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Find Your Truth, Align with the North Star and Step on Your Path North Star Meditation

In this episode, we will talk about alignment, how to get to the state of alignment and what it really means. We will explain why it is essential to align with the North Star to find your personal truth and step on your path. We will give you a meditation that will allow you to build a relationship with the North Star to get guidance and help from the higher realms.

Here is the list of question for this episode:

  • What is the North Star from the spiritual perspective?

  • At what point in life you lose connection with the North Star?

  • How many people on this planet don’t have the North Star connection activated?

  • Is there a reason why people don’t have the North Star connection activated?

  • How would our lives look like if we all had our North Star activated?

  • How to activate your North Star connection?

  • Are there any daily rituals that you can use to maintain your relationship with the North Star?

Please enjoy!

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