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Magenta Flame The Flame of Higher Cosmic Love Integration of Masculine and Feminine Energies

In this episode, we will talk about the Magenta Flame. It is a higher-dimensional flame compared to most of the other flames we spoke about. It is a flame of outer and inner beauty, full self-expression, passion and desire but not the sexual aspect of those, personal power, full self-acceptance, and full self-love.  This energy also helps to understand how to integrate both masculine and feminine energies in one person. Mariya's Higher Self will give you some powerful meditations for advanced practitioners.

Please enjoy!

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Mariya:  Hello, friend. I am Mariya, and welcome to the Conversations with my Higher Self podcast. This show is about spirituality, consciousness, and the inner workings of the universe at large. My partner, Sergei, uses hypnosis to bring me into a deep Theta state, where I get a chance to connect with my higher self. He, then, interviews me to uncover a wealth of knowledge about higher rounds, celestial beings, and various energetic practices. Enjoy.

Sergei:  Today, I would like to talk to you about the Magenta Flame. Could you please tell us about the Magenta Flame? What properties does it have?

Mariya:  Sure. The Magenta Flame is a higher dimensional flame, compared to most of the other flames we spoke about. From your perspective, you could think of Magenta Flame as a higher aspect of the pink flame in some sense. So, while it is a flame of higher cosmic love, the way that comes through is a little bit higher dimensional, compared to the pink flame. So, whereas the pink flame was about balancing the masculine and the feminine, the Magenta Flame is about integrating the masculine and the feminine, and unifying the masculine and the feminine aspects of existence within yourself and the universe.

Magenta Flame, like I said, is a high vibrational, high frequency flame, which means that it pulsates very fast. It's a very intense energy. It moves massive amounts of energy with it, so it has a lot of momentum. So, Magenta is about a lot of things actually in the universe. It is about beauty, both outer and inner. It is about full self-expression, so it's not a shy flame. It is a flame that moves with a lot of intention and purpose. It is a flame of passion and desire but not the sexual necessarily aspect of those, but more of the higher aspect of those vibrations and those concepts.

Magenta is also about personal power. So, it's personal power that stems from knowing who you are, being okay with who you are, coming from the standpoint of full self acceptance and full self love, having integrated your shadow, having integrated and married up the feminine and the masculine aspect of yourself, where none of the aspects is domineering but both are in equal measure, perfect, pristine, symbiotic. So, from the masculine standpoint, Magenta is power. From the feminine standpoint, Magenta is love. So, it's a flame of powerful love for yourself and others and the universe and all of creation.

Yeah. So, Magenta is, like I said, a very powerful flame. It moves a lot of energy. I would recommend working with it when you feel like you have enough energy to be able to tackle that. So, if you're feeling a little bit drained or tired after a long work week, I wouldn't recommend working with a Magenta Flame. You probably wouldn't just have what it takes to connect to those energies. At the same time, it's a very impactful flame, so if you are feeling energetically in a place where you can take Magenta Flame on, you can get a lot of movement very fast. You can get a lot of results very fast.

Magenta is fascinating, because it is also in its form, one of its forms, the Alpha and the Omega, so it is the beginning and the end. So, you think about the rainbow, it starts with the red spectrum, ends with the purple, or it starts with the purple and ends with the red. It doesn't really matter however you look at it. Magenta is a color that is in between purple and red spectrum, so it’s actually that connective link. If you were to unite the colors of the rainbow in a particular aspect or a particular point, you would have to unite it with Magenta. So, very often it is that it has that creative aspect to either complete a certain endeavor or start a certain endeavor, so it's a flame of beginnings and endings, the unification flame.

One way to think about it would be, so you have a goal, and seemingly that goal has absolutely nothing to do with where you are in life today. For instance, you might be a medical worker, dreaming of becoming a famous actor. I'm just making it up. It seems like what you're doing in your day-to-day life, such as being the medical worker, has absolutely nothing to do with the career of an actor or an actress. So, because Magenta is a very, very powerful flame, it could aid in massive shifts in your life such as a career shift, such as the one that I'm describing. It would be able to very logically connect where you are today and complete that phase of your life, and help move you through to the new phase of your life, which would be the actor/actress career. So, it's that connective link that takes you from a death to a rebirth of sorts, which is what true transformation is about.

