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Higher Self What is it How to connect to it How it can help you with your spiritual growth

This episode is all about the Higher Helf. What it is. How to connect to it. What signs and messages you already receive from your higher self. We will talk about humanity's biggest misconceptions around the higher self.

We will give you meditations and practices that will allow you to connect to your higher self. You will also learn the main reason why people struggle connecting to their higher selves.

Please enjoy!

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Mariya: Hello, friend. I am Mariya and welcome to the Conversations with my Higher Self podcast. This show is about spirituality, consciousness, and the inner workings of the universe at large. My partner, Sergei, uses hypnosis to bring me into a deep theta state where I get a chance to connect with my higher self. He then interviews me to uncover a wealth of knowledge about higher realms, celestial beings, and various energetic practices. Enjoy.

Sergei:  Today, I would like to talk to you about the higher self, the concept of higher self. Can you please tell us what the higher self is?

Mariya:  Sure. Obviously, the higher self is a construct that has been created by the lower aspects of self. So, for one, I would never refer to myself as "higher" or anything that determines a particular dimension. So, what you would perceive to be a higher self is having access to the totality of you.

In one of our past conversations, I mentioned that, if you could perceive the fullness of you, you would see an ocean. And the energy that you're able to receive in this lower dimensional frame is the energy that is coming to you through a straw. So, from that aspect, you are a projection of that ocean or the drop of the ocean.

So, the most expansive, the most wholesome part of who you are as a separate being...and by "separate," I mean, "separate from creation, separate from source." The wholeness of that aspect is really the wholeness of you. But, because you are the drop of that ocean, it is so much bigger than you and it knows so much more than you do. It is aware of how the universe works in its higher and lower planes in more that you could fathom.

The tendency is to call that fullness of you, "the higher aspect." It's not separate from the lower aspects of you. It's one and the same aspect. It's just the amount of you that was able to get through into 3D was very small, because that's really all the energy that you need to be able to function in 3D. If you were to send the whole ocean into 3D, this whole dimension would be drowned probably really quickly, right?

Sergei:  Mm-hmm.

Mariya:  So, 3D's a very special place where you're going to study particular aspects of existence and you benefit from only sending a very limited version of yourself into this dimension. Because that is how the greatest learning can transpire. Again, so, the higher self is the entirety of all of you. So, it's not really completely separate from where you are today. You are but a projection of it or a drop that separated from it for a quick moment in time. So, once you experience death in this incarnation, you would go back to the same ocean and that drop would return back to the core.

Sergei:  Got it. And where is it located? If it's the ocean, is it somewhere? It's probably not in 3D. Where is it?

Mariya:  Oh. No, no. It is in a space where dimensions don't matter. It is in a place where you are all dimensions all at once and none of them at any given time. We call it, "ether." We could call it, "reality," if you will, because this is truly the only thing that's real. Every time we project into an incarnation, regardless of the dimension, that could be equivalent to when you go to sleep. So, we experience a dream.

So, everything that's happening to you in 3D, from my perspective, is a dream. So, it's not reality. So, when you're asking me, "Where do I exist?" I exist in reality, something that always was, always is, and always will be. That is not constrained by time. That is not constrained by space. That is not constrained by any other limitation, other than the ones that we put forth for ourselves.

This is also the place where we can experience a lot of unity. This is a place where we experience a lot of love. This is a place where we comprehend ourselves as part of the bigger Oversoul. This is a place where I can stop experiencing myself as completely separate from the rest of creation and can choose to experience myself as a part of the whole.

Sergei:  Got it. And what's the role of the higher self in the daily life of the lower self, [Inaudible 00:07:04] self, the 3D self?

Mariya:  So, I inform the overall path of each incarnation that I choose to operate or choose to engage in. So, prior to me projecting a droplet of my consciousness into any realm, into any dimension, there's a plan and a blueprint and a set of contracts and a set of karmic–"karmic," I use very loosely–lessons that I would prefer to experience, learn, or perfect. And so, in the very basic form, I control the playbook.

So, in essence, I sign you up as a projection of me to experience certain things, people, events, circumstances, in a particular sequence, generally speaking, so that a particular type of learning comes out on the other side. So, because I influence the playbook, one of my jobs is to guide you towards the best, most intended, outcome. Now, the best in my perspective and the best in your perspective might be very different "bests."

