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Everything You Wanted To Know About The Dream State Why We Need Sleep

In this episode, we will talk about the dream state. You will learn that there was another version of the universe where people didn't need sleep, and it failed. We will talk about why sleep is so important in 3D. You will learn how energetic, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies are connected to the different stages of sleep.

1:23 What the dream state is

3:00 Why we need dreams in 3D

4:00 What happened to the original design of the matrix where the sleep state didn't exist.

5:00 Dream state is a temporary escape for a soul

6:25 Dream state has many different aspects. What they are.

7:00 What the dream state can be used for.

  • Healing

  • Replenishing energy

  • Physical body healing

  • Dealing with emotions, processing them. Any emotional trauma.

  • Exploring different belief systems.

  • Adventure and exploration because life in 3D can be pretty boring.

  • Connecting to your own higher self, guides.

12:20 What happens during a dreamless dream. Why you don't remember anything.

14:20 Why you can wake up tired

15:05 Dreams that you remember happening at the level of your mental and emotional bodies

16:20 Why it is important to make decisions in the morning after you wake up

18:25 What happens if you are dreaming from your spiritual body

22:16 Is it possible to read your dreams?

24:30 Why you don't have to try to remember your dreams

26:30 Why vivid dreams happen

37:30 Why you see dreams connected to your childhood

44:10 Why people see nightmares

47:30 Lucid dreaming. Why you don't need to control your dreams.

51:00 How much sleep time you need. Different people need different sleep time and why.

56:40 Why people have insomnia. How to deal with it.

56:50 Insomnia is the resistance to healing.

Please enjoy!

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Read the transcript

Sergei: Today I would like to talk to you about dreams. Could you please tell us about the dreams? What are they?

Maria: I think what you meant to ask is what is a dream state.

Sergei: Oh yeah.

Maria: Yeah?

Sergei: Yeah, the dream state.

Maria: Okay, yeah. Okay.

Sergei: Yes.

Maria: I think that's a better question to answer. So, a dream state is an experience that is actually a very much third dimensional type of experience, a lower dimensional type of experience. It does not exist in dimensions past the sixth dimension or does not exist in the way that you are used to thinking about it. So, dream state is an experience or a state that allows you to temporarily separate from your physical body, your physical existence and explore everything else that there is to explore and experience everything else that there is to experience potentially around your 3D experience or in connection to your 3D experience.

So, a dream state is actually a combination of many different states. So, although when you go to sleep, you don't necessarily particularly know or notice the difference. The experiences that you might be having one night are very different from the experiences you would be having the next night. The reason the dream state is very much a signature of lower dimensions is because denser lower type dimensions are a lot more challenging on the soul to go through.

What I mean by that is there’re very far removed from the kind of true vibration of the soul. So, the soul has to give up a big chunk of who it is to be able to descend into 3D. So, inherently it’s like a very stressful experience where you don't feel “yourself” because that is what you're used to thinking of as self for the most part remains in higher dimensions and higher realms and outside of the matrix structure.

So, because third dimensional type realities are quite challenging for souls to be in for a prolonged amount of time, dream state was created as an escape mechanism to help souls cope with what is and help them sustain 3D experiences better. There were in the original designs of the matrix sleep state did not exist and basically it would just be our continuous experience of sorts. And for life, lives or life experiences that are very challenging for instance what would happen is a lot of suicides.

So, souls were looking for an escape. The only escape from that reality was suicide. And that's why a lot of souls did not complete their missions so they would abort missions midway or really early, prematurely without learning a lesson. So, that was not solving the puzzle or it wasn’t serving the souls. So, dream state was created as a means of providing a temporary short term escape to the souls that are dealing with a struggling type incarnation.

I’ll give you an example. Souls that are in a lot of physical pain, the ones that chose to experience a terminal illness or to experience a particular ailment, they would need a temporary escape. So, dream state provides that for instance. Souls that are undergoing a challenging situation, emotional situation for instance the ones that are going through grief or the ones that are going through loss or betrayal.

There are just so many states in 3D that are A, challenging, B, very far removed from your original vibration as a soul, dis-coordinate that the only way you can successfully undergo and succumb to a 3D experience is if you know that you would have a chance at those temporary escapes every night, right? So, obviously I mean dream state has many aspects to it. It has quite evolved.

It is a very evolved construct that can be used for a variety of different things and depending on what a soul’s particular needs are at any given point in time. What happens in dream state is very different and I'm happy to dive a little bit deeper here to explain what that actually means.