So, Magenta Flame is quite complex. It has a lot of facets, because like every high dimensional flame, it can do a lot of things. It can do a lot more things than your lower vibrational flames now. It is not to say that it is unavailable to you to work with. The only caveat really is just make sure that you have enough energy. Otherwise, what you would notice is the exercises with a Magenta Flame are going to be very draining. From that standpoint, I probably just recommend working with a Magenta Flame during the weekends more so than the weekdays. If you have to go to work, then perform, that's probably not the best thing to do, because it's going to move massive amounts of energy, and it's real work. Yeah.

Sergei:  And how hard it is to connect to this flame?

Mariya:  Well... [Laughs]

Sergei:  For an average person.

Mariya:  Arguably, the average person is not going to be attracted to this particular content. It is possible to connect to the Magenta Flame. I wouldn't say it is very hard. I would say it's a little bit harder to maintain that connection, so that initial point of connecting is not that complicated. But to be able to withstand those meditations that we're going to go through for a prolonged amount of time, I probably wouldn't recommend spending more than 30 minutes on a Magenta Flame.

Sergei:  I see. Got it. Okay. And you said it's possible to experience this energy in 3D, right?

Mariya:  Correct.

Sergei:  Just certain aspects, not all aspects.

Mariya:  I haven't mentioned a lot of aspects of the Magenta Flame that you wouldn't be able to experience. Every higher dimensional flame works with subtle energies that might be very far and in between in dense realities of 3D, so I haven't even mentioned those aspects. It's just, and I just wanted to make sure I'm not confusing you, seemingly Magenta Flame deals with a lot of not conflicting aspects, but aspects that don't necessarily fall in your thinking into the same box, so it might feel like it works with very different energies and there is no rhyme or reason to that flame. And the only reason it feels that way is because your perspective is a lower dimensional perspective, and so you fail to see the connection where a higher dimensional being wouldn't.

Sergei:  Got it. But it also feels like this flame is some kind of combination of Pink and Violet.

Mariya:  Absolutely. And that's why I told you that it’s Alpha and Omega. Honestly, it's connecting that Purple, Red, Pink spectrum, so it borrows a little bit from everything, including Blue actually, also. Because Magenta is a combo of colors of Red, Blue, there's Purple, there's Violet. It's all of them. And so, it has higher dimensional aspects of all of those flames. So, that power and strength, that's what it's borrowing from the Blue Flame. Passion is what it's borrowing from the Red. There is a lot.

In some ways, higher dimensional flames are lower dimensional flames on steroids, in terms of impact, complexity. So, it is actually good that you're seeing similarities. That makes me feel happy. That means that you've integrated a lot of the lower aspects, and that means that you potentially are ready to work with the higher aspects also. But of course, it's not to say that somebody cannot start working with Magenta Flame unless they work with all the other flames.

Sergei:  Got it. And can we talk a little bit about this Alpha and Omega concept? What does it mean? Can you tell us a little bit more?

Mariya:  Yeah. Alpha is the first letter in the alphabet, and Omega is the last, so it's like A to Z. So, basically A to Z encompasses all of creation. So, technically speaking, as you all know, or, well, maybe you don't, there was that original point in time which is the start of all creation. You guys sometimes call it the Big Bang, whatever that point in time was, from which one point started multiplying and becoming what we know today as our reality. We say the universe is expanding, so the universe right now is on its point from Alpha to Omega. Omega would be a point of unification. So, it's one point of unification, which is Alpha, that's where it all starts, one point, starts multiplying, goes through all of the letters of the alphabet, and goes down to the same point, and that would be your Omega.

Sergei: Got it. But I...

Mariya:  Think of it as either closing down the loop, and you start from one, and then you end at the same point. But you end at the same point, the coordinates of the point might be the same, but your awareness is very different, because all of this has happened. All of this has happened. It's like two sides of the same coin, but one is the beginning of the journey, and the other is the end of the journey.

