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Golden Flame The Flame of the Energy of Life Resurrection Creation Creativity How to work with it

In this episode, we will talk about the Golden Flame. It is a flame of the energy of life, resurrection, creation, creativity. Mariya's Higher Self will give you some powerful meditations for advanced practitioners. 

We will talk about its properties and qualities. You will learn how to use this potent energy. 

We will talk about the qualities of people who mastered the Golden Flame and its shadow side. You will learn that Jesus was a person who mastered the Golden Flame. 

You will learn that it is better to go straight to Source/God instead of asking for angels' or archangels' assistance when you work with the flames and why. Mariya's Higher Self will give two very powerful meditations, "How to increase your vibrations." This meditation will re-write your physical matrix. We will also talk about re-writing your emotional and mental matrixes. 

You will learn about the shape of the mental body and that on the humanity level, it has a lot of blockages. We will give you a meditation that will help you to clean up your mental body. 

Please enjoy!

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Read the transcript

Maria: Hello, friend. I am Maria, and welcome to the Conversations With My Higher Self podcast. This show is about spirituality, consciousness, and the inner workings of the universe at large.

My partner Sergei uses hypnosis to bring me into a deep Theta state where I get a chance to connect with my higher self. He then interviews me to uncover a wealth of knowledge about higher realms, celestial beings, and various energetic practices. Enjoy.

Sergei: May I speak to Maria's higher self, please?

Maria: Yes.

Sergei: Today, Maria and I wanted to speak to you about the golden flame. Could you please tell us about the golden flame? What properties does it have? What does it do?

Maria: Sure. The golden flame, in its most simplistic form, could be explained as the flame of the energy of life. It's that spark that gives life. On its other facets, the golden flame is the flame of resurrection. It is the flame of bringing something from its current state, quote-unquote, suboptimal state, to its most optimal state, or the state that we could describe as perfection.

Golden flame is also the flame of creation, creativity. But I would say the most basic form of it, and by basic I don't mean unsophisticated, but more so in its core, it is the flame of the beginning of life, that inception, that first spark that gives something its identity, where before there was nothingness, the absence of identity. So that's the golden flame.

The golden flame is quite interesting. There is not a lot of exposure with it in the 3D realms. It's considered to be a higher-dimensional flame. It's not to say that it cannot be leveraged here, but let's just say that those frequencies are a little bit more higher dimensional than what you are used to on a day-to-day basis in your dimension.

Sergei: And what does it mean for just a regular person?

Maria: Well, I guess if you're just a beginner, I probably wouldn't start with the energy of the golden flame. It could be a little bit unfamiliar. If you've never worked with those energies, they might feel a little bit foreign. I wouldn't recommend it for beginners, let's put it that way.

However, if you have already practiced and worked with a lot of the third dimensional type energies and would love to try something else new and different, something that could potentially have a little bit more, as you would say, magic to it, I would recommend the golden flame.

It is an interesting experience that transcends dimensions and could give you access, albeit momentarily access, fleeting access, to those higher realms, so it could get you to a different alternate state of consciousness in and of itself if you're willing to give it a shot.

Sergei: But it's more for an advanced practitioner?

Maria: Yes, I would say it's more for an advanced practitioner. In a lot of the conversations that you and I had prior in regards to the other flames, a lot of the examples that I had were very pertinent to 3D world, if you want a better job, if you want more money. There's not a lot of that with a golden flame. Some of it is certainly still applicable to the 3D, but let's just say that the energies that it works with don't prioritize what you prioritize in 3D.

What's important to you here, such as the sense of security and shelter and sustenance, might not be the energies of the golden flame, because it deals with a different realm and a different realm of issues altogether.

However, if you're working on a planetary level, for instance, or even it doesn't have to be planetary, it doesn't have to be so broad, but if you're working with something that is potentially bigger than yourself, you could still call in the energy of the golden flame. But, yes, I would say it's more for mid-level to advanced practitioners.

Sergei: Does it have a shadow side?

Maria: This is a really complicated one. Everything has a shadow side, even the creator, so yes. On some level, the golden flame has the shadow aspect, and the shadow aspect of life would be nothingness or the absence of [Inaudible 00:06:02].

So the energy of life as a spark has momentum. It's generally energy that is pointed somewhere. It's not static energy. So the shadow side of the golden flame would be static energy, stagnation, if you will, and decay.