For instance, I might choose a life of ascetism. I may choose a life of the absence of money or some basic comforts, or I may choose a life where I experience a particular debilitating disease. I may choose a life where I don't have eyesight, or I lose eyesight, or I lose both of my legs. And that might be the playbook that I write because it serves a particular aspect of me.

So, that might be the playbook and that would represent the highest good. In your limited perspective, it might seem that losing both of your legs and losing your eyesight might never be good. So, that's why you have a limited perspective and I have an unlimited perspective.

I also make sure that you move forward towards the desired perspective. Because, if you don't, unfortunately, I would have to repeat that experience over and over again until I get something that I truly desire out of this experience. So, I would just have to keep repeating the same type of incarnation until I get to where I need to go. And evolution is a very lengthy process as is. I don't really like repeating things.

So, my job is to send you intuitive hits as well as signs as well as people, circumstances, and events, to make sure that we both arrive at a desired destination. So, whatever you would call "a gut feeling" or "intuition," very often it’s from me. But you see, I don't really view you as separate from me in the same way that you view me as separate from you. Because I know that all of your experiences that you're having are inherently mine and they're going to go back to the same bank of knowledge that I already possess.

And I've already prepared the cells in that bank to accept that knowledge that I desire. I may speak to you through your dreams. I am the ever-present force that helps you make decisions. Every time there is a decision, I am there to help you make it. And, sometimes, the decisions that are hard to make, it’s that dichotomy between what you perceive to be in your best interest and what I perceive to be in your best interest.

So, that's why certain things are really, really, hard to select. I may also communicate to you via meditation and when you're in a deep state of sleep. When you're daydreaming, I might come through. So, it's an interaction. It's a partnership in many ways. Now, of course, what every droplet desires–you, as a projection of my consciousness–is access to my perspective. That's why a lot of you desire the so-called, "enlightenment."

It doesn't have to be enlightenment, but a lot of you are so curious about the future. When you're curious about the future, that's why you would go to tarot readers or see psychics or astrologers or whatnot. There are all kinds of ways for you to look into the future. All you're trying to gain is the perspective of the ocean that I already have.

So, there is that inherent strive in every droplet to go back to the bigger ocean. Now, there's, of course, a bigger ocean as far as I'm concerned. Because I am, all of me, what you now would perceive as an ocean. I am just a droplet in an even bigger ocean that we could call, "source consciousness," or an "Oversoul." So, it's all just a matter of perspective.

Sergei:  Mm-hmm. Yeah. I see what you mean. Okay. And, in the beginning, you mentioned that you choose to give guidance and you choose to follow and help your aspect, the lower self. Does it mean that, sometimes, you're just not interested, and you don't help the lower self?

Mariya:  So, there are multiple types of incarnations that I could project forth, multiple intentions that I could project forth. Do I take a very active part in every single incarnation of mine? Absolutely not. Absolutely not. There are a lot of incarnations that I project forth, especially if I'm working with 3D, that the whole intention of projecting into 3D is the fact that this dimension allows the illusion of complete separateness of a drop from the ocean.

So, from the perspective of the drop, it, most of the time, would not comprehend that the ocean does exist out there. The drop believes that it is all that there is. It is already whole. And so, because the greatest learning sometimes can come from that type of separation, I would not necessarily oversee every single incarnation equally.

Sometimes, I would just step in during critical junctures. Sometimes, I would just step in during critical choices. Sometimes, I would leave the droplet completely to its own devices to see what happens. Now, of course, then there are critical incarnations that I take to heart, so to say. And those incarnations, I watch really, really, closely.

Generally, those incarnations are the ones that have a propensity to make a bigger impact for the greater good or for a particular planetary system or galaxy or group of galaxies. For instance, that might be a more meaningful incarnation. I would watch it closely. I would devote a lot more of my time to it.

Sergei:  Mm-hmm. Got it. But it also means that not everybody has access to the higher self.

Mariya:  So, you're always connected to your higher self. There is always that thread because, for me to be able to project you, there has to be an energetic pathway that would connect you and I. I'm trying to figure out what's the best way to explain it.

Sergei:  So, it's like a cord that exists all of the time, but it depends on the size of the cord?

Mariya:  It's not just the size of the cord. It's generally that whether you get intuitive hits from me or not depends on whether I'm sending anything through or not. So, the cord exists. So, the question is, "Is there any energy that's coming through the cord?" And the energy's completely up to me. It's a voluntary act.

