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How to Connect with God Activate Your Third Eye, Thymus and Vertebra Triangle That Connects with God

In this episode, I will talk about the connection with God, how to feel yourself closer to the Source. I will answer four questions from the collective and give you a couple of meditations and rituals that will allow you to connect with God.

First question: A girl is asking, “How can I feel closer to God?” She doesn’t feel connected; it feels like she has a gap between her and God.

Second question: A man that perceives himself as a sinner. He thinks that he is not worthy, he has a feeling of shame, he feels like he is not worthy of God, doesn’t feel worthy of forgiveness, doesn’t feel worthy of having a relationship with God.

Third question: Is the stuff that written in the Bible true? She is worried that if she doesn't study the Bible she is not gonna be connected with God. She is asking, "How Should I perceive god?"

Fourth question: "What are some of the rituals that can help me to connect with God and get guidance in my daily life?"

Please enjoy!

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