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Green Flame The Flame of Restoration and Healing How to work with it

In this episode, we will talk about the Green Flame. It is a flame of restoration and healing. Mariya's Higher Self will give you some powerful meditations for beginners and advanced practitioners. 

We will talk about its properties and qualities. You will learn how to connect to heal yourself with the help of the Yellow Flame. 

We will talk about the qualities of people who mastered the Green Flame. You will learn about flames that are the most compatible with the Green Flame. 

You will learn how to use the power of friendly flames to enhance the power of the Green Flame. 

We will tell about crystals, essential oils, plants and herbs that enhance the Green Flame. 

We will talk about physical and metaphysical/energetic healing that you can do with the Green Flame. 

Please enjoy!

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Read the transcript

Hello, friend. I am Maria and welcome to The Conversations with my Higher Self podcast. This show is about spirituality, consciousness, and the inner workings of the universe at large. My partner Sergei uses hypnosis to bring me into a deep theta state where I get a chance to connect with my higher self. He then interviews me to uncover a wealth of knowledge about higher realms, celestial beings, and various energetic practices. 


I would like to talk to you about the green flame.


Could you please tell us about the properties of the green flame? What does it do?

Green flame is a flame of restoration and healing on both the personal and the planetary way, but it goes obviously above and beyond that. Imagine if you had a cut, like you cut your finger or you cut your arm or whatever. The energy of the green flame would help patch your skin back together. That's the kind of restoration that I'm talking about. Or if for instance, if you're a tree and somebody came to you and broke a branch off of your trunk. The energy of the green flame would be the one that would patch up that wound and enable you to kind of stop crying and just heal. So it's restoration, bringing things back to their state that they're meant to be, healing energy. That is the biggest premise of the green energy, green flame.

Are there any facets of the green flame? How would you describe a person who mastered the green flame?

People who master the green flame tend to be empaths. They tend to be very sensitive. Because the green flame doesn't just heal bodies. It also heals on the metaphysical energetic level. It could mend a broken heart. It's a feeling, it's not an actual... Your heart is not actually broken in two. It could mend a relationship. So the people who have mastered the green flame tend to be empaths, they tend to be very aware of the world at large. They tend to pick up on energy very, very quickly. And they're actually some of the least selfish people that you're going to meet. It's interesting because the green flame people are very, very receptive. So on an energetic level, you almost see them walking around and they have these... Imagine their body was covered with receptors like little antennas. And the main purpose of these antennas is to receive. It's like walking antennas. And they have thousands of those on their body. Literally, energetically, their aura, their auric field is covered with little antennas. At any given time, they're perceiving the world. So these are your deep feeling people. These are the souls that could get easily hurt. They're very receptive to language, they're very receptive to the intention behind words. They tend to be really good communicators because they tend to speak from the heart. Yeah, that's pretty much how the green energy feels. They also tend to be quite selfless. These are the people that could easily sacrifice themselves for the greater good. Or for a loved one, for the planet. Of course, the green energy has its own, like every ray, I told you it could go from 1% to 100%. How this gets manifested for the green flame is that you would move, you know the lower energies of the green flame tend to have a smaller circle of things they care about and that they want to heal. For instance, it could be for somebody who's vibrating in the low green, it could be wanting to heal your family, your best friend, somebody who's midrange would want to heal their city or their country. Somebody who is high level, high-level green, works on at least the planetary level, maybe the galactic level, universal level. Depending on how evolved you are as a green flame or as a green soul, you take more and more aspects of creation as a part of yourself. And as you take a bigger chunk of the universe as a part of yourself, you inevitably want to heal and restore it back to balance and perfection.

Hmm. Interesting.

Yeah, it's also like imagine a green soul wanting to embrace something. And it's almost like as you keep evolving, your arms and how far they spread gets bigger and bigger and bigger. Initially, you can only embrace and protect your loved ones. And down the road, as you keep evolving in that way, you could embrace the whole existence. So your arms just get really bigger and you can give this universe a nice, big hug.

And what is the shadow side?