Sergei:  Got it. Because I thought that maybe the beginning would be black and the end would be white. I'm just trying to understand what's the connection between Omega and Alpha and Magenta.

Mariya:  I see. I think you're taking it a little bit too literal.

Sergei:  Yeah.

Mariya:  This is not the place to take it too literal. Obviously, the presence of a lot of energy would be white, and seemingly, the absence or the negative aspect of that is black. However, Magenta contains within itself enough of the spectrum of color that, within creation, it acts very much like point zero and point infinity.

Sergei: Got it.

Mariya: So, it's a little bit different because it's for creation that has found manifestation. So, color black and color white is the absence of manifestation, meaning it's potentiality, but it is not something yet that you could describe. It's everything and nothing. Both concepts of everything and the concept of nothing is very, very hard to describe. Once a certain reality has been manifested, more so than not, it manifests as a rainbow. All of these colors, the sequence of colors, that is manifested reality. This is something that you can start describing, putting into words. This is something that is very charged and very different, all of these aspects and all of these tools that the creator uses to perceive itself as well as perceive that which is other. So, there are multiple aspects of Alpha and Omega in the manifested universe. Magenta is that point of connection.

Sergei:  I see now. Okay. And how would you describe a person who mastered Magenta Flame?

Mariya:  I know how you would describe it. You would describe them as god, or you would describe them as goddess. So, when I said that the Magenta Flame is available to you to work with, I didn't really say that anybody in 3D has mastered it perfectly, or is a perfect representation of that flame and coordinate. In fact, if you remember some of our earlier conversations, what this planet is really, really struggling with is integrating both of its aspects, the masculine and the feminine. So, because this is one of the greater lessons of 3D and Earth in particular, where the two are not symbiotic, one is always in a victimized, denied, and disowned position, and the other one isn't in the position of the master. Perfect Magenta Flame representation, manifestation is not really resonant with these energies.

Sergei:  Got it. That makes sense. So, you first have to master lower aspects of this flame, which is Pink, and Red, and Blue, and then you can get to Magenta?

Mariya:  I don't want us to get too much into the weeds, because Pink and Blue and Red, they're flames in their own right. It's not that they're worse than Magenta.

Sergei:  I see.

Mariya:  They are contributing energies to Magenta. They are contributing energies, but I wouldn't think of them as...

Sergei:  There is no hierarchy.

Mariya:  There is and there isn't. The hierarchy is a very elusive concept, because the hierarchy is only as important as, yes, there are some flames that are easier to tackle first than others, and then there are some flames that are easier to tackle in the higher dimension than others. Or rather, there are perfect dimensions for working with certain kinds of flames. For instance, the Blue Flame is a very 3D flame, or it's perfect for 3D energies. So, if I'm 11D, in 11th dimension, potentially for me, practicing 3D Blue Flame is a very bad idea. In the same way that if you are in the third dimension, practicing the Diamond Flame of the Diamond Ray, which is an 11th dimensional ray, is a very bad idea, because you wouldn't be able to practice one millionth of what that flame is here.

Sergei:  Got it. Yeah, I see what you mean. That makes sense. Okay. And is there any corresponding chakra to this flame?

Mariya:  So, it's definitely not one of your seven chakras. It would be your higher chakras. There is not really a count that you can put to it, but it's also a chakra that corresponds really well with your emotional body. So, your Magenta Flame works really, really well with your emotional body, very in tune with your emotions, because for you to be able to fully integrate the masculine, the feminine, you would have to integrate the emotions of both type energies.

Sergei:  Got it. Okay. And I assume there is no crystal or plant or essential oil that helps to understand and connect with his flame.

Mariya:  So, there is and there isn't. There are a lot of Magenta plants out there like the orchid, for instance. No, it does help you to connect to that type of energy, specifically the aspect of it that is beauty. It's a very Venetian, as in Venus, type of energy. A hibiscus tea as well as the hibiscus flower would get you into the similar aspect of vibration, specifically around passion and desire and intention.