Sergei: How many dream states are there?

Maria: A lot. Rather there is a lot that could be happening to you in the dream state. What dream states could be used for and I’ll just give you a laundry list of things could be things like healing or replenishing energy. So, any type of physical process that needs to happen on the physical level of your body. Any physical type healing happens mostly during sleep state. Your cells regenerate better during sleep state, etc., etc.

And that's the obvious. You all are aware of that, that aspect of sleep. There are things that are a little bit less obvious, things like dealing with emotions, processing emotions. Any type of emotional trauma gets processed during sleep. In fact, it would be really, really hard for you to cope with a very overwhelming emotion if it wasn’t for your sleep state.

Emotions like a broken heart actually get really healed during the sleep state or any kind of other negative emotion really, belief systems, exploring belief systems, different belief systems actually. So, what your soul can do in dream state is trying on different set of belief systems, trying that on for size like a dress and seeing which fits. So actually, you “change your mind” in the sleep state and then you become aware of the fact that you changed your mind or your certain belief systems when you're awake but the actual physical action very often more often than not would happen during sleep state.

Things like adventure and exploration. So, a lot of lives in 3D are quite boring. They are repetitive and boring in a sense of compared to other dimensions and other realms. So, they're quite predictable. They're quite repetitive. There is a lot of routine I'm 3D words. You all have your nine to five or most of you do. Not having a nine to five as an adult is actually an exception to the rule, not the rule or even when you're a child you have your nine to five. You're supposed to go to kindergarten. You're supposed to go to school.

So, there is a lot of routine, very mundane, very repetitive type of work and scenarios in your life. So, a lot of souls get bored of that. And so, dream state for those kinds of souls is generally used as travel. Again, that means of escaping. Very often dream states could be used for connecting to your own higher self, your guides, your spiritual family or a particular higher vibrational being that could provide guidance at any particular point in time. So, things like that.

You could also “meet” with any other aspects of yourself, other projections of your higher self that are also being incarnated at the same time. They might be incarnating on a different continent but you might choose to meet with another aspect of yourself for a download and exchange of information. So, we’ve already spoken about the fact that as a human you have multiple different bodies. So, depending on what is needed for you at that moment, your sleep state might be leveraging one of your bodies to achieve its purpose.

For instance, when a lot of physical healing needs to take place that generally happens in the subconscious. So, what that means is you're not consciously aware of any type of healing because when any type of healing takes place on a cellular level there are too many parallel processes on a very micro level that are happening at the same time. So, for your conscious brain to be able to process all of that information, all of those neurons firing at the same time would be information overload. So, that's why that type of work is generally handled by the subconscious or like a super computer.

So, you need more power to be able to handle that but at the same time, when you switch to a super computer you kind of day to day computer doesn't get access to what happens during that state. So, very often actually what would happen is if your body needs physical healing you would have what you would perceive as a dreamless dream. You actually don't really remember much from it. So, if you wake up in the morning for that particular time that your body was being healed in the physical or energetic level so your physical or energetic body both have to do with healing.

And so, very often for instance if you need and not just healing but a tune up, say one of your shockers is not operating properly or one of your energetic centers is not receiving energy in a way that it’s supposed to be receiving. When you're going under [Laughs], when you're going into the dream state, it is a chance for your guides to send help. It is a time for them to heal something in you or to tweak something within your energetic body that is out of alignment or not operating properly. So, you actually are very accessible to your guides during that state.

So, very often they would choose to come through and again, that would be done during your super computer state or with the help of your subconscious. They could do all kinds of tweaks to your energetic body and your energetic systems and again, that would not be a dream that you remember but what you might remember is a sensation like something was happening to your body but you don't remember what. Generally sometimes you wake up from a good night’s sleep but you feel like your body was working, like your body’s not fully recharged. It’s as if your muscles were still contracting somehow.

Sergei: Like when you wake up tired.

Maria: When you wake up tired, yes. Very often it is because in fact what your body was doing physical and energetic was doing a lot of work. It’s just you don't remember it because your super computer was operating your systems at that time. So, very often if your body needs a lot of healing or needs constant healing or constant tuning up or tweaking of its various systems, yeah, you would have a tendency of waking up not feeling fully refreshed. But it’s actually very, very important work was still done. You probably would’ve been worse off actually if your guides were not helping to fix your body.

