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How to Escape the Collective Matrix and Start Creating Your Own Reality

Today I’m going to be talking about your personal Matrix. I will explain how it is different from the collective Matrix of this planet. You will learn how to escape from the collective Matrix and start living a full life in your personal Matrix. This will allow you to create your own reality that is not gonna be affected by the collective consciousness of this planet.

08:08 Individual and collective codes of the Matrix

15:16 About awakening

16:28 What happens with a baby that comes to this planet

18:28 The state of the collective Matrix

31:48 How to build your own reality

49:18 About meditation

56:08 Stop watching the news

01:03:19 Detox your personal Matrix

01:13:12 How do I know if my life right now is being run on autopilot?

Please enjoy!

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