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Fire Element People How to Nourish and Use Fire Energy Fire Meditation

In this episode, we will talk about fire element people. What positive and shadow sides people represented by the fire element have. How to work with this energy. We will give you a meditation that will help you to connect with your fire element.

Here is the list of question for this episode:

  • What qualities does one have that is represented by the fire element?

  • Does one have a specific body composition?

  • Does one have particular foods that nourish the fire element?

  • What powers does it possess?

  • How would you describe a person who mastered the fire element?

  • What are the most common shadow sides of the fire people?

  • How can you nurture this element within yourself?

  • How can one connect with this energy and work with it?

  • How to balance your fire element?

  • What should you do if you have too much fire?

  • What should you do if your fire element is depleted?

Please enjoy!

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