The dreams that you would remember are the dreams that happen at the level of your mental and emotional body. And very often you would actually leverage both of these at the same time but sometimes one is more prevalent than the other. And the way to differentiate if you really truly wanted to analyze your dreams once you're waking up, if a dream produced a very particular emotion or a very strong feeling, you were most likely in your emotional body dream state. If it produced some renewed thinking or analysis or intellectual type of work, you most likely were in the mental state dream state.

Both of these are operated by your consciousness and very often what would end up happening is either all of those unprocessed thoughts, feelings, emotions from the day that you didn’t either have time to process or didn’t want to process it in one face, the get integrated during the sleep state. So, it’s actually very, very helpful. That's why it’s very helpful to make decisions in the morning instead of at night. If you have a very important decision to make, you're better off sleeping on it.

And humans have kind of figured it out through experience but actually what ends up happening is your mental state, your mental body and your emotional body, if you're faced with a difficult decision would actually end up playing different scenarios while you sleep and seeing what happens. So, if you have multiple options to select from, your bodies would be playing out those scenarios like role play like theatre and you actually would be able to see what happens if you choose A versus B versus C.

And in the morning you would get a lot of clarity around the consequences of those actions. Again, portions of that could be subconscious. It’s not like you would easily remember everything because every time your bodies are actually playing out multiple scenarios, that information tends to stay hidden from the individual’s consciousness just to… we don't want to confuse you ultimately and a multiverse which is that concept of choice and what is the consequence of that choice creates a very uncomfortable feeling in most 3D incarnated humans because multiverse, it’s quite a challenging concept. It is also a concept that creates a lot of unease and fear and so, that one tends to be processed by your super computer also in the subconscious.

So, that is one is possible use of the dream. And then if you're dreaming from your spirit body which is like the highest body that you have access to arguably in this reality, that type of dreaming is generally processed by your super computer as well. And the reason for you to leverage that aspect of your body is if you need high level guidance. If you need high level guidance or if you need to connect to your higher self or if you need to connect to a source those types of experiences would be governed by your spiritual body.

And yeah, so they would be governed by your spiritual body and again, those types of dreams when you wake up where you would not remember them because again, dreamscape is a perfect platform that serves you and doesn't harm you in any way, shape or form. And if you were to remember connecting to source it might be too much for that 3D consciousness.

Sergei: Got it. But if you have an intension to remember a dream, can you do that?

Maria: No. It depends. So, dreamscape is actually monitored really closely by your guides. If they think it is in your best interest to not remember a dream, you can call it into existence like the fact that you wouldn’t just be able to remember it if it is forbidden, so to say.

Sometimes you do remember dreams that come to you from that higher spiritual state. They're generally perceived by people as reality and they're generally called visions. So, that is when you get guidance from the highest aspects of the universe and sometimes it could be direct guidance from source. Very often people perceive those as visions and you would generally remember that for the rest of your life like if you had a true vision.

Those are pretty much the only times or the only instances when you would remember a dream from the spirit state but it is also intentionally so. So, the only reason you remember something like that is because it has been blessed by your higher self and your guide as in it was allowed for you to remember it and there is a purpose and a reason. Very often visions are actually life changing and life altering because they contain messages for humans that they need to receive at a particular moment in time that could change their whole course of their lives or the course of humanity actually as a whole.

So, very often, if you read the Bible for instance, you have a lot of these people that get visions. It’s actually because a lot of them were guided to work on the planetary level. And so, actually what most of them would remember is their dream state when they were in that spirit realm so, from their spiritual body.

Sergei: Got it. And what about when you're trying to understand your dream and there are books and people who try to interpret dreams, is it a real deal?

Maria: It’s not. I hate to say this. There are some things that are very scientific and then there is a lot of pseudo-science and reading somebody else’s dream unless you are a psychic then you don't really need to read anybody else’s dream. You can just see everything about them anyway. Dreams don't tend to be. You wouldn’t be able to tell too much about those because again, the purpose of each dream is really, really different.

You could just be seeing a dream because you need to process a particular kind of emotion or because you're not letting yourself process a particular kind of emotion. There is an interesting distinction to make here, however, which is sometimes dream states or symbols in your dreams are sent to you by guides or your ancestors because your ancestry lines also get to communicate certain things to you through dream state.

In those types of occasions which are actually far and in between, seeing a particular animal or tree or symbol would mean something but it is only because your guides or your ancestors know that you believe in that type of symbology and they know that you would look it up if you were to wake up.