Now, you are never fully alone. You're never separate. You would always be connected to your particular ocean. It's not like you can accidentally, once you die, go back to another ocean. No. You always go back to the same. And it's because there's an actual thread that connects you to your higher self.

Sergei:  Got it. And you know how a lot of people right now are looking for ways to connect with their higher selves? What are they expecting? What do they want?

Mariya:  Guidance.

Sergei:  Guidance?

Mariya:  Yes. But the most important thing is to understand that guidance is always available to you. And it does not have to come in the form of your higher self.

Sergei:  Well, what other forms are there?

Mariya:  It's making noises. So, guidance can come from two forms. There are two principal guiding entities. I'm just trying to figure out the best way to explain it. So, there is reality, and then there is dream state. Let's just call it that way. Reality, from my perspective, not from your perspective.

So, think of it as, my reality would be a place where all of the souls live. So, say we all congregate. We all live some place that's completely separate from this place where you all are at the moment. And then, on our path to evolution, we choose to project parts of our consciousness into different dimensions, different life times, different timelines, on different missions. And so, let's call that to which we're projecting it, "our dream space."

So, for us, there is reality and then there is dream space. At any given point in time, there are millions of souls that are in the dream space, but also, of course, the bigger chunk of their energy still remains in reality because that is always your anchor. We always, as souls, are anchored in our own reality. At the same time, we could be projecting parts of our consciousness to thousands of incarnations across thousands of galaxies and many, many, dimensions.

It's like entertainment for us in many ways. Yes, it is school but, for the most part, it's a very fun way to evolve. Because you forget parts of yourself and then you forget that you're this big ocean and then you can experience yourself as a man or a woman or a hermaphrodite or as poor or rich or an all-powerful magician versus a pauper with their limited means.

So, there's just so much diversity in that dreamscape world that we're very eager to go into the dreamscape world and create quite intricate gameplays and game scenarios and game design realities and life paths to live. The two kinds of guidance that somebody who is incarnated, right?

So, as far as I'm concerned, you are living in my dream. You can get guidance from other people in the same dream or in the similar dream or in borderline dreams. So, basically, you could get guidance from the dreamscape universe, or you could get guidance from the reality universe. So, there are different kinds of guidances available to you at any given point in time. You shouldn't just be limited to the guidance from me.

Sergei:  Oh, got it. So, you get guidance from the reality and it can be from you or anybody else from the reality.

Mariya:  Correct.

Sergei:  And there can be some guidance from the dream world, which is our world, our universe, our cosmos.

Mariya:  Correct, correct. So, when we say, "dimensions," third dimension, fourth dimension, blah, blah, blah, all of this is to denote dimensions of dreamscape reality, right?

Sergei:  Yeah.

Mariya:  So, we haven't even gotten to a point of trying to understand, from your perspective, the reality where higher selves exist, right? And so, you could be getting guidance from another being or it could even be my own consciousness. As a higher self, say I'm playing four games simultaneously.

Say I'm playing a game in a 3D world, and that is you. Say I'm playing a game in a 7D world, 8D world, and 11D world. And one of my other avatars, or one of my other players from the 11th dimension could be instructing my incarnation from the 3D world. That is entirely possible. Or one of my friends could be doing that.

So, there's just so many options and ways for you to get guidance. So, you shouldn't really be stuck upon trying to get guidance from a particular entity. Saying, "I want guidance only from my higher self," limits 99.99% of probability of getting guidance.

Sergei:  Okay. But, in this case, how do you know who gives you this guidance?

Mariya:  You don't.

Sergei:  You don't? And that's the whole point?

Mariya:  Well...

Sergei:  I mean, I'm asking because it can be some positive or negative guidance, right? So, you never know whether it has a good intention or a bad intention.

Mariya:  It's not even that, because there's no good or bad. It's all just a matter of perspective. Let's just say that any guidance that you get has an agenda. And that's the #1 thing for you to understand that, no matter where the guidance comes from, even if it comes from your own higher self, it has an agenda. And it always, 100% of the time, serves the agenda of the guide giver.

Sergei:  Right.

Mariya:  Right. And, like I told you, I'm not an unbiased party either. When I'm advising my own projection, my bias is in trying to get that projection to a particular outcome, even though that outcome might be perceived as negative by that particular projection of me. Does that make me a good advisor, or does it make me biased? It makes me biased one billion percent.

