. You need to build something. You need to have a beautiful family and overachieving kids or whatnot. The world has moved on.

And yet, some of the belief systems that we're holding onto still thousands, tens of thousands of years old. So, they pretty much no longer apply to reality. So, they're no longer going to make you happy. So, the only way forward is to evolve that belief system and get to a place where the brain/the mental versus the heart/the emotional are no longer at odds. They were never meant to be at odds. These are two parts of the same whole that accentuate each other, make each other stronger.

And the only reason they're at odds is because the mental body needs to evolve. You see, it was never meant to be this rudimentary. It was never meant to be based in survival instincts. Your mental body was meant to serve as your greatest aid. But for that to happen on top of your survival instincts, what's missing is the guidance, the guidance system. That is one of the faster ways towards evolving. Ironically, that's one of the genes that is currently not really activated in humanity, the ability to get clear word for word guidance as far as what to do what decision to make.

Sergei: And how come humanity is stuck in these whole beliefs that are 10,000 years old?

Mariya: It's a little bit like automatic. Remember how I told you it's all a reflex and an instinct? When something is instinctual at one point it helped you survive because it kicks in without you needing to think about it. Because when it's a life-or-death situation, you don't have time to weigh all the options and figure out, "Do I run? Do I stay? I don't know." You don't have time for that. And that's why because they're instinctual/subconscious, you act first, think later. Or act first, never think at all because they're so much ingrained in what you are and who you think you are.

Most people are A., unaware that they have them, those instinctual reactions. They never analyze them, so they never come into awareness for somebody to even be able to fix them. Also, we're wired for survival. That's the number one thing to keep in mind as a human species if you don't want to die out. So, humans tend to trust the collective more than they trust themselves. In this particular instances, the collective wisdom of your ancestors. We're wired to trust the collective wisdom of our ancestors even though it would prevent us from our personal evolution.

Sergei: Interesting. And how does a wrong belief look like on the energetic level? If you were to describe the…

Mariya: There's no such thing as a wrong belief. There is a belief that either serves your evolution or doesn't.

Sergei: Doesn't. Yeah. How does it look like when you look at it on an energetic level?

Mariya: It looks like a grid. There's a very rigid grid with stuck energy in it as opposed to a light airy grid with nothing stuck in it.

Sergei: Interesting. But maybe you could tell me how the mental body look like on the energetic level. You said that it's like antennas?

Mariya: Yeah. So, there is many ways to look at the mental body on an energetic level. Ultimately everybody you could be looking at has this matrix like structure. It has this grid system. So, the way that you can imagine this as a very expansive sphere that has the matrix grid covering it. And yes, it has this little antennas all over it like little porcupine or little hedgehog. And then basically the belief system… if you were to actually look at the mental body, it's steel silver bluish which makes sense since I think these are the colors that you guys associate with intellect and technology and neurons. It's the bluish energy.

What you would see on top of these spikes sometimes is a bunch of different wires of yellow. So, imagine a sphere that's covered with yellow wires. And by wires, I actually mean almost electric cords from your electric appliances. Just imagine a bunch of them interweaving the surface of the mental body. Basically, it's like a cord system of your beliefs and technically it's separate from your mental body. You got detach this top layer and still be okay.

And actually, there would be some schools of thought that consider this belief system the causal body which is basically the body of cause and effect. Cause and effect is pretty much just the memory of what happened if you did X and what happened if you did Y. And so, don't dare doing X because Y is so much more optimal. So basically, causal is that instinctual guidance system.

And it's also interesting because when you were asking a question you were like, "Well, wrong beliefs." You asked me about the wrong beliefs. The thing is depending on where your north star is, a particular belief can be good or bad. The same belief can be serving or harming you. For instance, if we're looking at an ancestry line that has the belief that if you're a husband or a wife in the marriage, you should keep your hurts or wounds to yourself and not share them with a partner.

Depending on what individual goal the different people in the lineage have, for 7 people out of 10, this might a good thing that this is their shortcut. And for 3 out of 10, it might be the worst thing that ever happened to them. So, there is no such thing as a good or bad belief. All I want you to understand is that every single belief you could have is limiting you. So, every time you say red is red, you are limiting all of the other possibilities.

Sergei: But in this case, let's say you don't want to have any beliefs and you want to be open to opportunities, how do you live this life?