In that case, you could get a symbol that is actually not what it seems and that would be guidance but very often, more often than not, if your dream contains a message you would be able to, if you were to kind of think about it and meditate on it, you would be able to tell what that message means without outside help because if your guides are trying to communicate to you, their intension is for you to be able to know what their communication is without going and seeing a psychic.

Sergei: Got it. So, basically like when in a dream you see a bird for example, it means it’s a message and the intension is for your guides for you to meditate and see the meaning instead of going to the Internet and finding the meaning of this bird like what does it mean to see a bird in a dream?

Maria: My answer is it depends. A bird in dream can mean absolutely nothing or if it was sent by one of your guides or your ancestors knowing that you would look it up, it might mean something. I personally wouldn’t recommend thinking too deeply into symbology of the dreamscape because more often than not, it’s quite confusing and by the way, by the way, you don't need to consciously remember a message for you to remember the message.

So, whatever you're getting through your dream state whether that is healing, whether that is more power, strength, whether that is messaging or guidance, you already got it rest assured. Your work is done. You don't also need to struggle to remember and interpret it because what it actually ends of joining is all of those messages end up being encoded into your super computer and they become instinctual in nature. So, they become instinct.

So, the job of the guides that are transmuting a particular message through the dream state is to make sure that your super computer encodes that message and enables that message to become instinct.

Sergei: Got it.

Maria: Does it make sense?

Sergei: Yeah. That makes sense. Yeah. And sometimes, maybe you already talked about this but sometimes you have a vivid dream and sometimes you barely can remember. Is there anything that is responsible for the vividness of the dream?

Maria: So, like I said, so, there are multiple bodies, right? Anything that happens in the physical and physical and energetic and spiritual, you are not going to remember. The only dreams that you would remember are the ones that happen in the emotional and mental. Now, when you got to sleep it doesn't mean that for the whole eight hours you're just going to experience that dreamscape or dream state from one particular body. It’s generally interchangeable.

So, it kind of depends on how much of your dream state was spent at what stage or in which stage and which body, if you will. If pretty much most of your night was spent on the healing or getting spiritual guidance you're not going to remember much at all. If most of your time was spent in the emotional body, those are the ones that you remember the best actually because emotional body dreamscapes are eliciting emotions and we remember emotions very, very well.

I believe you have a saying. You might not remember a person but you would always remember how they made you feel is because our emotions really, really stick with us. So, actually, so quite interesting, your average human spends about 80% or so most of their dreams in the emotional state because most humans don't really spend their lives needing constant healing. Most people are not terminally ill or they're energetic bodies are “normal”. They might not be perfect but 3D is not perfect as is but a lot of people who come here actually come here to deal with their own personal emotions and other people.

And when you're dealing with other people, you're dealing with their emotions. So, a lot of the lessons that a lot of you have come here to deal with are very much based on experiencing a particular emotion or choosing not to experience a particular emotion. And so, a lot of your dreaming is going to be spent in the emotional body state. Those are the ones that you tend to remember vaguely. Those are also the ones that might feel really weird or strange. It’s because you're trying on different emotions for size.

And sometimes if you want to experience a particular strange kind of emotion you need a very strange circumstance to be surprised or delighted or to illicit that particular emotion. So, it’s not even so much… so, the vividness, once you're in the dream, as long as you are in the mental or emotional state, so to say, the dreams are going to feel quite vivid. It’s basically would it serve you to remember them or not when you wake up is the reason why you remember them or not. But most people would experience a similar type of vividness.

One dream is not more vivid than the other unless they come from the spiritual. So, the ones that occur in the spiritual state, which hardly ever anybody remembers those feel more real than your actual life. They're crystal clear, very perfect, insanely perfect.

Sergei: Got it. And you mentioned that a lot of dreams are weird and I was thinking why do I see for example these weird dreams? Why can I see unicorns and nature? It’s usually some weird stuff. Is it the same case for the entire humanity or some people actually see nice dreams?

Maria: Great question, actually.

Sergei: Or you murder someone or there is blood and oh my gosh, why do I see this?

Maria: Well, it’s because you're processing these kinds of emotions and it’s most likely probably because in this life you chose to not be a murder and so, the only way for you to experience that kind of emotion is through dream state. Here’s the deal with dreams. So, 3D is a particular kind of vibration.

