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Energetic Body How to connect with it What it consists of How to cleanse it

This episode is all about the energetic body from the spiritual perspective. We will talk about topics like "What it consists of", "How to connect with your energetic body". We will give you a couple of meditations that will allow you to connect and cleanse your energetic body.

  • 0:53 What is the energetic body?

  • 3:50 What does the energetic body consist of?

  • 7:40 Aspects of your energetic body

  • 7:50 Chakras

  • 8:24 Feminine vs masculine energies and their pathways

  • 9:30 How feminine and masculine energies connect together

  • 9:50 Connective points that connect you to the Matrix

  • 11:20 Major pathways that allow you to give and receive energies

  • 14:40 Energetic cords

  • 15:54 A mother-child cord and how it works

  • 19:22 How you get connected with egregors

  • 21:30 Connection with elemental energies

  • 26:30 What is aura

  • 29:20 The process of the birth of a human from the energetic perspective

  • 30:25 Agreement of three sides to create a new human

  • 40:00 How to connect with your energetic body. Establish a relationship with your energetic body.

  • 42:35 How to connect with your energetic body as a whole (instead of connecting to many different aspects of this body)

  • 44:50 What you need to connect to your energetic body

  • 45:20 Inner vision or transcendental vision and its role in the connection process with your energetic body

  • 47:20 Do all people have inner vision abilities?

  • 49:50 Anyone can develop a connection with the energetic body and you don't have to be a psychic.

  • 50:45 Two ways to connect to your energetic bodies

  • 51:00 Practice for a beginner that will allow to connect to the energetic body

  • 52:27 How to connect to the energetic body during a meditation

  • 55:10 Three main energetic cords that support your energetic body

  • 1:05:40 How to clean and clear your ancestral cords that connect to your energetic body

  • 1:07:40 Second meditation that will allow you to clean your ancestral tree even deeper

Please enjoy!

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Read the transcript

Mariya: Hello, friend. I am Mariya, and welcome to the Conversations with my Higher Self podcast. This show is about spirituality, consciousness, and the inner workings of the universe at large. My partner, Sergei, uses hypnosis to bring me into a deep Theta state, where I get a chance to connect with my higher self. He, then, interviews me to uncover a wealth of knowledge about higher realms, celestial beings, and various energetic practices. Enjoy.

Sergei:  Today, I would like to talk to you about the energetic body. What is the energetic body?

Mariya:  Your energetic body is your connective tissue between your physical and your higher aspects. Technically speaking, we could still say that it's the lower aspects of your body structure. It is entirely connected and joined in the hip with your physical body. Your energetic body is also a collection of all the energy from all of the sources that you could be getting that energy, whether higher dimensional sources or earthly sources that enable you to survive in this physical 3D world. So, your energetic body is entirely responsible for creating motion and movement.

Energetic body is when two primordial energies live, the electric and the magnetic energies that are the two energy forces that move your physical body. So, quite literally, your physical body cannot survive without your energetic body. You absolutely must have one to have the other. Energetic body is also a complex construct, and we can think of it as a multiple organ system. So, in the same way that your physical body has multiple organ systems, your energetic body has multiple organ systems that collectively operate as a unit to get you things that you need to get for yourself.

Energetic body is also your connective tissue to everything around you, so it is your connective tissue to other people, to the matrix of 3D as a whole, to your city, to your country. It is your connective tissue, and the first thing that people feel and see about you when you walk through the door. It is your connective tissue that connects you to everything on planet Earth, everything in the Milky Way galaxy and the neighboring galaxies. It is your connective tissue that connects you to the higher aspects of your guides. Quite literally, you would feel very isolated and unable to move or do anything if you didn't have an energetic body, but also it is the first body that is formed before you come into this existence, so you probably wouldn't even be alive without the energetic body.

Sergei:  What does it consist of?

Mariya:  It consists of cells, and the function of those cells is to transfer energy as in receive and give away energy. So, at any point in time, you can imagine your energetic body is like a beehive, and actually, almost like a honeycomb. Imagine a honeycomb, so it has cells, and each cell is either empty or full. When it's full, that means that it contains the energy inside it. When it's empty, it means the energy is not inside of it.

