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How Source Perceives Time and How Humans Perceive Time. Time from the Spiritual Perspective

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In this episode, I will talk about the concept of time. We will look at the time from two very different perspectives. The first perspective is the perspective of the Source. The second perspective is the perspective of a person who lives in the Matrix and is bound to this time-space reality.

We will talk about the concept of the time illusion that is so popular in the spiritual community. We will look at it from different perspectives.

We will take a closer look at the concept of time for Source. If Source is nothing and everything simultaneously and Source created everything in existence, why do we have to go through all these incarnations if Source already knows the outcome of all the scenarios?

  • 4:30 - how to prepare yourself to process this information (yes, you have to be ready to comprehend the concept of time that exists outside of the Matrix)

  • 07:30 - the concept of time from Source perspective

  • 15:30 - the role that desires plays in Source’s pursuit of exploring itself

  • 19:00 - how Source goes through the process of exploration itself

  • 24:30 - the time from the perspective of Source

  • 31:40 - the concept of time within the Matrix

  • 41:00 - the concept of virtual reality games explained

  • 58:20 - the concept of the lifeline

  • 1:00:00 - dreams and past lives. How are they connected

  • 1:08:56 - the concept of deja vu

  • 1:15:47 - future life regression. How does it work?

Questions from the collective:

  1. Why wouldn’t Source already know what all the answers are? Why wouldn’t Source know all the outcomes?

  2. What is the concept of deja vu, and how is it connected to time? What does it mean if you see deja vu?

  3. What is the future lives regression? How are future lives determined?

Please enjoy!


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