Mariya: Well, you first have to examine what area of your life is not up to your standards, whether that's health…. anything that's suboptimal about you, health, abundance, family, career, relationships, religion. Whatever that is. All aspects of your life, you would always be able to create them. How satisfied are you with that particular aspect of your life, your body? You would always know if its optimal or it's not. So, any area of your life that you're dissatisfied with, it's like a bell. If you're dissatisfied with something, say it's relationships, that would always mean that there's something off about your belief system.

So basically, when you're dissatisfied with something, your emotional body's saying, "Hey, we're not on track. Can we please get on track?" Say it is health. Let's take health. It's the one that a lot of people have a very messed up relationship with. So, you're dissatisfied with your health. You might not even be sick. You just don't really feel like your health is optimal or don't feel 100% healthy, you would need to go and examine all the beliefs you have around health. I would literally recommend taking out a piece of paper and pen and writing my 50 beliefs about health.

And you would be surprised to see what comes out past belief number 20, because all of that, 20 to 50 which is… 50's a lot so you're going to have to go real deep. And even if you can't get to 50, as you get towards the end of that list what starts coming up is stuff from your subconscious. All of a sudden, you're bringing it into awareness. Any time you're healing your mental body, the one way to heal a belief is first, understand what is the belief you hold in the first place? Rewrite that belief to the one that would serve you or would make you happy.

Sergei: Interesting. So, what I've heard is that every time you have a belief there is some doubt. And so basically, in order for you to accept this new belief, you have to truly believe in it. And every time there is belief, there is doubt. How do you deal with doubt? Or maybe it's just another myth.

Mariya: I don't know that every time there is a belief there is doubt. I wouldn't go and say that that is the case. I just think that subconsciously all humans understand that any belief that they could hold would limit all other possibility. So, there's that concern around… it's the flipside of having a belief. It's a shortcut if it helps you go faster, but it could also go very fast into the very wrong direction. We actually strongly disagree that for you to be able to change your believing you do… did you say believe in it?

Sergei: Believe in it.

Mariya: It doesn't happen overnight because… you were talking about human conditioning. So, whatever your beliefs are, it took generations to form them. However, that transition could be instant. That belief system that you're rewriting, you're eroding and erasing the old one and substituting it with the new. Those seeds can be sown and brought up and grown very quickly. You don't need generations to change a belief system at all. And it is a little bit a "fake it until you make it." But also, at the same time, you know how this is a universe where everybody's always right? Whether you believe something or you don't believe something, you're right because every person makes up their own reality.

One thing that I recommend with a belief that you're trying to adopt, say you're trying to change a belief around your body image and you're changing it from "I have a despicable body," to "I love my body." It's easier said than done. But basically, first, you write it out. The physical act of writing something with your hand is a very strong and very much underappreciated tool of magic. It is a very magical act to write something down in the same way that it is to read it.

So, you want to write, and you believe, anything you write more than 20-25 times gets really ingrained in your subconscious. And then I recommend reading it out loud because you want to engage as many senses in that new reality as possible. And then you want to start finding proof that this belief is true. For instance, if your new belief is "I love my body," you have to first find things about your body that you truly love instead of pointing out all the ugly things you don't like.

For instance, you might like your fingernails. So, you'll be like, "Well, I love my fingernails. They're really beautiful." And then you can compliment your hair or your eyebrows, or whatever that is, small part of you. All of a sudden you have proof your new belief is true. So, make it an exercise. Make that a practice to find more and more things that are proof that your belief is true. You'd be surprised. You can integrate a new belief in under a month. Which, considering it could be 100,000 years in the making, the old belief. The new belief is very fast to make.

Sergei: Let's maybe talk about abundance as an example. How would you tackle abundance as a new belief for a person who…?

Mariya: Why wouldn't you be able to tackle abundance?

Sergei: No, of course. I mean maybe you could just give an example, so we understand better.

Mariya: Sure. So, like I said, again, first, you find whatever limiting beliefs around abundance you have.

Sergei: Like, money is bad, money is evil?

Mariya: It could be money is bad or it could be there is not enough resources for everybody. Say that that's your belief. Say that you feel like you don't have abundance in your life because clearly this world doesn't have enough. If this world had enough, then everybody would be a billionaire. But look at this world. They're not. See, that's your belief. And say you want to rewrite that belief into there is enough in this world for everybody, or you could choose to rewrite it as there is always enough in this world for me.