That's really, ultimately, if we were to look at the energy body in its entirety, we would just be able to see a collection of cells that are either lit up, that means that they're at the moment holding on to some type of energy, or they're hollow and not animated, which means that they are lacking energy at this point in time. And then, obviously, all of these cells and this organism is a very dynamic organism. It's a very dynamic body. So, your energetic body is in a constant state of giving and receiving, constant state. It is never fully giving or fully receiving, so you would have these little cells interchange their state, go from on to off, from on to off, from on to off. And it's like a little factory that keeps powering everything around it.

Now, where you're receiving that energy from, how much energy you are receiving, and what kind of energy it is very much determines the state, the color, the vibration of your energetic body. So, you can almost envision that body being filled with energies of different colors, different levels of opacity or transparency, whether very clean aspects of particular energies or very muddy and dirty aspects of particular energies. So, every cell would be filled with a particular energy. It's like a receptor.

There are cells that are only able to receive one kind of energy and not able to receive another, and then there are cells that are chameleonic cells that can receive all kinds of energies. And they can go with the flow, and they can adapt, so there are all sorts of energetic constructs flowing. There are main types of energies that your body would be receiving. These are electric and magnetic energies. But also, these other energies on a very rudimentary spectrum. They're either earthly energies or energies from elsewhere, and by elsewhere, we would mostly refer to higher realms.

So, your energetic body is, like I said, all of these cells combined. But then, because your energetic body is like a hand in a glove with your physical, a lot of the constructs of your energetic body are going to correspond to your physical body. So, everybody is familiar with the chakras, or a lot of people are, so that is one aspect of your energy body and your energetic field. We have already gone over the fact of how those chakras originally get... where that energy is coming from. So, some chakras are powered by your family tree, the earthly energies of your ancestral lines, and some chakras are powered by your higher aspects, your lighter bodies, and your higher self. So, chakras is one aspect of this fairly complex system.

Another pretty important aspect of the energetic body is the feminine versus the masculine aspect, and how those energies are floating up in your body, and where you're receiving your feminine and masculine energies from, what are the sources? So, feminine and masculine energies are present regardless, obviously, of your gender, you have both. And if you'd like, we could stop and examine this a little bit closer, or I can keep going. It's up to you.

Sergei:  I think it would be great to just maybe have a list of things that it consists of, and then we can go deeper.

Mariya:  Sure, okay. So, there are pathways for feminine and masculine energies, and depending on whether there are blockages or no blockages, you can either experience a very balanced energy or a very misbalanced, or even the lack of. And then there is, of course, how the masculine and feminine energies communicate with one another, so they have connective points in the body where they come together, so that would be an aspect of the feminine and masculine.

Other aspects of the energy body are connective points, points that connect you to the matrix. Those are specifically 3D appropriate points, meaning if we were in... The way they work in 3D is very different than they work in other dimensions. I would say that in 3D they're quite literal. So, you have multiple points in your body almost like anchors that anchor you into the fabric of the matrix that you live within. That ensures that you get fully grounded in this reality that you're able to receive and give out information into the field around everything that you are, your hopes, your dreams, your aspirations, your fears, everything.

So, at any given point in time, everybody who's connected to the matrix is connected to the matrix via their energetic body. It's almost like you cannot fully experience the feeling of being alive in 3D, unless you're fully integrated into the matrix. So, you would have anchors, and those anchors actually, most of them are right along the spine, your spinal cord. But there are other anchors also that anchor you into the fabric of the matrix, again, so that you are able to exchange energies with the people around you, and also so that you're able to impact the circumstances of your life through your energy.

There are major pathways through which you are able to receive and give away energy. I almost see them as massive highways, energetic highways, where there's a lot of traffic, where you're able to receive and give all kinds of energy. So, you have, obviously, the spinal cord, as we have already mentioned, but that's your chakra system, which obviously giving and receiving points. Then, you have very important pathways going up here, up your legs, starting in the soles of your feet, so we can call them energy channels. There are important pathways that are coming out from the higher realms through the crown of your head downwards. And then there are channels that go up your arms, but also, with entry points in the palms of your hands.