So, #1 thing to get about all bias is, "Everybody has an agenda." It's not to say that all the guidance is good or bad. But all guidance has an agenda. So, as you get guidance, again, obviously, depending on your vibration, different entities have access to you. They could be lower dimensional entities or higher dimensional entities.

Higher dimensional entities, when they're guiding and advising you, they tend to be more higher evolved and thus for the greater good. If you're vibrating at a lower level frequency and trying to get guidance, which is entirely possible, you would just be getting guidance from the more what you would call, "demonic realms." That happens all the time, here on this planet. They have a very different kind of agenda than beings in the higher realms do.

So, if you tend to be getting guidance from higher dimensions, generally, you would be moving towards the path of a greater good for all. If you're getting guidance from the lower dimensional consciousness, you would be moving away from the greater good and potentially towards your own good or just towards the agenda of that entity that’s guiding you.

Sergei:  Got it. And is there a way you can understand? Just that you can feel this one is solely about yourself, it means that it's probably not the higher?

Mariya:  Absolutely. So, because, as a projection of a greater whole, you also have your own internal guidance system. I mentioned that I can come through to you as guidance. But that's not the only thing that intuition is. Intuition is an inner knowing of what happens next, at least within the constraints of 3D, right?

Because you live in the linear world, your intuition is just a barometer that tells you, "Okay, this is the future, if you do X. This is the future, if you do Y." Because your body sees the consequence of an action and knows what's going to happen to it. So, that intuition again. Intuition can be informed by many different things.

So, it's your internal system of guidance, but you can get intuitive hits from Gaia. You can get intuitive hits from your ancestors. You can get intuitive hits from your own, like I said, parallel incarnations. But, generally, there is always a knowing in you of what happens next.

It's a very subconscious thing in 3D. It's not something that you're fully 100% aware of in any given point in time. But you do have that barometer built in you. So, when you receive any kind of guidance, it is then up to you whether to follow through on that or not, isn't it?

Sergei:  Yeah.

Mariya:  And that is the beauty of having choice. So, all humans are making choices on a daily to whether trust what is being offered to them or not. And so, inherently, it is still up to you. So, I can inform you all I want and put places, things, and events, in your path all I want.

And I'm giving you a very extreme example. Say that it serves me to have you blind by age 30. And say that this is not the path that you, as my entity or my droplet, choose for yourself. It is still up to you in 3D to make your own choices. I can't make those choices for you, despite the fact that I'm guiding you. And so, very often, people make choices that are very against what their higher self wants or what any of their guides want.

Sergei:  Got it. But, in this case, instead of wanting to connect to the higher self, what would be the right thing to do? Just to give the right guidance that serves you best or that would help you to be on the path? Or does it even make sense to have this desire to connect to the higher self?

Mariya:  Does it make sense to have a desire? This whole world revolves around desire. And, by "this whole world," I don't mean just the third dimensional aspect. In the higher realms, in what I call, "reality," we have desires to experience certain circumstances and events. That's why we project forth into certain aspects of this dreamscape and certain times, well knowing what kind of emotions that might entail, what kind of circumstances that might entail.

So, desire is something that is quite literally the driver of all progress. So, when you want to connect to your higher self, when you want to connect to your guides, that desire generally does not come out of nowhere. That desire generally comes from a deeper knowing that there is something to be had from that experience.

So, when you feel an intense desire to connect to something bigger than yourself, I say, "Go for it." Again, there's no such thing as having a silly desire, because everything in the universe revolves around a want of something. But it is the part of evolution. I cannot evolve as an ocean until every drop of my entire body evolves with me, right?

Sergei:  Yeah.

Mariya:  So, before that happens, I would have to split myself a million times over into different kinds of droplets and send them into a multitude of missions to see what they would choose for themselves, given that there is guidance.

So, as you develop that barometer that you have in you through getting guidance, because, again, everybody has agendas, every droplet gets to know itself through the choices that it makes. And I get to know every aspect and every facet of me through the choices that they make. So, ironically, no harm can come out of guidance or getting guidance, even if that leads you to a darker path. What that always...

[Crosstalk 00:32:20]

Sergei:  ...choice, right?

Mariya:  A, you always have a choice. But also, that always leads to a path of greater learning, right? We only get to know ourselves through the choices that we make. When we're faced with tough challenges, do we go left, or do we go right? Because, until that, it's just a potentiality and a concept.