So, imagine a map and you are in a particular place on the map and it’s a vast, vast map but you're in one particular country or right by a particular river on that map in your “real” life, whether you live in the city or you live in the country. You're basically a collection of all the experiences that you had. So, when you go into dream state, more often than not you would get into a similar type reality because when you mention about nice dreams and rainbows and unicorns, those tend to be more higher dimensional.

Everything that you would perceive as magic and light tends to live in slightly higher frequencies than 3D. So, 3D is actually a lot of pain and a lot of suffering and dealing with it and murdering and being murdered and chasing and being chased and all of that and heartbreak and sometimes not necessarily heartbreak but relationships so, love affairs. And that is what 3D is all about. It’s really not about unicorns. I don't know if you've noticed. How often do you see unicorns in day to day life? Never? Maybe in a book.

That being said, by default when you enter the dream state and you're working with your emotional or mental body, you would be working with 3D energies. So, imagine 3D energy like a soup surrounding you. Just because you exited your physical body and you're now technically out of body in your dream state doesn't mean that you're in a different dimension. Not really, not automatically.

For you to be able to see unicorns, etc., etc. or elves or gnomes or whatever you want to see from the magical lands, you would need to make a jump into another dimension which is possible but that would require your spiritual body to get going. So, it has happened to you. You just don't remember it because spiritual body type dreams are operated by your super computer that does not allow you to remember them.

So, the things you actually remember and the things that your guides consider safe are the ones that look like your normal reality, just the little bit more mixed in together. So, we it would be like similar type energies in slightly different circumstances.

Sergei: But in this case where does this dream state happen? Does it happen on Earth in this dimension or it’s somewhere else? Where does it happen?

Maria: Technically speaking, technically speaking for the most part, it happens on Earth and I'm very cautious about using Earth because this would be true for any other 3D dimension. For the most part, you don't really leave the time and space reality that you're in when you get into dream state unless you absolutely must get guidance from higher realms.

So, if you were to imagine your place in the world as a cell and say that cell has an address of 1.1, that is the address of that cell because everything is a mathematical kind of model, you might be able to go to 1.2, 1.3 and 1.4 and every cell that surrounds that cell. You might be able to visit borderline cells but you're not going to be able to go to cell 1000.1 because that is very, very far removed from the time space reality where you're in. You would be able to visit that if you were to have an out of body experience and you would call it astral projection.

That actually enables you to travel to the places on the map that are very far removed from where you are today including the worlds where unicorns exist. That truly implies I think a good analogy would be if you were in a “normal” dreamscape the only travel that you do is regional travel. You're going and traveling in the same region that you kind of live and your region might mean sometimes you would go back to the places of your childhood.

Sometimes you would actually be going to the places of your future self like your future life, your adulthood or your old age without knowing that because all of that accessible to you but you might not necessarily be able to travel to places far away which would be international travel. International travel does not truly happen during dreamscape especially the conscious dream.

Sergei: Yeah, because I also noticed and I wanted to ask you like I was asking my friends and my parents, they usually see dreams from their childhood. I also see dreams from my childhood. I very rarely see dreams from the current year I live in or my adulthood. Why is that?

Maria: In your particular case, it is because you have a lot of unprocessed emotions in the childhood so your higher self, your guides are making you go back and kind of do good and deal with those emotions because you have a lot of suppressed things that are actually preventing you from living your best life today. So, for all the people that had traumatic experiences in the childhood one way or another, they would then to go back to those times.

And then if you feel like you're going back to the same kind of scenario with the same kind of emotion that actually means you're a little bit stuck because with time and over time what's supposed to happen is that trauma needs to start working itself out. That is the whole premise and reason of why you would go back to your childhood in the first place.

So for instance, I’ll give you a quick example. Say you had a little, I don't know, like a kid that you were not friendly with in school like an enemy of some sort but you suppressed those emotions and you really hated that person but there's a lot of unprocessed fear and guilt and all kinds of other emotions that happen around having an enemy or a human that you don't love. Of course this is a mirror based universe.

If you were hating on a particular human there is an aspect of yourself that you're hating also that is exactly like that human. So, what your guides would do is they want you to deal with that emotion. They want you to stop experiencing that which is hate to a part of yourself and the human outside of yourself in this mirror based universe. So, they will keep sending you back to that time to work through that hatred as many times as is possible. So, if you are working through your emotions the way that you're supposed to, what you would start noticing is your dreams change slightly and every time you go back you hate on that person a little bit less.