Again, those can be used for giving or for receiving, or interchangeably. Generally, your right side is giving, your left side is receiving. However, there are differences. There are exceptions to the rule. And also, if your body is in the state of massive receiving, every chakra is going to be receiving energy. If your body is in a massive state of giving, every chakra is going to be giving energy away. For instance, if you have a lot of negative emotion that you need to release, all of these pathways are going to be working extra hard to help you get rid of all the negativity that's in your body.

Sergei:  It is not bad, right?

Mariya:  No. You always want to shut negativity. Yeah, if there's too much, and if you're releasing, absolutely. How else do you think healing takes place? How else do you think you get rid of blocks? By the way, that process of shedding is going to be done generally through excessive sweating as well, so there are multiple aspects of your body that get activated. So, your emotional body would also activate the physical body's response to stress, so your adrenals are at this point probably hyper active also, and your sweat glands are hyperactive. There are multiple ways that you release on the physical, and then your energetic body is going to help you also through those release channels.

We also have cords, energetic cords. All kinds of energetic cords are part of the energetic body structure. Those cords can be positive. Those cords can be negative. For example, you might have positive cords going through to your body from your ancestral lines, or friendly ancestral lines, or Mother Earth that wants to support you in a particular endeavor. For instance, if you came with a mission that is a planetary type mission, very often you would come with cords of supporting energy that you can tap into. So, for anyone who's looking at your energetic body who's a seer or who's able to perceive energy, they would be able to pinpoint those cords that are going into your body of different kinds of energies.

And you're always actually able to see, on an energetic level, if a cord is a giving cord or a cord is a taking cord, meaning there are some energetic cords that give you energy, some cords that take your energy. For instance, a mother would always be connected to her child via an energy cord that's a giving cord. It's an energy that moves in one direction. That's part of your energetic body. The direction is from the mother to the child. At the same time, as a child, you would always have your own mother cord from your mother that gives you energy. That would be a positively charged cord because she's giving you energy. So, every mother-child relationship, in essence, it's one cord, but it acts almost like two cords, because on the one end is a giving cord, on the other end, it's a receiving cord.

At the same time, there is a father cord just as much. We know fathers don't physically give birth, but there is a father cord. Now, there is a father cord, whether you know that the child is yours or you don't. It's absolutely irrelevant. So, if it is your sperm cell [Laughs] that created a human, you are, as a father, going to be supporting that child. Now, we know sometimes, but also just like mothers, fathers can choose to be supportive or just to not be supportive, or they might have enough or not enough of their fatherly and motherly energy to even give, and that's a whole other topic of conversation.

Energetic cords can be stemming from your relatives, from your friends. There's all types of energetic exchanges. Energy cords can be conscious and subconscious, so there are cords that you might be "aware of" or connections that you might be aware of, and connections you might not be aware of, because some of them might span or go back 10 generations of your ancestors. You might have an energetic cord that connects you to a particular family line or family tree that that connection might have been made, like I said, 10 generations ago, because somebody made a promise to somebody else or a vow. Very often, there are these vows that we made consciously or subconsciously that our descendants then have to pay for. For instance, promises like, "I will never forget you," or, "I will always love you." Or we could call them curses like, "May your whole life be damned." All of those are promises that we make, and they create energetic cords.

And so, at any given point in time, you might have up to 1,000 cords that are either giving you benefit or harming you in many ways. You can have energetic cords that are coming to you from other dimensions, from higher realms. More often than not, those are helpful cords, but of course, there could be cords that are also feeding off of your energy. Those, it could be from other alien forms, other planets, they can be from source consciousness, they can be from your guides, etc.

Another aspect of the energetic body would be how you get connected with egregores. Egregores are thought forms, for those of you that don't know, thought forms almost like collective energy fields. You can think of them as bubbles that represent concepts, organizations, and everything that has a collective consciousness. For instance, you could have an egregore of money, or of health, or every religion has an egregore, every business has an egregore, every nation and country in the world has an egregore, your family has an egregore, etc. So, how your energetic body fits into the larger energetic structures of the matrix surround you would very much determine how you're receiving and giving energy.

So, there are some familiar lines, for instance, that are very religious, and you just pass that on from one generation to another. Very often, for those familiar lines, you would have an egregore of that religious group alongside every energy body that gets birth, every human that gets birthed into that lineage. So, you would very often have very well-developed cords between that egregore and your particular body, which could be in your favor. But most relationships between an individual and a larger thought form, a larger egregore, are not in the favor of the individual but are in the favor of the egregore. Let's see. I would say these are the main ones.