For instance, we may say that, I am, as a higher self, as an ocean. Let's say I identify as "kind." Let's say that, for me, that is a great value. How do I truly know that I'm kind? I don't. It might be my value, but that might not be who I am. That happens all the time out here.

So, what I would choose to do to truly find out if I'm kind or not is split into 1,000 pieces and send those 1,000 pieces into different circumstances and events to see the choices that they're going to make. Will they choose kindness, or will they choose something else? What is that smaller part of me resonating with? How far are they willing to go for kindness? Then, I know my limitations. And then, I truly know who I am.

Because, if I believe that I am kindness, and then I project a part of myself, and I see that, in fact, they're violence, then that means that my evolution towards kindness has not been completed because there is a cell in me that is not kind. So, I will get it to be kind. And the way I would do that is actually through having it experience the opposite.

Sergei:  Right. That makes sense. Okay. And, for people who want to connect with their higher self, are there any...?

Mariya:  But do you want to connect with your higher self, or do you want to connect with guidance?

Sergei:  That's a good question. So, what would be the right choice?

Mariya:  There is no wrong or right choice. Here's the kicker.

Sergei:  What opens the biggest opportunity for guidance?

Mariya:  So, let's just say that the best is probably opening up yourself to more than one kind of guidance because you get the least biased perspective. If I'm the only thing that's advising you, then arguably you would get the same kind of advice over and over again. Now, if you're getting the same kind of nudges over and over again, arguably, it could be boring. Are you really truly learning all that there would be to learn about the situation? Probably not, because you're just learning my agenda for you.

Now, it is a little tricky because, ultimately, you're still a part of me and I'm a part of you. So, ultimately, once you've come out of this dreamscape reality, you are me and I am you. So, we desire the same exact thing which, by the way, is not the case with some other guides that you might have.

It is very possible that I, as a higher self, desire peace and an aspect that has been advising you throughout a particular incarnation is an aspect that desires war. However, that does not mean that you don't get to learn during this experience. So, I believe it's best to be open to different kinds of guidance and not just the guidance from your higher self.

Sergei:  Got it. So, let's say we want to connect to the guidance of a higher range of beings. What would be the practice? Do you have any recommendations how to do that?

Mariya:  So, if you want to get guidance from the higher realms, you would have to vibrate at a frequency that allows you to receive guidance from the higher realms. If your vibrations are very low, your either mental body or spirit body–because they're the ones that are ultimately receiving that guidance–the antennas that they have are not going to receive that frequency.

So, it's almost like a voice that you cannot hear. They can be screaming all they want. But, if you can't hear it, if you're not able to perceive that frequency, for you, there will be silence. In the same way that there is the visible spectrum of light and the invisible spectrum of light, and the invisible spectrum of light is as good as nonexistent for you because you cannot see anything. It could be the brightest thing in the entire universe but, if you cannot see it, it doesn't do you any good.

So, human beings are receiving machines. And they're always receiving a particular range of frequencies. So, you can always tune up your receiving mechanism organism to receive the highest possible frequency based on your level of evolution. And then, we get into a big topic of raising your vibrations versus lowering your vibration.

So, everything that you consume equals the vibration that you're going to be giving off.

Rather, the total sum of everything you've consumed since your childhood through today is going to be reflected in your frequency or your vibration spectrum. When I say, "consume," I mean things like the watery drink, the food you eat, the media that you consume, such as reading, watching, listening, the company that you keep–your friends, because your friends very much determine your frequency–etc., etc., etc.

So, everything that you consume would determine your frequency. So, if you want to receive the highest possible frequency, you would need to consume the highest possible things around you. The vibrations as far as food, the highest vibrational food would be your raw fruits and vegetables. This is the highest vibrational food that exists. Obviously, there is water that’s either distilled or distilled and charged. That would be the most high vibrational drink.

As far as the media consumption that you have, any time you consume violence, any time you consume pornography, any time you consume bad news, or any type of negativity, it always lowers your vibration. Not only that but, by lowering your vibration, it exposes you to certain frequencies.

Now, there is, of course, your acts, because particular actions can also lower your vibration quite dramatically. For instance, negative self-talk, I guess, is not an action, but the fact that you're enabling negative self-talk is an action. Negative self-talk always leads to a downward spiral.