All of a sudden with time you would be able to be friends with that person. You would be able to give them a hug. You would have no hard feelings towards them and eventually when all that emotion, when that negative emotion is completely processed you're going to stop going back to that particular childhood and that particular moment in time. That is how you know you're healed.

If your subconscious/guides/higher self is sending you to the childhood as opposed to your current moment or current city it means that the greatest learnings for your soul to get to your purpose lay in childhood in dealing with that childhood trauma. That means interestingly that what you have going on today is “on the path” or according to the plan and what needs to fixed lays in your childhood. It is very much a sign of where you need to go to heal.

Sergei: Got it. But all these messages, they are like riddles and you have to somehow understand and let’s say you proactively want to work on the issue. Is there a way you can get the message clearer or work on the issue? Yeah.

Maria: Well, very often when you go to trauma it would be connected to a particular type of emotion. So, how does that dream make you feel is what that little baby, little child felt. That is the unprocessed emotion. The unprocessed emotion is the key. So, that processed emotion is something that you really didn’t want to feel. So, you denied yourself the ability to feel it. Now, your way to healing is towards that emotion, not away from it and that's why your dreams are taking you there. So, you're faced with that emotion so you can finally feel it and allow yourself to feel it.

Now, the thing is with deep trauma you cannot heal overnight, not really. It comes in layers. You can heal a certain layer and then you would need to deal with another layer and then another layer and another layer. There is also some generational trauma that you might have inherited from your ancestors. It’s interesting that you're saying that a lot of your parents I think you mentioned or relatives are telling you that they dream a lot about their childhood. That tells me that yours is a lineage where there is a lot of childhood trauma and you just keep inheriting that from one and other.

Sergei: I see.

Maria: So, generation trauma is actually a little bit harder to heal because that healing spans more than just yourself. But this is also a great op because healing starts with just one person, one link in the chain. So, it starts with you arguably. So, step number one in healing is understanding which emotion you have denied as a child. What is that emotion that caused you so much pain? Who was the trigger for that emotion because there is generally there are circumstance or a human and more often than not it is a human that triggered you.

So, you want to start the healing there. And so, you can accelerate the healing because you wouldn’t just be relying on your dream state to heal that particular trauma. You would also be doing that during your waking hours.

Sergei: Got it. And why do people see nightmares?

Maria: Depends on the nightmare. This is a very general question to ask. Many reasons. Nightmares could be fears manifested. So, fear always obviously attracts to you that which you are fearful of. So, if a human is in a state of constant fear or in general just in a very negative state that person is going to attract a lot of nightmares.

So, one reason that you might be seeing nightmares is that it is a litmus test of your state. So, you would need to check back with yourself and be like, “Okay, if I'm seeing a nightmare it might be because I am experiencing a lot of fear.” What is the area of my life where I'm experiencing fear? It could also be because your vibrations are low in general and you might have a particular negative entity, be that an extra-terrestrial or a lower vibrational entity feeding off of your fear as you're going through a nightmare.

So, that could just be unfortunately an exercise where a particular entity is feeding off of your energy. Another reason that you might be seeing nightmares is because you are predisposed to see nightmares based on the fact that your ancestry or your lineage is not a very light lineage. It’s not a very white, “good” lineage. So, you might have had ancestors that committed certain crimes, you might have had ancestors that dealt in black magic and what not and what that means is their vibration in essence is your vibration because you inherit that vibration.

So, when you go into dream state, the same rules that apply in your waking state apply in your dream state. You are your vibration. And so, you attract your vibration back to yourself. So, if you are vibrating at a low frequency you would attract low frequency you would attract low frequency astral beings. So, those might be some of the reasons. Another reason that you might be seeing, and again nightmare is very, very, very general term, I would need more specifics for me to be able to tell you exactly what it is but sometimes a nightmare would take you to a particular traumatic ex that you've been avoiding or a traumatic experience that has been sitting in your subconscious.

And so, a dream is like letting that traumatic experience sip into your conscious state in a way that would enable you to deal with it. So, that is also a nightmare situation could actually be part of your healing exercise.

Sergei: Got it and can you control your dreams?

Maria: Why would you want to control your dreams?

Sergei: I mean it just feels like that maybe you spend one third of your time sleeping, why don't you maybe have some benefit from it?