Sergei: And can a person experience the shadow side of the golden flame?

[Crosstalk 00:06:33]

Maria: Absolutely. Well, I guess the closest that you would experience the absence of life is death. So when you look at a diseased loved one and how their body is bereft of breath, it turns rigid, it turns cold. This would be its stagnant state, the absence of that primordial light spark, so that is how a lot of you would experience the shadow aspect of the golden flame or the lack of the golden flame.

Sergei: How would you experience a higher aspect of the golden flame in 3D?

Maria: Resurrection is a very broad way of describing something going from a suboptimal level to an optimal level. In its most simplistic form, I would say that if you go from being really, really sick, like when your body and your organs are failing, to then full recovery, that would be generally done with a gold flame type energy.

Gold energy alongside green healing energy are very instrumental in any type of healing, especially miraculous healing. Somebody that recovers from stage four cancer, that is not quote-unquote undergoing treatment, all of a sudden, that tends to be golden flame working through that person.

I'm trying to come up with something that you would understand. Like, the energy of the golden flame would be going into the darkest, murkiest, dirtiest of places, shining that golden light on it, and turning it into something that is light and airy and beautiful, and cozy and welcoming and all of the things that you associate with the quote-unquote good in life. So that is...

And the golden flame has that energy, so even in your home, if you do gut renovation of something that was old, imagine an old townhouse that has never been renovated in a hundred years, and then you completely gut everything out of it and put in everything, new appliances, new cabinets, new everything...and then of course that takes time.

In the physical dimensions, sometimes a renovation like that could take years. But then if you were to take a snapshot of the before and the after, that is the transformation that the golden flame is capable of.

Sergei: That's very strong. How would you describe...or are there even any people on Earth with this kind of flame?

Maria: Are there any people on Earth?

Sergei: Yeah.

Maria: Well, you could say that one of the greater carriers of the golden flame on earth was Jesus, because he is, I guess, one of the more recent... He's a recent example of a being that was able to use the energies of the resurrection flame on himself and on others, not just himself. He was able to bring people to life and to heal them, so he was using that to a big degree. Anybody who's a healer, though, depending on how skilled they are, could be tapping into the golden flame energy.

Sergei: How would you describe a person who mastered the golden flame? Like, we have an example of Jesus, right?

Maria: It's perfect alignment. It's that perfect alignment between what one wants and what one gets. The golden flame is instant, in its true form. So it is that healing that's not going to take you years upon years upon years. Somebody who's mastered that energy is able to heal somebody instantly.

There are not a lot of examples on Earth, unfortunately, of people like that, but there have been others. Jesus was not the only one, by any stretch of the imagination. There are a lot of them that you would never hear, because they're not going out and preaching. They get called into families or they get called into homes, and they heal others.

Sergei: And this is something that you can master on Earth, or usually these people, they master it somewhere else and then come?

Maria: This is not an energy that belongs to this planet, at least not in its current state of vibrations. Gaia's only walking into those energies right now, so as of right now you cannot master it within the constraints of this planet, but you can transport it from another dimension where you could have mastered it.

Now, that would not always be the case. Gaia, of course, is on the path and on a spiral to ascension, and give it another 10 million years, [Laughs] we'll be able to practice the golden flame here.

Sergei: Yeah, because I was about to ask...

Maria: How long?

Sergei: ...the conditions we would need.

Maria: Oh, much, much higher dimensions. Like, it's not 5D ideally. The perfect dimension for the golden flame is seven. 7D is its home, or the lowest vibrations of its home. Again, like what needs to be enabled on this planet is perfect alignment with what your higher self wants and what your physical self could deliver.

There's a lot of faith. There's going to have to be less resistance to everything, resistance to change. There is a lot of resistance to change in the 3D world, not just from people. I mean, if you take any substance and try to turn it into another substance, you cannot do it instantaneously. That's why they say magic doesn't exist. If magic did exist, we would be able to have this instant transformation.

Sergei: I thought it's because of the low vibrations that magic doesn't exist.

Maria: Those are completely correlated. In the high vibrations, one of the biggest properties of the high vibrations is the absence, or the minimizing, of resistance of all kinds, resistance to change, resistance to light, resistance to unity and unification, all of that.