Mahogany wood as well as, actually, sandalwood would get you to similar type vibrations around personal power and feeling grounded in your personal power, finding your core and your center. Because before you can feel truly powerful, you need to find that aspect within you, that is that ever present flame, so to say, ever present source of your personal power. That is not something that can be depleted, and the energies of mahogany wood as well as sandalwood would help you get to that place of strength, personal power, and confidence.

Sergei: And what are the shadow aspects of the Magenta Flame?

Mariya:  Of course, every time your masculine and feminine aspects are not tied together, or one is more prevalent than the other. If you were too heavy in the feminine or too heavy in the masculine, that would always be an aspect of the shadow of the Magenta Flame. If you are experiencing emotions like jealousy or envy, that would be the shadow aspect of the Magenta Flame, because Magenta is all about beauty, inner and outer. And when you're not feeling beautiful, you're not feeling like you're enough, and that makes you want to seek validation. And when you see somebody in the outside world that has that beauty in one aspect or another, you crave it. So, craving beauty, feeling the lack of it, feeling like you're lacking a particular aspect that another person has, and that's why you're less than, that would be a shadow.

Obviously, every time that there is an energy of comparing yourself to others in a negative way, that would be a shadow aspect of the Magenta. Feeling low energy and apathetic, any type of apathy, any time of, "I just don't like anything. Nothing inspires me. I don't feel enough energy to do anything," that would be all a shadow aspect of, again, desire and action, shadow aspect of...

Sergei:  And passion has run away.

Mariya:  Yeah. Not having passion, not having that inner fire, inner motivation to do something.

Sergei:  Got it. Okay. Can we maybe talk a little bit about this concept of balancing masculine and feminine energy? So, what does it mean? What would the person with the balanced energy feel or act like? What would be the difference?

Mariya:  So, it is somebody who, again, in its purest form, masculine energy is very active, outgoing, strong, and powerful. So, it goes after what it wants with intention. It is very forward thinking, forward looking, forward acting. It's a forward moving energy. And the higher aspect of it is creative power. So, again, personal power, personal strength, that would be the masculine.

The feminine aspect, or the highest aspect, if you look at the feminine energy... I don't want to say something that's going to confuse you, but the masculine is also a little bit about me. It's not egotistical. But before forward movement can happen, desire needs to happen, or intention needs to take place. And that intention is a very personal thing. It's a very good thing. What drives you? What motivates you...

Sergei: Personally, yes.

Mariya: ...personally? What are you called to create? What are you called to do? What are you called to do to take action on? So, it's a little bit about you. Whereas, the feminine aspect is actually a lot more outward facing, and it's about taking everything as a part of yourself, and enabling others around you to get their desire. From that standpoint, the masculine energy is a plus, and the feminine energy is a minus. So, plus means it's forward moving. It's like go, go, go. Feminine energy is that cosmic love. And so, it's actually the absence of movement. It's that serenity. It's such contentment. It is being happy with what you have. It is cherishing every moment, whether that is a moment of pain or joy or pleasure, as the absolute perfect moment for you, because you attracted it. It is about nurturing things and people and creatures around you, and making sure that they get what they want. They're sustained. They can go after their dreams. It is an energy of attracting things to you.

So, very often, a male would chase a female because one is attracting and the other one is pursuing. The perfect integration is when you have both of these aspects, kind of an equal measure. So, from that standpoint, a guy that doesn't have their feminine side integrated is all go, go, go, but that is when they become egotistical. That is when they say it is all about me and I don't care about you, because in my world, there is no place for you. There is no place for other, as a part of myself. There is no place for love. There is no place for nurturing. There is no place for serenity. There is no place for contentment, etc., etc. So, that is a masculine aspect that's fully integrated, that's missing the feminine.

The feminine aspect is too selfless, and thus, having no desire of its own other than pleasing others. So, that could be a victim mentality. That could be a woman that is too clingy to her husband, to her children, because she does not have herself, what makes her happy. So, it's like an extreme aspect of love for others when you lose the self, when you don't have your center, when you don't have your hobbies, when you don't have your desires, and thus you're not creating anything in this world. Right?

Sergei: Yeah.