You have to really get clear with what is that particular thoughtform, what is that particular belief that you no longer want, and what is the flipside of that that makes you feel really, really good. Your new belief must feel really, really good. That means that your emotional body is showing you that it is part of your true north. So, let it settle in your body. Does it feel good? Can you reformulate it or phrase it in a way that feels better? Also try on different sentences on for size and pick the one that feels the best.

You know around abundance, you could choose a belief like, "my universe will always provide for me." That might feel better to you in your body than "there is always enough for me." Or you could rewrite that belief to say there is more that I have than what I truly need, I always have more than I need. See how that feels. So, you want to choose the belief that feels best to you. And then you want to start noticing things that are proof that your new belief is true.

For instance, "The universe always provides for me." You could notice little things like, "Hey, the sun is shining. It's beautiful weather. The universe is providing for me today," or you want to start noticing all the things you take for granted like clean water for instance the universe is providing for you. Fresh air that you can breathe the universe is providing for you.

Notice all the little things or whatever food you do have on the table the universe is providing for you. Whatever clothing you have on your body the universe is providing for you. So, move away from the mentality "There's not enough," to "Look how much abundance I'm already getting every day without noticing it and pinpointing it." Anything that you have a lot of. Maybe the only thing you have a lot of is books or old newspapers or spoons. It doesn't really matter.

There has to be something in your life that you have an overabundance of whether it's a physical object or not a physical object. Sometimes there is a lot of snow where you live, there is an abundance of snow, or there is an abundance of rain, or there is an abundance of trees, or there is an abundance of soil, or sand, or ocean, or pigeons. It doesn't really matter. You have to find abundance. You have to change your frequency of how your brain responds to the multitude of something.

Sergei: Got it. And what is the main obstacle on your way to disintegration. Why do people usually fail?

Mariya: They fail in they stop keeping up in the practice before you have it de-settled. So, you need to have some repetition in there for the new belief thoughtform to become strong. Otherwise, you're going to get sucked into the old habit and the old thought process. So, probably just not having the discipline to carry it through because your old belief systems, your old thoughts about yourself and the world, they have deep roots. They're not necessarily looking forward to being eradicated because some part of you is going to be convinced that this is for your greater good. Some part of you is going to be convinced that it is serving you or saving you or helping you survive.

But it is more than survive. So, you should establish a contract with yourself and your mental body saying, "Hey body, I know you're trying to get me to survive in every way possible. But today I want to make a contract with you that surviving is not everything, I want to live. And I want to live in accordance with what I came here to do, with my greater mission. And unfortunately, this belief is in the way." So, you could have, and you should have a conversation with your mental body. Try and understand this belief so ingrained in you and so ingrained in your family, what is it really trying to get you? What is it trying to do for you?

So, you can ask a question, "What are you really trying to get me?" And then it will start responding to you, "Oh I'm trying to get you safe," or "Oh, I'm trying to help you avoid failure," or "I'm trying to help you not look like a fool." All of those things are probably an experience that one of your ancestors had, or potentially you had in one of your past lives. Which has absolutely nothing to do with this particular incarnation.

So, once you get clarity around what is it that your body is trying to get you, you can have a new agreement. You can design a new way for your body to get you that one thing that it's looking to get you without necessarily implanting you with a negative belief. So, a lot of it is about understanding why your mental body's holding onto certain beliefs and changing that together. It is a collaboration. It is a collective effort.

Sergei: And is there anything you can do on the energetic level to accelerate the process or just help the new belief to settle and have it as a habit, but on the energetic level, like some kind of meditation or practice?

Mariya: Yes, absolutely. So, you want to examine that area of the grid that this "negative" belief is or the belief that doesn't serve you. You want to see how much territory it's taking. Does it go many layers deep or is it very much on the surface of your mental body? What color it is. What surface area, like I said, it takes. How many squares, maybe? So, you want to examine that. That structure that has been formed. That rigidity. And then what you want to do is plant that soil with a new seed, a new belief that you have.