So there's a lot of it present here. That's why people come here to work through problems, and really figure out how bad it can get if they're resistant to change. This is the beautiful lesson of this vibration, but then one day hopefully you move on through that and you're able to get into perfect alignment because you know exactly what happens when you're not able to perfectly align instantly.

So the sum of vibration is a vibration where things can get aligned very, very quickly. If you were looking from 3D into 7D, that whole world to you would feel like magic, because it would be like a creature, I don't want to call them human because they in essence are not, they're humanoid, but they're not human, somebody who lives in that dimension, they want let's say a castle, they can instantly manifest the castle.

They don't have to have money, resources... Well, they need to have resources, they need to have energy, that manifesting energy, but that's the only resource that they need, in essence.

Sergei: So it's an instant manifestation in 7D.

Maria: Correct, and actually in the 3D world, you guys missed that tool for instant manifestation so much that you created money. That's all it is. It is a substitute, a very poor one, by the way, for the power of manifestation, because in higher dimensions, all you need is your energy to be able to manifest anything you want.

Here, you are, by design, deprived from large amounts of the energy that your higher aspects possess, right? Imagine yourself in a higher level as an ocean, but then in this dimension, all you can get is the energy that can come to you through a straw. There's only so much of ocean that you can get through a straw, because straw is that constraint, that limitation.

So no matter how much you push, there's only so much energy that you have access to in 3D, again very much by design, because this is supposed to be...we need to maintain that state of resistance so that humans can learn.

That being said, on a subconscious level there is that memory that all entities, beings that come into this plane, have around perfect manifestation. They miss it terribly, because that is a more natural state. That is a more healthy state. That is the more true state, if you will, to be perfectly able to align with what you want.

So humans had to create money, because...and there is that quote-unquote American dream, right? If you make enough of it, then you can pay yourself, or buy your way into instant manifestation. So that's what being quote-unquote filthy rich is in this dimension, supposedly.

Sergei: Like being a mage.

Maria: Yes, that substitute for perfect manifestation.

Sergei: That's interesting. [Laughter]

Maria: That's not the only way, by the way, but, I guess let's say that it's the most accessible way to your average human.

Sergei: Yeah, I see that. Is there any correspondence to the golden flame?

Maria: I'm not able to find anything that would be a perfect match to that energy, I'm sorry. There are some poor imitations, but they're not even worth mentioning, like pyrite, and it's not even a stone, but it is a chemical compound.

It's almost like taking the gold aspect, like the purest golden ray, and making it so unpure that it's muddy. That would be the aspect of pyrite. It could still help, I guess, ground you in the right vibrations, but not a lot that can aid. Gold, maybe. Gold is better, definitely better, but still. Liquid gold, monatomic gold, is the closest.

Sergei: Is the closest you can get, you mean?

Maria: Yeah, and potentially mercury.

Sergei: Mercury. Even though it's toxic?

Maria: It's only toxic in 3D.

Sergei: Oh, yeah. Got it.

Maria: Let's be real, there's not anything absolutely inherently wrong with anything that you guys call toxic here. It's just in these energies how it manifests, how that energy manifests might be harmful to a particular species. It doesn't make it bad or good. So when you say "toxic", I guess I have to agree, but that's not how I see mercury at all.

Sergei: Got it, because you are looking at different dimensions.

Maria: Absolutely. And there are way more dimensions when mercury is an absolutely vital part of life. It is actually on many different planes what you would...a lot of races actually think of mercury the way you think of water, as their main source of sustenance, and it's the absolute of toxic to them.

It is only toxic to humans, I guess, in some ways, is because human consciousness has not graduated to the higher dimension yet. It's not able yet to accept those energies, so yes, it is toxic, but it's only because...don't take it the wrong way, the state of consciousness of this planet is toxic right now, the human consciousness.

Sergei: Yeah, that makes sense. I assume there is no herbs or plants as for other flames because it's just...

Maria: Yeah, no plants, nothing that truly fully...because a plant that fully aligns with the energy of the golden flame is going to be able to resurrect someone. That is something that does not exist here.

Sergei: Are there any celestial beings that work with the golden flame and can help you work with it?

Maria: There are thousands.

Sergei: Maybe the major ones that most of the people know, like archangels and maybe some elementals?

Maria: No, not anybody you would have heard of per se. Archangel Metatron touches it a bit. He could be helpful, but that's not his core. That's the closest archangel I could think of that you would know. In some ways, you could think that the entity...actually, I have a good one.

