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How to Find Your Power. Five-Pointed Star Framework to Claim Your Power

Today’s episode is all about personal power. There is a lot of powerlessness in humanity right now. Today I’ll offer you a framework to help provide a way out of the state of powerlessness. I will tell you how you can start feeling comfortable in your own skin, how to feel that you have a resource and the confidence, and the energy to go after the things that you want, to shift suboptimal situations that you need shifted.

04:08 Collective state of powerlessness

07:51 The Five-pointed star framework

11:42 How this framework was created

19:11 How do you apply it?

26:47 Divine masculine energy

32:23 How to connect with your father

35:45 How to connect with your mother

42:36 How to work with the earth element

46:29 The pillar Love

51:14 What is togetherness?

56:03 How to work with the energy of water

01:04:05 Breath-work

01:07:21 The pillar of Spirit

01:11:03 Five-pointed star meditation

Please enjoy!

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