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Guilt, Shame and Heartbreak Questions from the Collective

In this episode, I will connect to our planet's collective and answer questions from the collective. We will talk about guilt, shame, and heartbreak.

First person: A lady that has to choose between her mother and her dream job. Her mother demands her daughter to take care of her, but she cannot drop her work that she loves so much. This lady doesn't know what to do, and she experiences guilt because she cannot take care of her mother.

Second person: A man in his 40s is ashamed of who he is. He is ashamed because he doesn't fit into a definition of a man from the perspective of his dad. The son feels that he is constantly missing the mark. How can I stop feeling ashamed of what I am?

Third person: A lady that just had a heartbreak. She sacrificed herself for this relationship. She got dissolved in her partner, she did everything possible to please him, but he left. What's wrong with me? Why did he leave me?

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