The entity that would support the golden flame is source, or in your opinion, God, so that would be the sponsoring entity for this energy, because in many ways that is the energy that was used for a big chunk of creation. So go to source, go to God. God is whatever is that higher being that you believe in. It'll be a step above the archangels.

Sergei: Is it something that is accessible for all people?

Maria: But of course, I mean, everybody who has ever been incarnated on this planet is an extension of source energy and a spark that was separated from the original flame, so absolutely, in the same way that you can always get support and guidance from source energy, you would be able to borrow the energy of the golden ray.

Sergei: Is there any vegetation that you can give us, like how we can practice golden flame? We already know that you can combine it with other flames and it enhances other flames, but is there any meditation that we can use just purely with the golden flame?

Maria: Sure. Very often when one of you is on the path to a deeper understanding, some type of metaphysical or esoteric research, consciousness, path of consciousness, mindfulness, whatever you want to call it, people start talking about raising vibrations, how they need to raise the vibrations of their body, how low vibrations don't really serve you.

So the golden flame is actually a really, really quick way to get from a low vibrational state to a high vibrational state. The way you would do that is, in a meditative state, and again what I'm going to give you today, this particular meditation is not necessarily for beginners, so if you're just getting started I wouldn't recommend starting here. It's easier to start with some other flames arguably, with a lot of other flames.

So you would, in a meditative state, scan your body. If you are in a low vibrational state... I mean, honestly, any state you can be in would be low vibration compared to the golden ray, so whatever state you're in, you're...

Sergei: Always in low vibrations.

Maria: Unfortunately, yes. But that's also how you wanted it, right? So you can just draw consolation from that thought. Otherwise you would have not ended up on this planet. That being said, when you're scanning your body, what you have to notice with your inner vision, so you would have closed your eyes and you would scan your body, and you would notice that your body actually consists of a network.

I would almost want to call looks like...what is the right word that I'm looking for? Imagine that your body had vertical and horizontal lines penetrating all throughout your body, almost like a matrix, thank you, "matrix" is the word that I was looking for.

Your body has its own personal matrix. What that looks like is lines penetrating every part of your physical body, up and down lines that go from the soles of your feet up to the crown of your head, and then horizontal lines that go from, if you were to stretch your arms to the sides, it would be stretched from the tips of your right hand to the tips of your left.

So these are perpendicular lines. Because they're low vibrational lines, if we really were to look at it from the higher dimensional space, they would appear to be black or gray. Your matrix, your personal matrix, in essence, is on a gray scale, it's like a deeper gray matrix.

When you, as a person, as a soul, I guess I should say, evolve and when you go and ascend into higher dimensions, your matrix becomes lighter with every step you take to eventually become gold, and then from gold you would move to complete iridescent white light. So you would move technically from black to white by passing the gold.

What you want to do with your matrix once you're present, going back to the meditation, and I know it's a little bit complicated what I'm trying to say, so if you do understand what I'm saying, tell me.

Sergei: I do understand. I see.

Maria: Okay, perfect. So you would want to scan your body. The matrix is actually like a map, like a subway map, or...

Sergei: Like a blueprint?

Maria: Yeah, like a blueprint of how your energy moves in your body. Your energy in your body can only use these little pathways to move up and down. Wherever there is no pathway, it doesn't move, it doesn't tend to move.

So basically what you want to do is, if you want to raise your vibrations and if you want to open yourself up to more knowledge, more wisdom, not be bogged down by your 3D problems as much, is you want to allow the golden flame, the golden light, and you can actually start up in your feet, and you want to allow that golden flame to start coursing through your matrix system.

Notice how it's raising from the soles of your feet to your thighs, up your body, covering those what used to be gray little pathways with pure golden, beautiful, lively light. You want to see that happen, and you really want to create a lot of movement in there.

Golden light is a lot faster, so the energy of golden light moves a lot faster than the gray energy that has been coursing through your body, so if it's working you should feel a slight tingling sensation in your body or a little bit of excess heat. That's completely normal.

You want to work through every aspect of your body and just let that golden energy wash away all the dirt, the debris, the blockages, everything that is in the way. That's not it. [Laughs] You want to bring your body to the most optimal state, right? And by the way you don't just have to stop in your physical body, but we can start with the physical body.