Mariya: And that is actually a very detrimental place to be for a human. Because again, it's a disbalanced energy movement. It's too much of one and not enough of the other. A fully integrated aspect is both of these. A fully integrated aspect is somebody who has themselves and understands themselves and accepts themselves and knows what it is that they want and knows what it is that they don't want. But at the same time, they're also for other and others.

They have that nurturing capability. They can help themselves and have other's backs too. They're the ones that know that this world is not a zero sum game. They are ones that are not going to experience emotions like jealousy or envy, because they come from a very strong core of being who they are and being able to get what it is that they want in life, but also knowing that this world is abundant and prosperous, and so there is enough in it for everybody. So, again, this is a very powerful creator, as a human, like somebody who would have integrated both aspects, would be a very powerful creator that creates with a heart full of love and intention to make this world a better place for themselves and others.

Sergei: And has anybody balanced these energies on earth before?

Mariya: I think there have been some that have come close. But again, you can approximate what that flame would look and feel like in higher dimensions. And you can start the understanding of what that feels like here. But truly, why most souls come here is to experience the disbalance of masculine and feminine.

By the way, there are so many lessons on that road. You can have men who have too much masculine. You have men that have too much feminine. Same thing with women, you have women that have too much masculine, that would be your feminists. [Laughs] And you have women that have too much feminine. And these would be the ones that are so much... they're living so much for the man in their life that they don't know who they are. And they're not even willing or interested to find out who they are. That's the scary part of femininity.  They don't have an opinion outside of their husband's opinion. They don't have a life outside of their husband or their family. And then, basically, you just pick your poison when you come to this dimension as a soul. Based on what it is that you're curious to learn, you could choose one or the other configuration.

Sergei: And you can also choose to try to balance them.

Mariya:  I mean, let's just say that that's the end goal. The end goal is always the balance.

Sergei: Yeah. And how would you use the Magenta Flame to start maybe understanding how both energies can work together, if there is a way to do this?

Mariya: So, I'm trying to figure out if that would be…

Sergei: The best way?

Mariya: No, if that would be something you could understand. So, if you were to imagine that you're... And that's meditative practice, right?

Sergei: Yeah.

Mariya: Because that shift, it could be helpful or not, depending on where you are, but let's just move forward with the meditation and then you can decide for yourself. So, you all know, I think, or if you don't, I'll tell you. One part, one side of your body is a masculine side, and one side of your body is the feminine side. So, left is the feminine, right is the masculine. We could take and try to feel... if you imagine yourself sitting down in the lotus pose. You can, by the way, sit down in a lotus pose and just close your eyes and imagine your feminine side. Actually, make sure that both of your palms are facing upwards. You're sitting down in the lotus pose physically, and both of your palms of your hands are facing upwards to the sky. Right?

Sergei: Yeah.

Mariya: I would want you to imagine how your feminine energy is coursing through the left side of your body and coming out of your left palm up. Depending on where you are in your feminine energy, its color is going to be different. You can be very much in your feminine energy of love. Your feminine aspect might be an aspect of love, and then you would see that being emerald green, for instance, or pink, depending on whether that's lower dimensional level, high dimensional level.

Basically, what I'm saying is your feminine aspect is going to have a color to it. And it's quite actually an interesting exercise to figure out when you're getting centered, and we're getting grounded, to try to see what color comes out of your left palm, because that would give you some hints around what your feminine side is, or where it is in your evolution. So, you want to get grounded and see the color. Sometimes it'll be like multiple hues, it's not just like one. And then you want to do the same thing with your right side, your masculine side and see what energy ends up coursing through your right side. What color it is. Is it light? Does it feel heavy? Does it feel fast or slow? You could notice a lot of things about your own masculine side and your own feminine side. And by the way, when you're in this, you would also be able to tell based on how fast and potent the energy is, which of your side is stronger.

Very often, of course, we are borrowing how strong our feminine side is from our mother's side of the family and our masculine side from our father's side of the family. So, you might be able to analyze and find some similarities there. If you want to experience for a second what true oneness feels like in this time and space reality, what you want to do is imagine that under your feet, you have an endless source of Magenta energy. And you want to allow that energy to come up both sides of your body. And instead of whatever color it used to be flowing through your left and right palm, allow Magenta to take over, and allow Magenta to start coursing through both sides of your body like a perfect symbiosis. And that Magenta energy would be coming, rushing, gushing out of your left and your right palm.