Maria: [Laughs] Okay. This whole conversation has been about the fact that your dreams are a benefit to you. They're serving you. Every single dream that you're seeing is serving you. Dream state is a controlled experiment in the same exact way that your awakened state is. It is not a haphazard experiment or it’s not a state where things just happen accidentally for no purpose. If you still think so after this conversation, you haven't been paying close attention. Dreamscape is a very controlled experience that is more often than not controlled by your high self and your guides. So, if you are under the impression that your dreams are not serving you, it’s probably because you don't really fully remember everything because if you did, you would have no doubt that they're serving you.

Sergei: Got it. And what about lucid dreaming? What’s lucid dreaming in this case?

Maria: Lucid dreaming is when you control your dreams. Now, it is, I guess an experience that some souls want to have but it’s kind of like taking control away from your guides and your higher self into your lower self’s hands. It’s an interesting and fascinating experience potentially but it’s a little bit of do you think you can do a better job than your higher self in healing yourself or exploring the world to getting you what you need to get for yourself. Maybe but highly unlikely.

Sergei: So, why is there even this possibility? Is it like a flow in the system or…

Maria: Absolutely not. No. It’s because you have free will. So, your higher aspect has free will and your lower aspect has free will. We would’ve never designed an experience or a state where you spend a third of your incarnation where you have absolutely no free will. What's the fun in that? Free will is an absolute number one rule of this dimension. You must have free will.

So, despite the fact that your guides more often than not would do a better job handing you the dreamscape experiences that your body and your soul need, because the construct of free will is permeating every aspect of this time space reality, you must have an ability to control your dreamscape, which is what lucid dreaming and astral projections are.

Sergei: I got it. So, you can take control over your dream and this is execution of the free will.

Maria: Correct.

Sergei: Got it. Makes sense. And why do you need exactly eight hours of sleep?

Maria: Different people need different number of hours of sleep.

Sergei: And how do you know how many hours you need?

Maria: You would know by how you feel in the morning. Do you feel replenished and ready to take it and energized throughout the day or do you crash and burn and need constant pick me ups like coffee or chocolate? There are many, many ways to wake yourself up. If you need all of those and you cannot stay awake or you feel like by 7PM you're not fresh anymore, that probably means you're getting enough sleep.

Sergei: But why do different people need different time of sleep?

Maria: Because different people are in different missions here. That's one. Two, different people have access to different kinds of energies and different amounts of energies to replenish themselves. Some type of energies replenish really fast. Other types replenish very, very slow. Feminine energies are slower to replenish. Masculine energies are faster to replenish. If you are tapping into a lot of your ancestral energies, your mother’s side is always going to take a little bit longer to replenish than your dad’s side, for instance.

So, every human is created very, very differently. Also, how you are using that energy throughout the day is very different. Some people by the virtue of their creation expend a lot of energy and other people don't. For instance, the energy of the process of creation of anything is a highly energy intensive process as opposed to the process of consuming things.

The process of consuming things is a process that does not require that much energy. So, depending on whether the person throughout the day is in a very creative job or a very creative state and keeps making things out of nothing, those people would tend to use more energy. So, at night they would need to replenish that energy more so than the people that were just consuming all day. So, there is no simple answer to that question but depending on what kind of energies are flowing into you and by the way, we’ve spoken about that when we were talking about the energetic body.

There are a number of different energy streams that you could be having from the high realms. You could have one energy stream coming from high above or a thousand. And depending on which ones you're using, how often and how much and how fast it is possible to replenish that because some higher vibrational energies, they need time to get transformed into energies that can be consumed by a 3D body.

Sergei: Makes sense, yeah.

Maria: And that process of transformation actually takes time. So, depending on which energies you are using, what is your day to day work look like, what your mission, how much sleep you need would be different. Also, what is your body up to? Do you need physical healing? Physical healing takes a while. So, that's why when you're sick you sleep a lot is because your body must heal itself and that is a very long process. Now, if you need to connect with source that's instant. If you need to connect with source, five minutes you're done, if you know what I mean.

Sergei: Yeah.

Maria: So, again, it depends on what you're up to that night.

Sergei: Got it. Thank you. And are there any practices or mediations that would help you to have a better sleep or have better healing or better dreams or whatever?

Maria: Are there any practices that would allow you to have better sleep?

Sergei: Yeah. You know how people tell don't watch TV before you go to sleep.

Maria: Oh, I see what you mean. Is that what you were… I thought you wanted to go deeper. Yeah, sure.

Sergei: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I mean of course I would like to go deeper.