Oh, yeah. The shadow side is heart. The shadow aspect of the green flame's actually selfishness. What am I getting out of this? If I'm going to heal you, what are you going to do to me? The shadow aspect of the green flame is wanting recognition for your work, very often public recognition. Feeling disconnected and as a result not wanting to get out of your comfort zone and heal. That's a shadow aspect. Feeling drained. So the greens, they extend a lot of energy, they expand a lot of energy, because this process is actually quite energy consuming, the process of healing. So one of the shadow aspects of a green could be a healer that just feels drained all the time. That means that their green is not in balance. Another shadow aspect of the green flame is the martyr. It's almost like, "Look at me. I'm suffering so much so I keep helping others." That is very much a shadow aspect of the green. There's more.

These are the major ones. Yeah, it's very clear. Yeah. Okay. And what would be a simple meditation for a beginner with a green flame?

I actually recommend, because we spoke a lot about healing the body in an earlier part of this conversation. Why don't we talk about healing a more metaphysical or emotional aspect of something or maybe healing a relationship or a wound, like an emotional wound. So you might want to imagine something that you would want to heal. Like a broken heart or somebody hurt you really badly. Somebody offended you or let's say somebody's being bullied, for instance. We can take that as a good example. Being bullied makes you feel not enough. It makes you feel incompetent, it takes away your self-love, your self-acceptance. It's actually a really, really deep wound. So what you might want to imagine, this wound, first you're going to have to ask yourself for whatever wound you want to heal, emotional wound, where does this live in your body. And if you quiet your mind, your body's very wise. So it's going to show you where it hurts. And wounds, actually emotional wounds, can live anywhere in your body. It doesn't just have to be the heart. I've seen wounds that live in people's heels, in their nails, in their teeth, in their nose. It could get attached to anywhere.

How do they get there?

Well, it depends on where you stash. It's actually not... Every time we as humans get faced with a wound, we have a choice of where we want to stack it in our body, to be honest. It's a subconscious decision you would say and, "I don't want to deal with it, let me stash it away here."` You put it in a particular place in your body. And it could be a very, very random place or it could be something that... Some people tend to put their wounds in the same exact part of their body. That's why if it's a chronic pain in a particular part of their body, it's because they've stashed too many wounds there.

Oh, you mean they've been doing that for incarnations, or...

[Crosstalk 00:11:23]

Yeah, it doesn't have to be one lifetime. Say you always tend to put your wounds into your back. Then your back would just keep hurting. And by the way, you might be healing a wound or two but because you keep stashing new ones in there, or stacking new ones in there, you could never truly heal it. Because you'll go to a place for trauma like, "Ooh! One more trauma, let me stack it in the same exact spot where I always stack my trauma. The back feels about right." So first you need to go back to the meditation. First you need to get really present where that particular wound lives in your body. And that could be a place that might surprise you or your normal place. And then you want to see what shape it is. Sometimes, it's a triangle, a sphere, it could be a star, it could be a cube, it could be anything, it could just be mush. It could be just amorphous. What tends to happen though with every wound and then you want to get present to what color it is. Whether it's heavy or light. It has properties so you definitely want to examine the wound. And then you want to bring forth the green flame. As you're examining the wound, one thing that you're going to notice is there is going to be a crack somewhere in there. Or multiple cracks. And through the crack is the darkness gets inside through the crack. It's like something broken, something that's not whole. What you want to do is you want to bring in the green flame. Just bring it right next to that place where you're hurting. And you want to allow the green flame to seal that wound, to seal that crack. It's kind of like move from one end of that crack to the other end. From where it started to where it ended. And bring the two together and then once it's sealed, you want to allow the green flame to enter the inner part of that wound and heal everything within. And you might have layers actually inside. There are multiple layers. They could all be different colors so just make sure that every layer is accessible to the green healing flame. Now, when you're done, you would notice that instead of being dark and cracked and whatever that original sensation might have been for the wound. It might have felt heavy, it might have felt like it's pricking you a little bit. Or it might felt itchy. You would notice that sensation disappear and that place in your body, the shape would emanate with the most beautiful healing emerald light you can imagine. Sometimes what's also important is depending on what the wound is, it might actually have a cord attached to it. So that's the last thing that you might need to check for. That cord could be leading to a particular event or a person or multiple people in this incarnation or your past lives or both. If I have more than one cord. So you want to take a sword, a sword of light, and you want to cut those cords, as many as there are, and heal the gaps or the little tips of those cordsd with a green emerald light. Because you want to break the energetic ties to whatever hurts you in the first place. So there is no more dark energy that has access to your body. Whether physical, emotional, it doesn't really matter. So you want to make sure that there are no more cords and that wound feels light and green and healthy and there are no more cracks.