So what you want to do is imagine...and you guys, you've all seen that in your textbook for biology, imagine your body, the muscles in your body that are everywhere, all these muscles that you know you have and you don't know that you don't...that you have. They're really covering your whole body, because without the muscle there is no movement.

Remember the golden energy is energy of movement, the energy of light...of life, sorry, life equals movement. So that's why if you want to take your body from the state that it is today, the easiest way to do that would be to let the golden ray change and alter the state of your muscles, because muscles are the aspects of your body that move it.

So you want to imagine, and you can zoom in, you can zoom in on the chest center, for instance, imagine a thousand golden rays penetrating your muscle structure. It's almost like knitting, like needles with beautiful golden threads penetrating your muscles and interweaving themselves into the fabric of your muscle.

It's almost like creating a beautiful ornament on top of your muscle, but you want those golden rays and golden little strings to penetrate every aspect of your muscle, and then penetrate backwards. So do a couple of movements. You almost want the golden rays to go left to right and then right to left, and then again left to right, so it's backwards, back and forth, back and forth.

If you've ever seen sewing on a sewing machine, you have a piece of fabric, and then you have the needle with a thread that goes above and beyond, up and down, up and down. Some of the girls might understand this analogy better than men. That's what you want to do with allowing this golden energy to truly penetrate your muscle structure.

You want that energy to start changing your muscle structure from within, take away everything that is not meant to be there, potentially all the tiredness, all the pain, all the emotions that are stuck in there. There are a lot of emotions stuck in the muscle, by the way. We don't give that enough credit, but there are a lot of dirt, all the things that we don't want that get stuck in the muscle.

And if it's a muscle that we...a heart muscle, for instance. We depend on the heart muscle to keep contracting to stay alive. Same thing on the muscles that move our lungs. These are the muscles that never get to rest and reset, right? Because when they rest in reset you die, because you stop that action.

So when some muscles in your body get a chance to stop working, like the muscles in your legs, for instance, if you're sleeping, they don't have to run anymore, so they get to be okay, and they can regenerate. But your heart muscle, for instance, if your hurt, your pain, went to a heart muscle, there is no time for your heart muscle to think about regeneration too much, because most of its energy goes into pumping blood all day every day, when you sleep, when you're awake.

So the only way for you to get rid of those clots of debris, dirt, stuck emotions, blockages from this life, from past life, whatever, that got stuck in there, I would work separately with the heart muscle. So you want to put that golden thread all over and all through your heart muscle, and you would notice your heart would turn gold. Once you're done, once you're complete with that, it would turn completely, beautifully, pristinely gold.

That is the only way that I know in this dimension that you can regenerate the heart muscle. If you have any kinds of heart disease, that is a really, really good way to help, alongside, if you choose to take medication, still do that like that. That is, like, a really, really good practice to strengthen your heart muscle, but also bring it to its most perfect state.

If you have an organ that's ailing, hurting, especially if it's a chronic disease or chronic illness, you want to encapsulate that organ in the golden matrix that I just described with these golden threads, really have that organ be penetrated. I don't care that that's not a muscle, you can still do that.

So you can have every cell of your body being penetrated with a golden light. What it would feel like when you look at it with the inner eye, it would feel like the cells have a golden rim around them. That's how you're doing the right thing.

Meditation like this done right I would say is about 30 to 40 minutes depending on whether you're in the optimal state of health or not and how receptive you are to this practice, but at the end of it, you definitely want to see that golden glow, like almost an aura surrounding you.

I mentioned before that you can work and use the golden flame on more than your physical body. If you want to use it on your emotional body, you have a lot of old stuck emotions in there that quite literally prevent you from learning some lessons or have you act on autopilot instead of making active choices...that's the problem with an emotional body that feels blocked would do to you.

An emotional body that is experiencing trauma, instead of choosing proactively what's best for it, would always react based on past experience. What happens when we react from the past experience is we never learn, we never move past it, so any type of emotional body trauma can be healed with the golden ray.

The exercise is going to be very much the same. The emotional body is a lot less dense than your physical body, but it doesn't mean that it operates under very very different rules. It still has its own matrix.

Sergei: How does it look? Is it similar as the physical one?

Maria: No, it's a little bit...well, yes and no. The matrix, by definition, is always the system of cells, and cells are being formed by vertical and horizontal line. At the intersection of four lines there's always a cell. Let's not mistake it from the actual human soul, though you could. It's kind of the same thing.