And again, try to get energetic clarity around how the new belief feels. What color it is. Does it feel light or heavy? Does it feel hot or cold? And there are no right or wrong answers. It's how it's making you feel. And then allow the seeds to be gently dropped into the same area of the grid. And see them taking root there and slowly irradicating the old belief. You can do that, or before planting the new trees, you can wash away the old belief. You can use, actually, both water or just wind energy to clean those old debris out of the belief before you plant the new seeds and let them grow and let them sprout and let them just flourish and become beautiful and take hold of that aspect of your mental body.

Sergei: Nice. And my next question would be the origin of thoughts. Where do thoughts come from?

Mariya: Oh god, where don't they come from, I think is a better answer. So, when we started this conversation, I told you that your mental body is peeking up from so many different places, so many different close up and faraway places. You know, humanity is really completely unaware that telepathy is real, and it does exist. But sometimes you could be sitting in a meeting and you could have a thought that's completely uncharacteristic of you. All of a sudden, you start thinking about food and you never think about food. And it could be because your mental body just received a signal from your colleague to the right who is thinking about their lunch. And you're like, "Oh." You think it's your thought, but no it's actually… there is no such thing as your thought. Let's first get that.

When you're referring to my thoughts, they're not originally yours. They might feel like they're yours because you might have brought them and carried them over from your past life or you might have internalized them to the degree where they feel yours. But they don't ever start originally as yours. It is just a frequency floating in space that your little antenna of a body chose to receive and internalize. Now you might be having some thoughts that are very similar because like attracts like in the same way that you tend to become friends with people that have similar type emotional bodies that you do and have the similar emotional range. You tend to pick up on thoughts that represent the collective state of your mental body.

Going back to your original question. So, you could pick up from information from, un-information from, people that surround you, your family members that are alive or dead and they might even be in your physical proximity whatsoever.

Sergei: You mean the entire ancestry line?

Mariya: Potentially, yes, as certain things come to the surface, come to the awareness. You could be picking up on anything in the collective human mental body, any of those emotions. You could be picking up on the emotions of the planet earth or the thoughts of planet earth, the frequency that the planet is transmitting. You could be picking up on the frequency of any planet in the solar system or the Milky Way galaxy. Sometimes, depending on how developed your mental body is, you could pick up on thoughts from extraterrestrials, thoughts from guides or thoughtforms, should I say, because thought and thoughtform is the same thing. All that is is just energetic frequency that contains some morsel of knowledge or truth in it.

So, an important distinction to make here is, largely when we talk about astrology, we pick up all of that information through our mental body. So, as certain planets… obviously on planet earth we mostly get impacted by the thought or mental dimension of our own planet as well as the planets that are in closest proximity to us, which are the solar system planets, Mars, Venus, etc.

That is precisely why astrology can be so on point in regards to what you might be going through in a particular moment in time is because if a large planet is approaching the earth orbit and coming in closer proximity to the earth, all the mental bodies of all the humans on planet earth are going to be more tuned into the particular frequency of that planet.

Think of it that way. Any planet is a really, really large body, astrological body. So, it has a big mass. So, in fact it's almost an irresistible frequency that has a lot of potentiality in it. It has a lot of power in it. A thoughtform of Jupiter has a lot of power and the power is correlated to the mass of Jupiter, the physical mass of the planet. Basically, the thoughtform of an ant and the thoughtform of Jupiter are very different and they're quite correlated to the overall mass of these creatures.

So, when Jupiter comes in close proximity to earth, although, in your head, the planet is so far away still, but because the planet itself has so much power, its thoughtforms can impacting your day-to-day way more than what your mother just said, way more than what your father just said and definitely way more than you give it credit.

And that's why astrology's actually a really fascinating science to study and it could really help you get present to the fact of why you're picking up on certain thoughts or why you feel called to do certain things based on the movement of the planets because ultimately, you're still 100% impacted by everything that's going on in the Milky Way galaxy and especially in the solar system. It might be invisible, but it doesn't make it any less real.

Let me go back to maybe answering your question because this was a little bit of a tangent. But where else do thoughts come from? Thoughts come from just so many different sources. It could come from egregores. It could come from egregores. So, any energetic structures emit thought frequencies. If you are thinking a lot about a particular religious egregore, it would generate some thoughts in your head unbeknownst to you, or rather it generates multiple thoughtforms and you just pick up on them.

