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How to Diagnose Relationships on the Energetic Level

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This is a planet where a lot of the souls come to practice relationships of all kinds. There are a lot of challenges around relationships, around building long-lasting relationships. Also, humans are not great at diagnosing how relationships are going to unfold. Today I will talk about relationships on an energetic level. I will tell how souls, when they are not incarnated, perceive each other, how they figure out who is good and who is not for the mission.

04:45 Why relationships go South

05:40 How souls perceive each other

06:20 What role aura plays in recognition of each other

10:55 How different souls recognize each other

15:40 How two souls choose a mission together

20:53 How you can use this knowledge in your daily lives

40:20 How to diagnose relationships 5, 10, 30, etc. years down the road

44:00 How to look at the energy of your Twin Flame

45:00 Other examples of the energies you can compare yours to

Questions from the collective:

  • Question 1: If I’m seeing a lot of darkness in a relationship. If I’m seeing a polluted Universe. What does it mean? Does it mean that I have to part ways with this person?

  • Question 2: A person is in love with a person, and they have done the exercise, and according to the diagnostics, they are good friends but not romantic partners. They are wondering if they can add the frequencies of love to their well. Is it going to change our relationships?

  • Question 3: When I do the exercise, I only see the color. How do I interpret a color?

Please enjoy!


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