The matrix structure is a mathematical construct that describes any shape or entity across dimensions, actually. The same matrix structure is used in all of the dimensions that I have come across. It just makes it easier to operate.

Basically, the only difference would be...the matrix is still the matrix, so it's still parallel lines that go up and down and left and right, and they create cells. However, for your physical body, your matrix is going to be very, very closely correlated with the shape of your body. For instance, if you put on a lot of weight, your physical matrix is going to increase proportionately. If you lose weight, it's going to decrease proportionately. It is in the shape of your body is what I'm trying to say, shape and size, perfectly aligned.

The emotional body is a sphere, a sphere that both has a surface that has a matrix-like structure and is penetrated by the matrix structure. So it' know the Rubik's Cube? Imagine that was a sphere. That's kind of what it feels like.

Sergei: Just much more facets.

Maria: A lot more facets, yes. Much more finer structure.

Sergei: So how would you work with the golden flame?

Maria: Yeah, okay.

Sergei: If it's like I have an emotion for example, some negative emotion.

Maria: That emotion tends to be stuck...I'm just looking at the state of humanity, give me a quick second. I just want to double check what I'm saying. Yeah, okay. A lot of the very, very bad emotions that I'm seeing right now in humanity are going to be stuck right at the surface of that emotional body.

Imagine an orange, and say that you poked an orange with a fork, for instance. It doesn't matter. [Laughs] But a fork would be sticking out from the side of an orange. That's how an emotional body looks like. You have all of those painful memories stuck, and it's almost like they're clotting, and they're preventing the natural flow.

Wherever the emotion gets stuck, it kind of creates atrophy in the surface around it. So imagine you had this perfect, beautiful sphere of an emotional body that was pristine, and then you experience some incredible trauma, some heart-wrenching trauma. That gets trapped, either in the surface or somewhere inside of that sphere. It's like a blood clot that's always just sitting there.

Sergei: But that's close to the surface.

Maria: Most often for humans I see close to the surface, but actually smaller trauma lives inside. For large trauma, it's on the surface. Not only does it prevent the flow from where it got stuck and where it got attached to your emotional body, but actually makes the area around it dysfunctional also.

It's almost like it turns the area around it, where it penetrated that emotional body, into a desert so nothing can grow in there. So actually any emotion that's stuck is hurting you more than you know, is what I'm trying to say.

You can use the golden flame to heal that type of emotion. Do you remember how, when we were working with the physical body, I said invite the golden flame from the soles of your feet? When you're healing your emotional body, you want to invite that golden flame from the top, from the crown of your head. You want that to be washing you from the top to bottom. That is just the most optimal state that I see.

It's not necessarily that if you try to do the other way around it wouldn't work, it's just easier because that's where the source of the golden flame is in the first place. So you want that first to work with the outer part of that emotional body, like cleaning...again, that would penetrate the matrix, the matrix of the emotional body, which again would be a gray scale on this planet, and you would kind of do a similar thing that you did with your physical body where you would just have it coursing through every little pathway trying to cleanse any debris and anything that doesn't belong there.

And then, if you find a clot, and in my previous example it would be the fork that penetrated the orange, you want to have the golden energy surround that object and transform it from within, so first encapsulate that object and then penetrate that object and transform it from within.

Generally what then happens, that emotional construct gets dissolved, and would it fully disappear if it's big trauma? No, but what you could do is you could minimize the impact with the golden flame, and instead of having that thing stuck inside of your area, you could try to push it out, outside or inside.

Sergei: Is it better to be at the inside than outside?

Maria: Well, here's the deal. It'll be in your vibrations, next to your vibrations, anyway, because unless you release and let go, you cannot fully heal something with a flame without necessarily understanding something else about the trauma, because you need to work through the trauma. There's no cheating. This is not cheating game.

In fact, I would be doing your great disservice if I just taught you how to dissolve a trauma without learning the lesson. You know why? Because once you disincarnate, go up to where you came, you didn't learn that lesson, you would create the next incarnation to try to teach you that exactly the same thing.

So in fact I would be doing you a huge disfavor by teaching you how to collapse these structures that are stuck in your emotional body. There are many ways to do that, even from these dimensions. It's just it doesn't serve your evolutionary purpose.

However, you can minimize the damage, and that is perfectly okay. That makes that issue easier to work through, easier to understand, and to deal with. I would actually recommend pushing that form that is stuck on the surface in instead of out. That way, you are always forced to deal with things that are inside. Things that are on the surface, we have blind spots around.