Any creation of humanity be it a book or song, a movie a theatric performance has its own mental body and emits certain frequencies that if you're engaging with that particular creation or that particular entity, you are picking up on those thoughtforms. Obviously, people you interact with, as I said, including your ancestors, the country you live in has its own mental body. Your government has its own mental body. Every media channel has its own mental body. Yeah, so, cities have their own mental bodies.

Pretty much everything is emitting a frequency. And at any given point in time, you might be hit with over 100,000 of different messages per second. And your mental body perceives some of them as white noise and not worth paying attention to. And then some of them it selects and internalizes based on its own vibration. So, any given point in time there is a choice that your mental body has what frequencies to pay attention to and which ones not to pay attention to. So, tuning into the right frequencies can entirely change your whole existence in the same way that turning into the wrong frequencies can lead you to very bad outcomes.

Sergei: And how do you navigate among all the different sources? For example, you want to become the good thoughts that help you. But you get bombarded with the negative ones. How do you…?

Mariya: Yeah. So, it's all a matter of frequency. Like attracts like. So, you want to get present to the fact that your mental body has developed a crust. You know how your skin has dead skin cells that need to be exfoliated?

Sergei: Yeah.

Mariya: In the same way, your mental body has all these dirt, debris, dust that forms a thick crust over it. And that thick crust very much determines what thoughtform is going to be selected and accepted and internalized from hundreds of thousands of thoughtforms that are free floating in the air at any given point in time. So, the first thing that you want to do is remove the crust. So, you want to, imagine in a meditative state, that the top layer of your mental body gets separated from the rest of it.

And because, as we know, the mental body is breath energy, so you want to work with your breath a lot. You want to work with air. You want to take very deep breaths. You take a deep breath in of life energy, energy of transformation, energy of cleansing, energy of beauty, love, everything that you want in your life, all the light energy that you want.

And as you breathe out and detox all the dirt, darkness, all the disease, everything that you don't want in your body, with that outer breath you want to notice that that crust on the outside of your mental body gets separated a little bit. Your breath lifts it up. And so, you want to do a series of deep inhales and exhales, maybe about 30-50 to fully detach that upper crust of negativity and stuck thoughtforms. You want to see that lifted from your mental body. And then ultimately if you create enough air and enough space in between your mental body and this top crust, you would start seeing cracks in that crust.

And eventually if you stretch it enough it will fall away as dust through your breath in this grand detox. And then what you could do from there is, again going back to that skin example, once you exfoliate your skin, whatever you put on top of your skin after really gets absorbed very, very well. So, you want to be careful what direction you want to go after. You can actually set an intention of what kinds of thoughts you want your mental body to focus on.

Say you want more health for yourself. So, you could give an instruction for your mental body from now on to pay special attention to thoughts around health, to thoughts that promote health and wellbeing and vitality. Or you can ask your mental body to pay special attention to thoughts or thoughtforms that are floating out there in the air to thoughts around abundance and… I don't know, gratitude and wealth and having things as opposed to needing things. So, whatever you want to focus your mental body on, you get to decide.

And by the way, this isn't forever. You can always change your mind later. But whatever you're working on in the moment is great. And by the way, you would probably need to do that type of cleansing detox if you're missing something in your life maybe about every two to three weeks or so because, through you're going through life, your mental body is going to get dirty, so to say. It is going to get the residual from everything else that you're dealing with because there are a lot of companies and a lot of people with a lot of agendas that are not your own that are going to form that pollution layer whether you want it or not. So, if you always want to be facing your true north and always want to be thinking thoughts that are good for you, having this type of mental body detox one in a while can be a very, very healthy exercise.

Sergei: Interesting. So, if you want to keep your mental body clean, you have to do this exercise every two to three weeks, right? Just to keep it clean.

Mariya: That is specifically if you're trying to change your belief system. I would certainly recommend that. I don't necessarily foresee humanity doing a mental body detox every two to three weeks, to be real. Even if you do this once a year like a spring cleaning, it is infinitely better than what I'm seeing today.

Sergei: That's interesting. Okay. It's a weird question but where or how did all this thoughtforms end up in the universe? Because you said that there are no "your thoughts." So, they were put here. Even if you think something super crazy, it was there already. It's not yours.

