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How to Remember Your Past Lives and How This Practice Can Help with Your Spiritual Growth

In this episode, I will talk about past lives. I will explain why souls choose to incarnate and why their higher selves choose specific experiences on this planet. I will also explain why the veil of forgetfulness exists and how it helps humanity with development and personal growth. I will also explain why past life regression is a process that is guided by your spirit guides and why you cannot go wrong with the past life regression.

Questions from the collective:

Question 1: How early can you start doing past life regressions?

Question 2: A girl says that there is a pivotal life for her that she has looked at many times already, and she knows it as one of her major lives, she takes a lot of pride in having lived that. It is a very good life, but she says that every time she regresses, she sees a slightly different version of it. Her question is, “How can I trust what I see, and how can I trust that I really did live that life if every time, I see a slightly different variation of that life, including even slightly different outcomes of the end of the life?”

Question 3: What happens if I have a weak connection and cannot see the past life or the images are very blurry?

Question 4: Is there any fun way that we can use to remember some past lives as a group? For example, if my friend and I had the same past life would we be able to remember it together?

Please enjoy!

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