So, cleansing all of your bodies and all of the frequencies that enter your bodies. So, we've already been through that, if you've listened or the heard the episodes around the body. So, first, you're going to have to have a very clean physical body. So, that means feeding yourself with very clean things.

Then, you're going to have to have a very clean energetic body, which means that, ideally, you would have cleaned the pathways in both of your ancestral lines to make sure that there is no dirt, debris, and everything, no low vibrations coming through to you from the ancestral channels.

Then, you want to have a very clean emotional body, which means not experiencing low vibrational emotions, such as fear or jealousy or envy. Then, you want to have a very clean mental body, which means not succumbing to, again, negative self-talk or destructive thought patterns. That's about it.

So, if you manage to do that, you should be able to receive only high vibrational intuitive hits, only high vibrational guidance levels. And, when you do do that, then, more often than not, you will be acting both in your best self-interest and in the best self-interest of those around you. Because higher dimensional guides tend to find ways where you could be happy and the universe around you could be happy also.

Sergei:  Got it. So, the first step would be to clean up all these bodies, increase vibrations, and after that, you can start receiving messages or guidance, to say…maybe not messages, but some intuition.

Mariya:  Yes. And, as you're going through that deep cleaning process, you could not, even if you wanted to, prevent yourself from receiving that guidance. So, guidance would happen automatically.

The way your intuition is functioning, the way you're able to interpret and remember your dreams, all kinds of messages, all of that just accelerates organically. Just give up meat and alcohol and see what that does to your level of intuitive guidance. Just those two things alone would do wonders.

Sergei:  Mm-hmm. And is there a particular meditation that would allow you to have a guidance or you might be able to ask a question and receive an answer?

Mariya:  So, it's not even that. So, yes, but I'm going to bring us back to what I just said. If you want to receive guidance, you want to make sure you're a clean slate. Because a full cup cannot be filled. It's full to the brim. You need to create a state of emptiness so something can come through. So, the meditation ironically that gets you guidance is not that which asks for guidance, but that which enables a deep cleanse and emptying of the vessel.

Sergei:  I see. So, let's say I'm looking for a guidance and my vibrations are low, and I go to a meditation and I start asking questions. I can actually get a guidance from just lower vibrational beings. And it can guide me somewhere I don't want to go.

Mariya:  The ironic part is, you're getting guidance regardless. So, say you don't have a clean body and say the things that you have been consuming are not necessarily clean. It doesn't just mean that you're blocked, and you're left to your own devices. There are entities that are going to come through and guide you either way. They just don't tend to be high dimensional entities.

This is what you would call, "temptations," for instance. This is how people get addicted to foods or this is how people get addicted to drugs or anything, really. It's because, unfortunately, you're still getting guidance. It's just, that particular guidance is definitely not in your favor.

Sergei:  Oh, I see. I see now, yeah.

Mariya:  So, what you need to do always is clean your bodies. Cleaning ritual, the best possible way to improving the state of guidance and the vibrations of guidance you're getting.

Sergei:  Got it. The main takeaway is that you are getting guidance all the time. It's just, it can be from high vibrational beings, from low vibrational beings. You're getting it all the time. It just depends on the level of your vibrations.

Mariya:  Absolutely. And I'll give you an example. So, your reptilian brain is responsible for your instincts and it's also responsible for your urges. So, every time you're craving something, you've received guidance.

So, whether you're craving a food, whether you're really craving to make a particular purchase, like you really must have that dress or you really must have that car no matter what, even if you can't afford it, you've gotten guidance. If you must have that drink, you've gotten guidance. If you must cheat on your husband, you've just gotten guidance.

So, every instinctive urge is guidance. So, if you want to stop receiving that kind of guidance, you need to raise your vibrations. And the way you do that is through a cleansing ritual. Cleansing, by the way, on an energetic level, is always some type of water or light frequency. So, you, by the way, can clean all of your bodies all in one sitting.

So, you could, in a meditative state, imagine that you're sitting under a beautiful waterfall or a stream of light. Or you can imagine that you're sitting in a large body of water. And that water can be a beautiful, iridescent, white or gold color, or a blue color, whichever you want that feels high vibration to you. I like white but, if blue feels better to you, or iridescent blue, go for it.

Doesn't really matter. There's no right or wrong answer. I also know sometimes it could be quite nurturing to imagine a rainbow type of water, so where it has every color of the rainbow. That could be quite nurturing. And so, you want to start from your densest body to your lightest body.

