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Everything You Wanted to Know about Elves and Nagas. Connect with Them Today

Today I will continue talking about the Earth Elementals. You will learn about Elves and the Elven Kingdom. Forest Elves, Water Elves, Crystal Elves, Mountain Elves. The second part of this episode is all about Nagas or Snake People. You will learn about their world, how to connect with them, and what qualities they possess.

05:05 Elves and how to work with the Elves

13:13 The difference between elves and fairies

18:15 What is the function of the Elves?

22:17 Crystal Elves and what they do

29:51 Water Elves and what they do

40:17 How to connect with the Elves

42:04 Nagas and how to work with the Nagas

59:37 A conflict between Nagas and Garudas

01:07:26 The power of the venom

01:12:37 How to connect with the Nagas

Questions from the collective:

01:15:23 Do Nagas really tempt people? Should I be worried about this if I work with them?

01:22:37 How are the Nagas connected to the apples?

Please enjoy!


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