Mariya: Correct. It was originally created when this virtual reality was created by the original architect. So, they've pretty much created every thoughtform that could possibly exist… or rather the constructs that could form thoughtforms. So, in other words, the architect has created words and some preliminary sentences. And then of course when you're building the new egregore, that desire of living beings created constructs, so from the original soup and the original ingredients new thoughtforms were created. Is it possible for you to have an original thought? Highly unlikely at this point in time because pretty much any thought you could be having has already been thought.

So, it's very unlikely, wasn't always the case. If you think about the mental plain, it is a very, very busy highway with every kind of car, airplane, spaceship imaginable. It does not require any new thoughtforms because everything has already been created. But it's not to say that every egregore, every energetic entity does not have thoughtforms that are inherent in what it is. It's almost like, any large company, when they're building their "brand" they're infusing it with thoughtforms. So, they want to be transmitted afterwards.

It's what they call the association realm. The association realm, the associations people have with brands is nothing but thoughtforms that those brands, whether consciously or subconsciously, attached to their company. But again, all of those thoughtforms came from the original constructs that were available inside of this virtual reality.

Sergei: Interesting. And is there any difference between thoughts and ideas?

Mariya: Yes.

Sergei: And what is the difference? Where do ideas come from?

Mariya: Ideas generally come from the Akashic field that has not been materialized yet if they're truly original ideas. If they're copycat ideas, then it's a whole different ballgame. I'm assuming you're not really curious about ideas that are copycat. You were talking about original ideas.

Sergei: Yes.

Mariya: Maybe before we go here, just one quick distinction about thoughts. The only time you could have an original thought is when a new layer gets opened up because of raising vibrations. That’s the only time, truly. But it's like you're unlocking more thoughtforms. And that's what's happening on earth right now as you're going from 3D to 5D, there's a certain plain of thoughtforms that's been unlocked. But I wouldn’t call them original thoughts and I wouldn’t call them yours, just so that we make that distinction.

Now going back to ideas, ideas are actual. Because every idea that you can come up with already exists in the Akashic field as a possibility or probability because we're all playing according to a set of rules predetermined that determines the possibility within this particular virtual reality system. You can never have an idea that is truly impossible given the constraints of this VR system.

For instance, if you're like, "Well, I wish humans could fly," the fact that you had that idea in the first place means that it is within the realm of possibility. You can never have an idea that is impossible. It might just be impossible for right now. But it should be possible within the constructs of this reality.

So, an idea is you having a match to a cell in the Akashic field, that field of everything. That is, basically that vibration you have makes you a match to that cell where this idea is contained and so you're downloading that. So, from that perspective, it could be yours because you are the human or the creature that was able to activate that Akashic field cell that was not activated prior to you being animated with it. So, from that standpoint, idea can truly be yours in the way that a thought would never be yours.

Sergei: I see what you mean. Okay. And so, if you are looking for an idea, how would you connect in this case to Akashic records to get access to it?

Mariya: So, the precursor to having any idea is desire.

Sergei: Desire.

Mariya: Yeah. You have to have desire for something. But it's always an animation around "I wish," or "I want." There's that animation of "I want X." Sometimes you want to make something, you want to create something that doesn't exist because there is some positive connotation generally for you personally or for the humanity at large. So there has to be that animation, that desire because there is always in the same way that a question must have an answer, the desire is that first step towards creation. And this universe is infinitely responsive to creative energies. So, by you getting a true authentic desire for something, the universe is going to show you a path to getting it and sometimes that path is via an idea.

Sergei: I see. Got it. So, soon as you have a strong authentic desire the universe will provide you the idea?

Mariya: Correct.

Sergei: How to realize it?

Mariya: Yeah.

Sergei: Interesting. Got it. I don't know it if it's the right way to describe it, but if you want to expand your receptiveness of good thoughts and good ideas, what would you do with the mental body?

Mariya: You can imagine that the tips of your little antennas are golden.

Sergei: Instead of yellow?

Mariya: No, no. The tips were never yellow. The tips were…

Sergei: Oh, the cords were yellow.

Mariya: Yeah. The tips were actually more silvery bluish steel color. The color of when neurons are transmitting electricity. That color. That color that you associated with technology very often. This lifeless, intellectual color. So, true creation is actually more gold whitish in what it looks like. The energy of creation is very white gold, warm but very airy and expansive. So, you could almost sprinkle the tips of your little antennas with those golden dazzling diamond dust. And you can sprinkle your whole mental body with that energy and that is an energy of "I am ready to receive. Bring it on."