So, you can even imagine yourself as multiple spheres. So, you could imagine your physical body first. Then, you could separate your energetic body into its own bubble and put it right next to you. And then, you could separate your emotional body as another bubble. Put it right next to you. Your mental body as another bubble, put it right next to you. And even your spiritual body as another bubble.

Sergei:  Do they have colors?

Mariya:  It's actually really dependent on the person. Because, as we mentioned, they can be quite muddy. Also, your energetic body is completely personal, because it depends on the level of energy. And I've seen everything from pitch black to bright white. Your emotional also kind of depends on the frequency and vibration of your emotions. It can be green or pink, violet. It really depends.

Your mental body tends to be blue with a yellow crust. That yellow crust. We haven't really spoken about it, but it's the karmic network. So, basically, it's all the, quote-unquote, "karma" that would impact your thought patterns. It's not even just your karma, but it's also your ancestral lineages. But also, depending on whether you're receiving a lot of negative thoughts, it can have a very black darkness encrusted in the mental body.

And then, the spiritual body tends to be iridescent, almost just sparkly, having a bunch of sparkles. So, I guess I would call it, "mostly white," but it still does depend because it has different undertones, depending on the human. So, what you want to do is, you want to spend, depending on how frequently you do the cleaning, it might take up to ten minutes per body.

And so, you just want that beautiful heavenly torrent to get rid of all the imperfections and all the impurities in every body that you have, from the physical down to the spiritual. Sometimes, what you would notice is, depending on how bad the level of pollution is... Sometimes, if the level of pollution is not that bad, what you would notice is those energy knots and energy clots would just disappear and be washed away. And then, everything is just clean and sparkly and brand new.

Sometimes, especially if you've gone through trauma or a very, very, heavy dose of negativity lately, the upper crust might just fall away and crumble. Think of it as a shell. It is possible that you've accumulated just so much negativity or low vibrational stuff that it created a shell. And, when those high vibrational frequencies in the form of the waterfall or in the form of the body of water, like a river or an ocean... When they start surrounding you and start doing the cleaning, that shell cracks.

So, the shell would fall away, and the new body would re-emerge out of that, almost like a snake shedding skin. That's kind of how it feels like. So, the darkness would fall away, and you would just be able to walk out of there unscathed. So, I recommend doing that and just really making sure.

It's kind of like being in a shower, in a sense. And you want to notice the streaks of water that are flowing down your body, like if you were to look at the floor, so to say, or the ground level. You want to notice the color and the tint of that water. If that water is muddy, if that water has any impurities or imperfections in it, that means that you haven't done all the cleansing yet. That means that the cleansing is in progress.

So, you should do that, and you should wash your bodies up until the water that comes from the heavens leaves your body in entirely the same condition, where there's no more dirt to wash away. Then, you want to reassemble your bodies, and you would do that in the reverse order. You would collapse your bodies from the higher to the lower.

So, you would first collapse your spiritual with mental, then the emotional, then the energetic, then the physical. And then, you've done the cleanse. And you want to sit quiet for a little bit. That's when you get the chance to ask the question and receive the answer.

If you've been practicing this meditation, the answers might come right away. Sometimes, the answers take some time. But, once you ask the question, it is the universal law the question must be answered. So, you will get your answer, one way or another, in the course of a couple of days.

Sergei:  Yeah. It cannot be instant, but later, maybe during the dream state, right?

Mariya:  Correct. The answer is always instant. It's just, if you're not able to perceive it instantly, your guides will find a way to communicate that to you another way.

Sergei:  That makes sense.

Mariya:  Right. That answer, in essence, would be in your vicinity. It would be in your biological field, in your energetic field. The answer's already received and it's stuck in there. It's just that you need to receive it and translate it in a way that makes sense for you.

Sergei:  Yeah, okay. I've heard about the concept when the person integrates with the higher self or merges. What does it mean?

Mariya:  Mm-hmm. So, that is full alignment with the higher self. And what that means is, in some way, the drop chooses to give up its free will in favor of making choices in accordance with the plan of their higher self. So, it gives up its own control over its life. And that's kind of the process of surrender, saying, "I want to merge with you, with your consciousness and the entirety of you."

And there are perks to that, for sure, because it gives you a higher perspective. It gives you full guidance. It gives you a deeper understanding of what happens next or what you should do in this or that circumstance. You really just get this sixth sense available to you at any time because, when you merge, you basically align with that desire of your higher self for this incarnation. You, in essence, become one.