Sergei:  What about some kind of connection with the elemental energies like the energy of fire? Is it some part of your body as well?

Mariya:  Yes, for sure. We haven't really spoken about meridians, because meridians is part physical, part energy. Those elemental energies that you're mentioning, they live almost like in-between the two bodies. It's really hard to place them in one versus the other. That's why I wouldn't assign it to the energetic body, but it's like the in-between. If we wanted to look at and have a specific topic around how the two bodies, the physical and the energetic, interact, we would probably talk a lot about elemental energies. But pretty much every human is a combination of elemental energies to a certain extent, and you will generally have one or two prevailing energies. Depending on what energy is prevailing in your body, what might be missing is the opposite of that prevailing energy.

So, for example, if your primordial or prime element is fire, that impacts both your very strong aspects and also your very weak aspects. So, people who have a very strong fire energy generally have very strong and overactive parts of their body that have to do with fire energy, such as the heart. The circulatory system has to do with the fire energy. At the same time, they tend to be weaker in the water element, which would be more of your kidneys. So, basically, just knowing what you're lacking and what you have plenty of can help you regulate your body very, very easily.

However, I want to point something out that those energies, because there are elemental energies, they belong to the earth. So, very often, what you are going to adopt as your own blueprint or your own framework would be determined by your parents. So, coming into this body, you would have two blueprints of elemental energies available to you, and you would choose to borrow... Fire is generally borrowed from the dad side. Water is generally borrowed from the mom's side. Earth is borrowed from the mom's side, and air is borrowed from the dad side. So, in essence, fire and air are considered more masculine. Water and earth are considered more feminine. So, basically, as a child, you would borrow those energies from your ancestors, and you would come into this life with a particular blueprint. But also, everything is a choice because your mom and your dad both have domineering energies, and it's up to you which blueprint you choose to adopt.

Over the course of the lifetime, though, through your own evolutionary process, what tends to happen is those energies get very much adjusted. So, what you come into this life is 99% of the time not what you leave with. And this is actually where the greatest evolution stems, because very often, there is a mis-alignment between what your higher self wants and what aspects you came into. So, your whole life would be trying to adjust your water element. Your whole life could be trying to adjust your fire element. So, very often, the path and your goals in life are going to be determined by how you're trying to balance the energies in your body as well.

Sergei:  Got it. Okay. Last time, we also spoke about the concept of the aura, so it's also part of the energetic body.

Mariya:  The aura, the way you would describe it, yes. When you do aura photography, that's what you would be able to see, yes.

Sergei:  And what is its purpose?

Mariya:  The purpose of aura?

Sergei:  Yeah, I heard it's about protection, like energetic protection. No?

Mariya:  Well, [Laughs] all of your bodies are a form of protection. Everybody that you have is a form of protection. Aura is not a body. Let's just draw the line. And it's not even a field. It's your frequency. It is just a visual representation of your vibration. That's your aura. Is it protective? No, it's your vibration. [Laughs]

Sergei:  Oh, I see.

Mariya:  Now, your vibration protects you from attracting things that are not on your vibration, yes. But no. I would say, aura is if you try to leave 3D and just look in the grand scheme of creation, in high realms, you don't have skin, you have auras. So, at the same time, when you look at your physical body in the mirror, your association with who you are is skin-deep a little bit. You're like, "Well, all right, this is my skin. This is who I am." In higher realms, your aura is your skin, so it's technically who you are, because your vibration is who you are.

Now, because aura is connected and is a reflection of, technically, all of your bodies combined, but it's just the higher bodies are a little bit harder to see with the naked eye and all kinds of tools that you have in here, it is a reflection of your energetic body, for the most part. And your energetic body, one of its properties and one of its functions is protection, absolutely. At any given point in time, you have a number of both ancestral and high realm protective energies around you.

Sergei:  Got it. I see. Okay. In the beginning of the conversation, you mentioned that your energetic body is created first during the creation process of a human. Can you explain this process? How does it work? And what powers or, I don't know, celestial beings or whoever manages this process, and how does it work?