First, you want to get a present to how much at odds actually, before that Magenta course through your body, how much at odds your left and your right sides are. For instance, you might experience things like your left side, your feminine side is very malnourished, and the energy that's coursing through it is very far and in between. It's very weak.

Then for instance, your right side could be like very red and a lot of energy and a powerful torrent. It would feel very disbalanced, almost like one part of you is not talking to the other part of you, or your two very different energies somehow mixed into one. When you allow Magenta energy to enter your body, you would notice what it feels like to be completely in sync with yourself, what it feels like when both sides of your body are processing and transmitting the same frequency. That is what true unity feels like.

You would experience the same amount of flow, the same amount of pulsation in both sides of your physical body, as well as your energetic, emotional, mental, by all of your bodies. Because the Magenta energy actually really permeates all of your light bodies too, not just your physical. Then you would feel like if you wanted to sit in that energy, you would feel for the first time ever, that you are actually not at odds with yourself, you're not at war with yourself. You don't have to fight or submit or be a slave to or be in charge of any aspect of your body in a negative way.

You would truly feel, actually, peace and contentment in unity. And depending on which of your sides was weaker, this could be a very interesting feeling. Basically, in essence, you would be shown, what would it take for you to be perfectly unified. And you would know how far you are from that particular aspect, given when you try to compare your initial assessment and your initial energy to the energy of the Magenta Flame.

Sergei: Yeah, I see that. It's very strong. I just try to thank you. And you also mentioned that Magenta Flame works really well with the emotional body. What does it mean?

Mariya: We said it corresponds to the emotional body, because it is a little more high vibration. It's not like you wouldn't necessarily find it in your physical. Here's what I was trying to say. So, basically, above the crown, chakra, you have your seat of the soul or soul starts cold, all multiple different ways. Your Magenta chakra is generally the one up from that. So, technically, the ninth chakra would be a Magenta chakra, and that one would “live” in terms of physical distance from your body, right around the edge of your emotional body.

Sergei: I see.

Mariya: Yeah, so if you were to look with your third eye, or your transcendental vision, you would see and notice that chakra, almost implanted into the walls of your emotional body up top, it dwells up top. So, that's what I meant. And then what that means is that it has full access to your emotional body, and that's your emotions.

Sergei: Got it. Okay, and you said that you can use Magenta if you want to have a big transformation in your life, right?

Mariya: It's not even so much transformation, it's when you need a connection between the end of one thing and the beginning of the other. It's quite different from the transformation of the violet flame, right?

Sergei: Yeah. Can you tell a little bit more? Let's say, we have this example, when you have a big goal and you are not even close to it. But let's say you want to buy a house, for example, and you're not even close to it, how would you use this flame to get where you want to be?

Mariya:  This is a little bit different.

Sergei: It’s different?

Mariya: This is not for you to achieve the goals of enrichment, because this is not the flame of manifestation. You could find a lot of other flames that could be a lot more helpful with manifestation. This one draws the bridge from where you are today to your higher purpose, which is generally where you want to be. And that generally happens basically just helps on an energetic level.

In my earlier example, it would be like, if you try to change careers from the medical field to the actor field, seemingly to you and in 3D, it might seem like those are not at all connected. What the energy of the Magenta Flame does is it draws the bridge from where you are today to where you need to be. It's like a shortcut. In the same way that it's able to take two sides of the rainbow and be that connective tissue between the end and the beginning of something, with the same amount of force and intention, draw a bridge from where you are today to where you want to be generally, especially if that is connected to your highest good and connect to your highest intention.

For instance, if you're moving away from your highest intention, I would say Magenta Flame is not going to be the best flame to use. Those energies wouldn't work that way. So, Magenta, because it is a higher dimensional flame, it would always act in the best interest of your higher self and your higher aspects and the way you want to meditate on that.