So, that cord that has connected you becomes a lot denser. And it establishes a constant stream of energy there. So, that connection just really solidifies. But then, of course, like I said, there is a tradeoff. Then, you basically start acting like your higher self would. So, depending on what your higher self wants, you're giving up your God-given right of choice.

Sergei:  Got it. So, a good example would be Jesus, like when he had to...

Mariya:  Yes.

Sergei:  Right?

Mariya:  Absolutely.

Sergei:  He had to suffer, because his higher self decided to do so.

Mariya:  Yes.

Sergei:  Mm-hmm. Got it.

Mariya:  He surrendered to that, because he believed that that was for the greater good of humanity. He was fully aligned with his mission, whatever it took. And we all know what it took. So, yes, completely. That would be a perfect example, because that was a road to suffering. But also, because there was complete alignment, Jesus had access to all of these special abilities and his higher self was also very, very, evolved.

So, part of it is also not every higher self is created equal. Souls have very different age spans. They have very different levels. So, every soul is not created equal, even in terms of how much space they take in ether. You could have a very small soul. You could have a very vast and majestic soul.

So, when you are aligning with your higher self, depending on how formidable that higher self is, the level of things that you would be able to do in 3D could be quite extraordinary.

Sergei:  Got it. I see. Thank you. And what are the biggest misconceptions of the higher self on this planet?

Mariya:  I think most people believe that they're not really connected to it. And the biggest misconception is, most people don't even think that it's real. Just that concept of the fact that this is all a dream. 99.9% of humanity is unaware of this. And, even if they are, they're not aware of it to such an extent. And that's why this dimension causes so much pain and suffering. It's because people think it is reality when, in fact, it is not.

What other misconceptions? Oh, very often, people think that, if they're getting guidance, it must be from their higher self, which I find laughable. Because your higher self would never go and tell you to commit suicide, for instance. That's a big misconception. Or, if you align with your higher self and start getting guidance from your higher self, your life is going to get easy-peasy, because it might not.

Sergei:  Yeah. Jesus is a good example.

Mariya:  Yeah. A lot of people also believe that it is impossible for them to connect to the higher self.

Sergei:  Why so?

Mariya:  They feel like they're not evolved enough or that it's all a myth. But then, that just stems from the fact that anything that people cannot see, they don't think is real. So, Planet Earth is just coming into the understanding that the unseen reality actually rules the world. It's not the seen reality that does.

Sergei:  And would the humanity benefit, if people could connect to their higher selves?

Mariya:  Absolutely, absolutely.

Sergei:  I see. So, basically, we want people to connect so they can evolve, move to the next level?

Mariya:  So, you cannot want something for people, because their universe is based on their desires. They need to want to change. They need to want to connect. And we're getting there. As the vibrations are rising, I think people are more and more starting to ask for a change in this planet.

More and more, they're realizing that the status quo is broken and the dream that they have been sold is a falsehood, that money does not get you happiness. Power does not get you happiness. Fame doesn't get you happiness. You cannot buy happiness. There's all kinds of falsehoods and false assumptions.

But, of course, that change and that transition cannot happen overnight. So, it's very unlikely that the entirety of humanity would magically connect to their higher self. So, I think, step one is learning to listen to your intuition, really working with that barometer that you have been given, being open to its guidance. Do you know that 98% of guidance that comes through from higher realms is being ignored by humanity?

Sergei:  That's a big number.

Mariya:  Most of it. So, from up there or up here, it feels like crying at the top of your lungs and nobody out there to listen. A little bit frustrating. But then, of course, we know how the game works. So, we keep playing it.

Sergei:  Yeah. And the reason is low vibrations.

Mariya:  Low vibrations, yes. Low vibrations, but also attachment to control. Humans are so attached to the illusion of being able to control their reality that they perceive guidance as an intrusion. They really are scared of being influenced. Ironically, that is precisely what enables the powerful structures of this world to influence them.

Sergei:  Mm-hmm. I see. Thank you so much for sharing this information with me and Mariya. Now, I'm going to end our session. I'm very grateful for the information you provided us today. I'm asking the higher self to recede to where it belongs, with much love and much thanks for the help and information it has been giving Mariya today. I know she's really going to appreciate it. Now, I want all the consciousness and personality of Mariya to once again return and fully integrate back into the body completely.

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