Maria: I mean, I guess yeah, sure. You want melatonin to be up and going and darkness is really helping with that so you might now necessarily want to be on your screen up until the last minute. Insomnia is actually a very interesting phenomenon and all it is is avoidance.

So, for some reason those people that are experiencing and that might be a very indirect way to answer your question but I think it’s more so very important before we go into practices of how to get better sleep to try to understand why some people have insomnia and why some people have issues with sleep in the first place, right?

Sergei: Yeah, good question.

Maria: Why are you resisting the healing and wisdom of that state? And generally it’s because you are resisting and denying the particular experience that could be happening to you. Very often people would have insomnia at a particular stage of their life and then sometimes very randomly it just goes away and then it comes back again.

And generally it’s because the guides or the high self believe that it’s time to work in a particular emotional or mental issue and the human is resisting it and the one way to really be resisting it of going into that uncomfortable scenarios because they know they're going to sleep. Subconsciously they know, not consciously. They're going to sleep. They're going to have to be dealing with something. If they don't want to be dealing with it, it is part of their free will. Part of them exercising their free will is staying away because that's one way that you get to escape working on that issue.

So, an important thing to ask yourself would be what is it that I'm trying to avoid by not going to sleep. What is the emotion that I don't want to feel? What is the thought that I don't want to think? And try to pay attention to the answers that come through, right?

Sergei: Yeah.

Maria: It’s actually the way to cure insomnia is to surrender to the experience that your guides and your higher self-want you to have because if you are able to surrender then you would not have any issues with sleep. There's just as much happening during your sleep stage for you and for this incarnation when you're in sleep state as is when you're in the awake state.

Sometimes insomnia happens for people that feel like they're not moving too fast or they're in a rush to get somewhere and this is again the lack of surrender because they believe that by being awake they're getting somewhere faster but by skipping all of the important prep work that happens during sleep stage they might actually be going slower. So again, surrender. Surrender to the experiences, learnings, wisdom that your guides want you to have because again sleep is a controlled experiment and it is controlled by the entities that wish you well.

Sergei: Yeah. Got it. That makes sense. And I've also heard that sometimes during the sleep state your soul travels to another place or can travel to another place. So, it’s basically not only your mental, emotional body can experience the dream or actually can they experience dream state at the same time and why do you remember maybe just one? Because probably the rest of your body is also experience something during the sleep state.

Maria: Generally speaking, there is one or two bodies activated in any given time during sleep stage like a particular aspect of sleep stage but over the course of eight or nine hours, you might have all of them interchangeably being engaged. What you say when your soul travels to a different place, that is your soul in this particular exercise, in this particular paradigm is your spiritual body because they're one in the same and absolutely, yes.

It can travel anywhere pretty much and it does. It could be a higher dimension, it could be another planet, it could be the past, it could be going to a particular section of that [Inaudible 01:01:19] happens all the time to get additional insight. Sometimes actually, it’s interesting, sometimes the soul would go back kind of to where it came from really quickly to rewrite the path or a couple of contracts that no longer serves it. That happens during sleep state all the time. And again, you would not remember because this is not what is [Laughs] advisable to remember.

Sergei: Got it. So, it has its own life and it’s not even always connected to your present life.

Maria: Correct. It doesn't have to be connected to your present life but more often than not it is.

Sergei: Got it. Makes sense. Okay. So, just going back to practices, so, it means that every time you have trouble sleeping it means that you have to try to understand the emotion that you are trying to avoid. It’s basically an avoidance and it doesn't make even sense to have some practices because the best way is to face the issue and understand it and try to deal with it.

Maria: Yeah. You just have to get out of your own way.

Sergei: And everything else is just a patch.

Maria: Yes.

Sergei: Yeah. That makes sense. We don't like patches. [Laughs] Yeah, it’s better to face the problem.

Maria: Yeah but also trust your guides. Trust the universe. Trust that the universe has your best interest at heart because it always does whether you recognize it or not.

Sergei: Got it.

Maria: Yeah.

Sergei: Yeah. That's great advice. Thank you so much. Yeah. I think that would be it about the dream state. Thank you so much for sharing this information. It was super helpful. Now I'm going to end our session. I'm very grateful for the information you provided us today. I'm asking the higher self to resort to where it belongs with much love and much thanks for the help and information it has been giving Maria today. I know she's really going to appreciate it. Now I want all the consciousness and personality of Maria to once again return and fully integrate back into the body completely.

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