In your particular case, you might feel like you are called to do something bigger or better with your life, but you feel like you're running a business or you have a job that might not be what… It doesn't feel like you're on the path. You can call in the energy of Magenta Flame to put things in your life circumstances, people, events, etc., to make sure that the connection between what you do today and what it is you actually want to be doing with your life is a logical one. So, it would transform your reality in such a way that your current job or circumstance would be a stepping stone to your next goal, your next project, or your next move. Does it make sense?

Sergei: Yeah, it makes a lot of sense. And how would you do this? What would be the meditation in this case?

Mariya: Right, so, in this case, exactly, what we want to do is create that energetic bridge. You want to imagine where you are today as a sphere. We work a lot with spheres. And in this particular meditation, we can just use a concept of a sphere, as always. So, you would imagine that particular aspect of everything that you are today and what you do today is a sphere. And you might be inside of that sphere.

We might imagine how it feels to be inside of that sphere. Is it boring for you? Why is it not fulfilling? You just want to get present to your emotions. Is it boring? Does it feel like you're playing the game that's too small? Does it feel like you're doing something that your parents wanted you to do, but actually you didn't want to do? Do you feel like you just got accidentally thrown into this? Like you just want to get present with all of the emotions that your current situation evokes in you.

Remember how I said Magenta works with emotional body. So you really, truly want to get present to all the emotions that are true for you in the moment -- the good, the bad, and the ugly, all of it -- because I'm sure that whatever your current circumstance, it cannot be all negative. I'm sure there are good aspects to it. There are bad aspects too. There are aspects that you want to change. And then feel free to cover that sphere of your emotional body painted with Magenta. Just painted with as much Magenta light and let your emotional body breathe in as much Magenta light as possible from the atmosphere.

Magenta is everywhere. That's the beauty of this. It's an Oprah meeting energy. And it's everywhere. It's in the air that we breathe, and it's the water that we drink. Just breathe in that Magenta energy into your emotional body. And that what you want to imagine is what it is that you're trying to manifest? What is it that your desire is? Where are you trying to go from here? What does that career move look like? Or maybe you're looking to change your family situation, what that would look like? Whatever is that next step that doesn't seem logical to where you are today, you need to imagine that as another sphere, that is a little bit in the future removed away from you, it's real, but it's the future you, and you want to imagine what it would feel like if you had what you wanted.

Would you feel different? What is the range of emotions you think you would be feeling? And spend like 5 to 10 minutes really imagining being in that place. Imagine having what you want. What thoughts and emotions, feelings would you wake up to every morning? What feelings, emotions, and thoughts would you be going to sleep with, that first thing in the morning, last thing at night that you're thinking? How would you feel walking down the street if you had what you wanted? How would you feel in relations to the greater good of humanity or your purpose? So, you want to imagine what that would feel like, and infuse that sphere with as much Magenta energy from the atmosphere as you possibly can.

Then you want to draw the bridge and connect the two Magenta spheres. You just really want to create a pathway like an energetic cord, a very nice, solid energetic cord between where you are today in your emotional body of today, and your emotional body of the future. And you just want to make sure that that bridge, that energetic cord is very well fed with Magenta energy from the atmosphere. And so, you want to see that Magenta energy coursing and getting you from today to where you need to be. And then that's really all you need to do. Then you just need to get out of the way and let the universe do its thing.

Sergei: That’s great. And how often would you do this meditation?

Mariya: Honestly, one time is enough. Just don't expect overnight results. Nothing in 3D is overnight. I wish it was. Now if you do a good job, again, about 30 minutes is all you really need in this meditation and you want to feel hot, your body, if you're doing it the right way, the energy of the Magenta Flame is very warm. It's very warm. If you started out this meditation cold, you might need to shed an extra couple layers of clothing if you're doing it the right way, but because it moves and works with so much of your energy and the atmosphere is in the universe's energy, it's quite powerful for the first time.

Sergei: Great. Yeah, thank you so much for sharing this information with us. Okay, so now I'm going to end our session. I'm very grateful for the information you provided us today. I'm asking the Higher Self to receive to where it belongs, with much love and much thanks for the help and information that has been given us today, and know that Mariya is really going to appreciate it. Now I want all the consciousness and personality of Mariya to once again return and fully integrate back into the body completely.

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