Wow. That's really cool. And can you use this flame to heal another person?

Yes, but it all depends on your healing abilities. Not every soul on this planet, on the face of this planet, has mastered the green flame energy. In fact, a lot of people are still in the very low vibrations of the green flame. Like I said, we're humanity right now, humanity's going through healing that aspect of themselves. There are some souls that are obviously going to be able to use the green flame on other people. But when you're using something on another person, the prerequisite is that you have mastered it. It is quite different when you're tapping into the green flame for yourself. Because when you're tapping into the green flame for yourself, you're actually in essence tapping into the energy of source. And it is always available to you. Healing others is a different level though. So it's actually always until you master the green energy or unless you master the green energy, it's always easier for people to heal themselves borrowing that green flame from the creator as opposed to giving it to others. What you could do though is teach the person that you want to heal these meditation. If they're willing to do that, they could heal themselves.

Got it. And no matter the level of a practitioner, you can heal yourself. It's accessible for everybody. All levels.

It's accessible, yes. Absolutely.

Got it. So instead of healing the person, you can actually give this practice to the person.


And let this person heal...

[Crosstalk 00:18:30]

Yeah, teach them how to fish. Yeah, teach them how to fish, don't give them the fish.

Got it. Are there any crystals that work well with the green flame and can they enhance the green flame?

Scolasite [Phonetic 00:18:47] is one that works really good with the green flame. I've mentioned emeralds many times. Emerald is amazing. But of course, it's not really accessible to a lot of people. It's too expensive. Scolasite [Phonetic 00:19:05] works beautifully with a green flame despite being a white crystal. So it's not always so...

The color?

Yeah, the color doesn't always...

[Crosstalk 00:19:15]

Correct. It doesn't have to be corresponding.

And how would you incorporate it into the...

I'm looking at what other crystals. Huh. Interestingly enough, the onyx crystal.

The black one.

Yeah, the black onyx is able to enhance the energy of the green flame and remove. Because in the process of healing, you need a magnet for all the darkness that is a byproduct of healing. If you think about surgery. Surgery rooms are messy. There's blood and ugh, all this yuckiness everywhere. Same thing for the energetic healing. You're getting rid of all these dirt. So you need a crystal that could be able to absorb all of that. Otherwise, where is that energy going to go? So it's actually really interesting. Yeah, onyx, obsidian, are really, really good. All kinds of meteorites are really, really good too. Help work with the green flame. Let me see what else. White onyx also in a little bit of a different way. It helps purify the green flame because generally what happens is when the green flame is at work, and there is no absorbent crystal, then the green flame starts getting a little bit of a black rim on the edges. And so the white onyx can actually help absorb that and keep the green flame in its most optimal state. Yeah, those are the main ones. Malachite is not bad but I wouldn't say that it's the strongest to help. Yeah. Yeah.

Mm-hmm. And how would you incorporate these crystals in the meditation.

Yeah. So if you're healing a particular physical ailment, as you're working with the green flame, once you located the area where the pain is, whether emotional or physical. You could place that crystal right around that area as you're going through meditation to help absorb those energies. That's pretty much the main one. You could also keep... The green flame enters through our heart center, through the center of our body. So you could also feel free to place that stone in your chest area. And then the last thing that I would want to add here is the green flame is not necessarily an immediate flame. It's a flame that has a very interesting properties. It's neither hot nor cold, so it's like a neutral flame. It can be either hot or cold depending on what type of healing is needed. Because sometimes to heal something, you need to free it. And sometimes to heal something, you need to warm it up. And sometimes to heal something, you need to do neither of those things. So you have to be really patient with a green flame. One of the things that could be helpful is keeping a crystal that you're working with alongside the green flame under your pillow as you sleep. Because that healing, generally when you start working with a green flame, it could take you days actually. Or not really you but the flame to get you to that optimal state. Because it's a slow healing flame. It's not instant like I said. And that crystal's going to keep working with the green flame as you sleep. Because the deepest healing actually would happen during your sleep state. So you want to make sure that the aids and the assistances is available to the green flame when it's doing it's beautiful work. Yeah, so under the pillow or on your bedside table. Just make sure that crystal energy is accessible to the green flame, where it needs it.