But also receiving something that's in your highest good. When we said like attracts like, if you're willing to receive that such is going to enable you to create new things or to recreate your life or bring something in it that's missing sprinkling your mental body with the creative energy or the creative dust is very, very helpful.

Sergei: Nice. Are there any things you can do in your day-to-day life to increase the vibrations, so your mental body is more receptive to good ideas?

Mariya: So, it's not so much increasing the vibrations but it's decreasing the traffic. So, ideas come from the space that is higher than thought. So, if you were to imagine layers… thoughts are closer to your mental body. They're closer to the ground almost because they're lower dimensional energies. Thoughts are lower dimensional energies because thoughts live in 3D. Ideas don't. Does it make sense?

Sergei: Yeah, it makes sense.

Mariya: So, because there's so much traffic in 3D, ideas might not always be able to penetrate through the clutter. This street is already too busy, too much fighting for attention of your little antennas. They're not able to receive that golden spark as the one that it's looking for. The mental body wants to help you. It wants to receive what's going to serve you the best. It doesn't want to do busy work ever. However, when it's being bombarded with like I said, 100,000 possibilities every second, there's just too much noise.

So, what would be helpful in this case is the meditation where you get rid of internal dialog. You quiet your mind and create space. This is actually one of the harder meditations for humanity to master and that's why not a lot of people practice meditation because they perceive this to be insanely boring. And it is, by the way. It is boring. But in the particular instance where you're looking for that one idea to find you, removing the traffic and creating space for it to be able to penetrate is the right way to go.

So, this is where you would practice silence. You would practice your internal silence. This is actually not a bad idea to go onto silent mediation retreat because there you would be forced to practice that for days upon days. You could also do that at home, but practicing with the first 30 seconds of silence, a minute of silence. If you get up to five minutes, that is generally enough time for an idea to be able to penetrate. All it takes is five minutes of silence.

Sergei: But very high-quality silence, complete.

Mariya: Well, close to complete, yes.

Sergei: Got it. And what is the role of inspiration in this idea absorption, idea searching process?

Mariya: Inspiration for particular idea generally comes from the same Akashic record cell where the solution is. So, it's like a nudge that comes from the same cell so that it can generate the desire in you to want something. So, it's like a loop. That cell wants to be materialized. It's time for it to come into existence. So, it would send rays of inspiration upon a certain planet or upon a certain segment of people.

And then what it's looking to do is inspiration is the first seed. It's looking to wake and alert somebody enough that they get a desire which is the moving fore of creation to actually animate that particular cell. Sometimes inspiration also happens when a particular entity that is outside of you, generally it's a higher vibrational entity, is sponsoring a particular piece of creation. It wants it to be birthed. And so, it might send you and inspiration for something with the coordinates of that which you are looking for.

Sergei: That's interesting. So, inspiration comes first and then comes desire and after that comes the idea?

Mariya: So, inspiration is something that is outside of yourself that propels you into desire. Desire is something that only a human can create and in 3D, that intense desire that could light up a particular aspect of the Akashic field and ultimately, materialize something that only existed as a thoughtform or a concept.

Sergei: Got it. And this is how multiple people can start working on the same idea because it was just a seeding process within this inspiration?

Mariya: Yeah, because when a particular entity wants to sponsor… like an extraterrestrial, for instance, wants to sponsor the creation of electricity or movement from a horse to a car because they know that the highway's really, really busy they're going try to inspire multiple people at the same time. And they would keep sending them impulses with the same idea, the same electric hit.

And sometimes you send it for years but there's also, sometimes depending on the astrological movements of the planets, actually it could the that the particular movement of a planet is so favorable that it creates a momentary clearing of the highway. So, all of a sudden, the nudges that this particular entity has been sending for years are able to penetrate. And they might penetrate multiple brains at the same time.

Sergei: That's interesting. Okay, got it. Thank you. And maybe one last question is about contracts and promises and oaths. How do they work? And do they actually beneficial or they can be harmful?