Sergei: Oh, I see now.

Maria: If it's inside, that means you're taking it as part of yourself, and that means that your universe is going to start reflecting it back at you through the mirroring principle, so you're going to be faced with it sooner rather than later.

If it's stuck in your emotional body, it can be stuck for incarnations. It's actually really dangerous to have a stuck emotion like that, because that means that you're going to carry it through and through to the next one, on to the next one, just keep going like that.

So that's kind of how I would work with the golden flame. I feel like I've given you three meditations in one.

Sergei: Yeah, it's very powerful. Thank you so much. I see how it can help a lot of people. And I have a question about the mental body. Can you use a golden flame to work with the mental body as well?

Maria: Absolutely.

Sergei: And does it have a similar shape as...

Maria: Yeah, most other bodies are going to be a sphere up until you get into a lot higher dimensions, and then in the higher states you would see things like a pyramid, you could have bodies in the shape of a pyramid. You could have bodies in various star shapes, where you get multiple angles, not like a five-angled star, but you would get a 16-angled star, things like that.

But, again, the bodies in here, bodies are very simplistic, and so they tend to take non-sophisticated forms. Don't take this wrong. It's not like the sphere is not sophisticated. It's just a very primal, basic form.

Sergei: Got it. And I just wanted to finish with the mental body. Mental body is responsible for your thoughts, is that correct?

Maria: Yes and no. Mental body is responsible for how you perceive information and what kind of conclusions you draw, so, yes, I guess you could say it's thoughts. However, from my perspective, it's more than that, because your thoughts don't really belong to you, and it's very easy to get trapped into the idea that they do.

If you start thinking of your mental body as, well, that's where my thoughts live, unlike your emotions...your emotions belong to you very much. Your thoughts don't. So your thoughts are little ideas that are floating in the soup of creation, in the soup of this dimension, and what your mental body is, it's like a detector.

If you actually look at it, it's this silvery type with a bluish tint sphere that has a bunch of spikes. It's very spiky, it's like a hedgehog. Has a bunch of spikes, and then each spike has a little round tip.

Sergei: Like a sensor?

Maria: Like a sensor, yeah. Like a round tip, like some old headphones have that type of foamy tip. All that is, is it's scanning the soup around you, and it's catching on things that belong to you, quote-unquote, and how it would differentiate what belongs to you or not is, it catches things that are a similar vibration. So it's actually a receptor. That's all your mental body is. It's a massive giant receptor.

Sergei: What if it's broken?

Maria: Not only that, what I'm seeing, and I'm trying to scan a lot of people right now. Okay, there are multiple issues with us. There are some in humanity. Let's go back to my original description. Your perfect state of the mental body is that silver bluish tint, so light. And you see these receptors that are kind of the same color.

In a lot of humans, about half of their receptors are completely black, so they're unable to receive anything than blackness back. They've conditioned themselves, or they've conditioned, or a combination of both, to only receive negative information.

And that is what I would call the plague of humanity. That is what I would call the cancer of humanity, because that mental body does look like a cancer cell in a lot of different people, unfortunately. That is not its most optimal state. Its most optimal state is being silver all around and being able to receive the good stuff in with everything else.

This is what I'm seeing in humanity is, half of the receptors are not even functioning the way they're supposed to. That's why you have a lot of people who feel down. That's why the energies and vibrations are not high. We need to re-awaken and reconfigure those receptors so they start receiving things that are good for people.

Sergei: So it's talking about the root cause issue, right? The topic that they keep asking you. Can it be a root cause?

Maria: The root cause of all suffering?

Sergei: I mean, like, the current problems. It's probably even higher.

Maria: Listen, the root cause of the current problem is that one day the creator decided to create a split in its consciousness.

Sergei: I see what you mean.

Maria: That's the root cause. It's like, how deep do you want me to go? [Laughs] Because that is the ultimate answer.

Sergei: Okay, let's talk about the mental body.

Maria: Okay, let's talk about the mental body.

Sergei: Can we open these sensors with the golden flame?

Maria: Absolutely. Absolutely.

Sergei: And is it the most efficient thing to do that?

Maria: You can also use the white flame.

Sergei: A combination of white and gold flames?