And then you can carry it in your pocket, right?

Yeah, absolutely. You can carry that in your pocket. Just make sure when you're working with a green flame that you cleanse the crystal. Because the crystal is going to absorb, kind of take the hit. The crystal is going to absorb that energy. So when you're going through deep healing, especially if you're healing something that is a very serious illness like a cancer, you want to make sure that you're cleaning that crystal every day. So you either want to put it in sand for 10 minutes every day. Because the cleaning happens at night, actually really optimal timing or time to cleanse it would be in the morning, first thing in the morning. You just put it in the sand. Or you could wash it under water, that's another way. Basically, to clean the crystal, you need to clean it with one of the elements. So you can use sand which would be earth, you could use fire. The problem with cleansing by fire is you're going to watch the crystal so probably not the best but it would clean it either way. And then putting it under water, like a stream of water, could be really, really helpful. Or if you want to clean it with air, that's also possible but you're going to have to blow on the crystal. And I recommend taking a deep breath and then blowing on the crystal with intention of cleaning all the debris from the crystal. And you're going to have to do it 12 times for it to work.

Yeah, that's helpful. I was just thinking, if there are any other things that can enhance the green flame, like plants or herbs. Not just crystals. Is there any connection between green flame and other things that surround us?

Absolutely. Always is. So for green flame, eucalyptus is incredibly, incredibly helpful. Eucalyptus oil, eucalyptus tea, eucalyptus body spray. Anything that is eucalyptus that is not artificial eucalyptus would aid and assist with the green flame. Green tea and tea tree. So also oils. Even putting a couple of drops of tea tree essential oil into hot water and drinking it prior to healing could be amazing. Aloe vera is another plant where it's amazing with the green flame. So again, essential oils but also just pieces of aloe vera and maybe squeezing a couple of drops into your smoothie. That would be super helpful. These are the main ones that I would say. These are the ones that have the highest ability to help. There's also cedar, cedar wood. That helps also.

Got it. So basically, you use the essential oil or the tea before the healing, before...

It could be before, it could be after. It could be both.


Yeah, meditation or before going to bed because you know that the deep healing is going to happen when you sleep.

Got it. Don't want to jump around but given that you mentioned that there are other things that can help the flame. What are the things that can enhance or just help the yellow flame?

Oh, the yellow flame?


Oh, do you mean like do you want me to name plants?

Yeah, or essential oils. Yeah.


Something that can...

Sure. So the yellow flame works amazing with chamomile. From actually just having a flower, like a live flower in your vicinity when you're working with the flame of joy. To chamomile tea. All of that would be helpful. Birch tree, very helpful. Birch tree has the lightest bark of the trees, of the tree family. So it is very uplifting and joyful. The bark, you could boil the bark and that would be almost like a healing drink. But also I believe they sell the oils too, from the birch. Another way to leverage the magic of the tree would be to do the meditation right by the living tree. So if you could do it outside near a birch tree or multiple birch trees, then any meditation would just be accentuated because of the symbiosis between the green ray and the tree.

So basically, you can access the knowledge or access the joy facet of the flame. You can do it with a birch tree or in a birch forest?

Correct. Birch trees also help better connect to the Akashic Records. So they clean out all the blockages. So for novices that are just trying to access information, being in the birch tree forest could actually be really, really helpful. Also lemons. Lemons are really amazing to accentuate working with a yellow. Which seems kind of obvious because they're yellow, I guess. Like lemon water, just eating lemons, I know it's not the most tastiest thing in the world. Lemon essential oil, putting that in water or in a spray and just spraying your house before doing a practice or a meditation, that would be beautiful.

Yeah, that's very helpful. Thank you so much. And now I want to move back to the green flame. And are there any other flames that work really well together with the green flame other than yellow flame?

Yes. But I just wanted to say something really quickly. There are also optimal times of the day to work with the flames. So for the yellow flame, you want to work with it in the morning, the earlier in the morning, the better. That's when it's best. For the green flame, the afternoon is the best time to get started on that healing. The flames that work best with the green flame. I already told you about yellow. White also because I mentioned the white is the purification and we know that green could use a lot of purification because unfortunately...sorry, the green. The green works with a lot of dense energies and anytime that those dense energies can be purified, it just helps accelerate the green flame. So it's certainly recommended pairing it up with the white. Absolutely the gold. The gold and the green flames love each other. So the gold flame is the flame of resurrection. That's the healing taking on and multiplied by 3 billion times.