Mariya: I would tread carefully around putting approval or disapproval on contracts and vows and things like that because the answer is it always depends. The reason you hold onto contracts is any time you make a contract, or a true promise and the promise can be "Never shall I ever X, Y and Z," or "I will always X, Y and Z," and "From now on I promise X, Y and Z." All of those things are actually an order to all of your systems and all of your bodies. It's the ultimate truth. You just wrote your own constitution and passed it into law.

The promises that you make to yourself, the vows that you make to yourself are the strongest. And they always get stuck or placed or positioned in your mental body because it's like, you don't want to forget. You just made a vow, so you always place those inside of your mental body. Very often if there is a sacred contract like a particular soul is committing to do something else for another particular soul, they would knowingly place that inside of their future mental body so that it serves as a reminder.

Now there are vows and there are contracts that are serving you and there are the ones that are not. For instance, making a promise to… say that it is a husband and a wife, and the husband is going to war, and the wife is making a promise to wait for them and to never marry, now it is a conscious that is made in a particular incarnation.

What would end up happening is, if that guy dies, she will either already place that promise inside her mental body. And when she dies in this particular incarnation, that mental body disintegrates but the promise is going to go up on her spiritual body and it would most likely be stuck to her next mental body when she incarnates, and this woman would choose a life of being alone. She would reject all of the advances and all of the men. But it's actually because of a promise that she made to her husband in a past life.

So, in this particular instance, this contract is not beneficiary to her because the promises and the vows that we make to our self are in our subconscious, she might not even know that that could be the reason why she's alone at 40. So, there are vows that serve us and promises that serve us and then there are promises that don't.

Sergei: And is there a way to identify the ones that don't serve us?

Mariya: That’s a very hard thing to do for an average human. However, if you're trying to figure out if there is a vow or something that's holding you back, generally it would again be in an area of your life that you are not happy with or that you feel you're not satisfied with or you're not living to the fullest. So, say again, that could be an area of relationships or an area of romantic love or an area of fatherhood, motherhood or whatever aspect of your life you're not satisfied with

What you could do is say a little bit of a… call it a spell, call it a prayer, but you basically want to say something along the lines of as the sovereign ruler of my own body and my own destiny, I sever all the vows and all the promises that I made to anyone in my past life or my past incarnation, or any of the vows that my ancestors made that is in my power to sever. And I choose to take control of my area of relationship, health, whatever that area is, back from today onwards.

And so, just that action, that proclamation alone is going to sever the oath, sever the vow that does not serve you in your highest good. So, in other words, you don't need to know what it was for you to be able to take that back. You don't need to know that three lifetimes ago, you promised to love your husband or whatever and he died. That is not necessary. That can still remain in your subconscious. And yet he could still have the control over that area of your life.

Sergei: Got it. And knowing this information, how can you use a promise to your benefit? Is there a way…?

Mariya: It is a very, very powerful magic I wouldn't mess with. I just wouldn't mess with it because it's very hard for you to know whether that's going to be to your benefit or not. And it might be to your benefit in this lifetime but not in a next lifetime and it might do more harm than good.

Sergei: Yeah, people usually do it unconsciously or…

Mariya: It's both.

Sergei: … emotionally. Right, and then, boom.

Mariya: When the promise is made, it's quite conscious.

Sergei: Yeah?

Mariya: Yeah. It is quite conscious. You don't at the moment know or think that it is a sacred vow and that it is going to quite literally govern your future. You don't think of it that way but when you make a promise it's quite conscious. And it generally sounds like, "Never shall I ever starve," "Never shall I ever kill a human," or "I will forever love" him or her. When that is being said, it is quite literally said either out loud or uttered. How do you think family curses work? They don't all like, they're black magic. It is a vow that you make. For instance, "For as long as I live, I'm not going to have peace until X suffers." That is a generational freaking vow. Your ancestors are going to have to live through the consequences of that.

Sergei: Wow. Yeah, it's pretty powerful.

Mariya: Yeah. So, I would be careful casting spells like that because even though it might serve you in this life, it might not serve you in the next life.

Sergei: Got it. All right. That's cool. Thank you so much. All right, thank you so much for sharing this information with us today. And now, I'm going to end our session. I'm very grateful for the information you provided to us today. I'm asking the higher self to recede to it belongs with much love and much thanks for the help and information it has been giving Mariya today. I know she's really going to appreciate it. Now I want all the consciousness and personality of Mariya to once again return and fully integrate back into the body completely.

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