Maria: It doesn't have to be a combination, it can be either/or, but the white flame is the flame of purification, and then the gold flame of course is bringing something to its optimal state, the state that it's meant to be, so both are actually... In this particular case, the reason the purification flame works is because the sensors that are black are actually polluted. It's a form of pollution.

At one point, they were hit with so much negativity that they stopped functioning properly. They stopped noticing anything in the grand scheme of creation that was not negativity. They're like, "Well, all I ever receive is negativity, why even both trying to scan this universe for anything that's a sign of good? Might as well not," and so they're closed down, and go, "Okay, I'm just going to do the bare minimum."

It's almost like they went lazy a little bit. But not just lazy. I think saying "lazy" would be doing them a disservice, because they are always, always in service of every human that they work with, because ultimately they're just trying to reflect to the human what that person is focusing on.

Whatever thoughts are in your head, it is just a sign of your vibration. And in fact, that's why the sensors... I guess the creator could have created the sensors to never accept negativity. It could have happened, but it was not done so, because how else would you know what vibrational state you're in? You wouldn't.

I mean, your thoughts... First, the thoughts get attached to the sensors, then the thoughts create the emotion. Of course you could also look at the emotion, both of them. Both are signals, and technically they always point to the same exact issue if how to read the signals.

So, working with the golden flame or the white flame. You want it pouring onto your mental body, and again mental body is the sphere with a bunch of spikes. You want to pour that energy, whether that's gold or white, on top of it like a waterfall or a shower or just some torrent of liquid energy coming from the heavens, if you will, or from higher dimensions. Just one and the same thing as heavens, by the way, and really encapsulating and surrounding your beautiful mental body.

And then, have you seen those ads for cleansing products, generally in the kitchen, when they would show you a frying pan that's so dirty and then you put a couple of droplets of this miraculous gel and all of a sudden it's clear? That's how both the gold and the white energy work with the receptors that turned black. Same exact way.

So they would...because the receptors are receiving, right? They have this puffy top that's like almost foamy. It's a receptor that's going to keep receiving. So every receptor that's black is all of a sudden now receiving this energy, and let's say it's gold, let's just pick one.

They are seeing this gold energy, and they're being saturated with this gold energy like a sponge. When the receptor is saturated, you know what happens? When they cannot hold onto the energy and they keep receiving that energy, they start sending it within. So the energy moves from that foamy little ball of energy down to the spike surrounding the full surface of the mental body, and then penetrating within.

So you want that golden energy to cleanse every receptor, returning it to its perfect state so that now it's able to receive things that are for its greater good, and not just negative things. That is actually a really, really good way to get out of the negativity bubble.

I know right now there is a lot of negativity on this planet based on the pandemic. I'll be the first one to admit, it does not look pretty for your mental bodies. A lot of mental bodies are being very, very congested right now, and what I don't like to see, but what I'm 100% seeing, is we're moving from, on a lot of people's mental bodies, more and more area is being taken over on your mental body by these black, useless receptors.

So it's like the cancer keeps spreading, and we need to stop that, and one way to stop that is through the golden flame. If we're living in the times where there is a lot of negativity, there is a lot of negativity coming from media, which unfortunately pretty much describes the last 100 years. Since about the start of the first world war, there's been nothing but negativity in the media. There is always something.

We want to make sure that we're using the golden flame in a particular cadence, say once a quarter, with the change of season, because it's a constant detox that our bodies need. You can't just clean it once, because unfortunately there's all this bad news, and you know, hey, it's a pretty strange world, so there's not just bad news, there is bad circumstances and things happen to people all the time.

So what we want to do is have that cleanse and detox every time you are walking into another season. Like, literally, first day of spring, first day of summer, first day of autumn, first day of winter, cleanse all of your bodies, cleanse the emotional, cleanse the mental, physical, at least.

Sergei: Three main bodies?

Maria: Yeah.

Sergei: Have to be cleaned.

Maria: Mm-hmm.

Sergei: Got it. Okay. Thank you so much. I think it's a very important information for people.

Maria: You're welcome.

Sergei: Thank you so much for sharing that, and now I'm going to end our session. I'm very grateful for the information you provided today. I'm asking the subconsciousness to recede to where it belongs, with much love and much thanks for the help and information that has been given Maria today. I know she is really going to appreciate it. Now, I want all of the consciousness and personality of Maria to once again return and fully integrate back into the body completely.

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