Tell us more.

Well, the flame of resurrection meaning something that used to be dead can now be alive. So it's like healing on steroids. So when the green and the gold flame... It's also healing for higher dimensions. So depending on which dimension you're working with, like green in and of itself is going to probably start being obsolete in terms of healing right around dimension seven. That's when you can only use actually the resurrection flame to achieve the same result. But you can bring some of those higher vibrational frequencies of the golden flame into 3-D by pairing it up with the green. That is the one thing that could help accelerate the green flame. Remember how I told you it's quite slow?


The gold flame is instant. That's the instant healing.

Even in 3-D?

It's about as instant as 3-D's going to let you be. It's about as fast of a healing as...

[Crosstalk 00:33:44]

So instead of weeks or years, it's going to be...

It would be days, yeah. Exactly. So it condenses a timeframe makes it 10 to 100 times faster than just with the use of the green flame.

Can you give us...

Yeah. And the way you want to do that is it's actually quite interesting how that works energetically. So remember how most flames when you work with them, you have to connect them to strands of DNA. It's almost like half of that flame is one color and half of the flame is the other color. Or the left is one and the right side is another. When you connect the green and the gold flame, you cannot do that. Because one literally needs to power the other. So you need to place the golden flame underneath the green flame. It's almost like one is the source of the other. So you want to stack them on top of each other. You want to build a pyramid where on top is the green and on the bottom is the gold. And it's almost like, actually, then you can collapse them into one another. And it'll look like the green flame but if you go underneath, it's gold underneath. So you literally want to power the green flame with gold.

So it's like a rocket engine.

Kind of, yes. And then you basically can do the same exact things that I told you to do with the green flame, with this combined flame. And you just see everything accelerated.

Hmm. That's pretty powerful. Okay. I see how it works.

Yeah. I wouldn't say that that is a super basic concept. And again, it's because the gold flame is quite high vibration and high frequency. So the techniques that you would have with that are a little more unconventional.

Mm-hmm. And you mentioned that you can use a green flame in order to work on higher dimensions. But can you give me an example of how you can use a green flame on the fifth dimension.

Oh, I told you that it's... What I said was that if you want to do healing above the dimension seventh, green flame is not the optimal flame to go. That's what I said.

Got it.


Okay. And how would you use green flame on the fifth dimension to heal? Like what would you heal on the fifth dimension?

Okay. I think you're misunderstanding what I'm saying.


Arguably, we are in 30-D, right?

We are in 3-D, yeah.

Yeah. Now, our first session I told you that because the flames are a gift of source, they are already operating at a higher frequency that what you're on. So when you're in 3-D and you start working with the green flame, you're automatically in 5-D.


Because that's the dimension and the frequency of the flame. It literally pulls you up one dimension.




So that's why your question is a little bit almost incorrect, now there is such a thing, right?


So it's not like you need to get into 5-D. It already gets you into 5-D because the healing actually happens in 5-D and then it just gets translated into 3-D.

Got it. Got it, got it. And when you go above the seventh dimension, green flame is not that efficient?

No, it's not that it’s not that efficient. It's just the third dimensional green flame is most effective and impactful in this dimension. But it's a little bit more physical. So if you want to heal the physical, you want to go with a lower dimensional green flame. If you want to heal the emotional, you want to go a little bit higher. If you want to heal complicated, general trauma or past life trauma, sometimes, depending on what the trauma is. You might need to bring in a flame that is higher dimensional, like a seventh dimensional green flame. But truth be told, most of the things that exist and most quote/unquote problems that exist in this dimension, you're not going to need a high-dimensional green flame. So I wouldn't worry about that. I think you just guess things a little more complicated for you to understand.

Got it. It makes sense. Okay, at least for now. All right. Yeah. Thank you so much. It's super helpful. Great information about the green flame. 

Now I'm going to end our session. I'm very grateful for the information you provided to us today. I'm asking the subconsciousness to recede to where it belongs with much love and much thinks for the help and information it has been given Maria today. I know she's really going to appreciate it. Now, I want all the consciousness and personality of Maria to once again return and fully integrate back into the body completely. Thank you so much for listening us today.

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