Mariya:  Yeah. So, before a physical body can be birthed, you need an agreement. An agreement is generally between three parties. We're talking about creation in 3D, by the way, because my answer would be infinitely different if we're talking other realms right now. I'm just trying to explain what happens on this planet. Generally, you would need an agreement between three entities. Energetic entity number one, the family tree of a father’s energy, and the energetic element number two is the family tree of the mother’s energy. So, these two families need to want to come together in a human form.

There needs to be an inherent desire for both of these family trees to be connected in a human. That's why, actually, there are some couples that are having fertility issues, and then there are some one-night stands that produce a child. So, the number of times you have an intercourse with a partner is absolutely not correlated to how many children or your probability of having a child together. It's actually the amount of desire for those two familial trees to provide and produce an offspring.

Sergei:  You mean it's not just a physiological process.

Mariya:  Oh my god, no. That's what I'm telling you. It starts with energy. Physiological process is not going to happen unless there's energy. So, there needs to be an agreement of three entities, first and foremost, the family tree of the father, the family tree of the mother, and from the higher aspect, all you need is a guide. Because every soul needs a guide, your guardian angel, if you will, but in the way I see it, as a guide. So, it's not so much   source, because that would be too low a level for source energy to bother. But because every soul aspect would need to have a guide, call them intuition, call them guardian, that would provide those guttural instincts and intuitive hits. In general, 3D is a dimension where you need to be led by a higher consciousness.

Nobody really comes here alone, so to say. So, you need the agreement of three entities, because there needs to be a desire from all three to bring new life into existence. Those are the creative energies. And then, of course, there is also the energy of the human that would be coming through this, like the fourth entity, that would actually be that new life that would be birthed. But that new life, their stream of consciousness does not enter the womb of the mother up until maybe month six or seven, when she's pregnant, so that happens way later. And technically speaking, you really don't need an agreement of that of anyone to create that life. Because there are many potential takers for every physical human body at any given time, and sometimes those takers can change their mind in the last second, and somebody else takes our place.

So, three energies. There needs to be a desire from two familial lines to create an offspring, and then there may be many, many reasons why that desire is created. It could be because together these ancestry lines would be a lot more powerful. It could be because one of them has what the other one doesn't. It could be because one is experiencing a particular challenge that the other has already experienced and knows how to help with. So, it's a little bit of a give and take.

Of course, there is the guide. And in that role of the guide, it's both a learning role for the guide itself, but it's also a great service to the soul that would come through. So, it is very much an energetic fuse. Those three come together, and they create a vortex, a little vortex or a little spiral of energy that enables the fuse in the physical of the sperm and an egg. And then from there, that energy is what actually turns on the process of the multiplication and the division of cells, which is what you need to form a physical body.

Sergei: Got it. So, it creates a vortex.

Mariya: Yeah.

Sergei: Okay. That makes sense.

Mariya: There is no truly such thing as an accident is what I'm trying to tell you, because there needs to be full alignment. I mean, I guess now there is IVF. [Laughs] So, couples are not meant to have children or couples that are with their familial trees that didn't want to produce an offspring are forced into producing an offspring. And that's a whole other can of worms. That is actually not all that great.

Sergei: I see. Got it. We can talk about this later. Let's see. When we were talking about the physical body, it is your ally. You can touch it, and it feels the pain and you feel the pain. You're basically in this 3D together. Is it the same concept with the energetic body?

Mariya: It's different.

Sergei: What’s your relationship as a human with the energetic body?

Mariya: Well, let's just say all of your bodies are your allies, let's start there. But it's a very different level of commitment. Your most committed body in the physical is your physical body. It is the one that's always on your side, even when it feels like it's not. The rest of the bodies, and the way I say I want to be very careful, they're also on your side, but they're also a reflection of a lot of things about you. So, that means that, for example, you could be connected energetically to an egregore that is detrimental to your body and is taking away your energy, yet your energetic body is not going to do anything about it. It would allow that energy to be taken. Do you know why?

Sergei: Some kind of a lesson.

Mariya: Yes, because it's a lesson in gaining awareness. Because most humans won't be able to move from 3D to 5D to 6D to 7D, etc., before they need to have a relationship with the invisible. And learning to have a relationship with the invisible, in that game, all of your other bodies, specifically the energetic, mental, and the emotional are amazing allies. So, it's all a matter of awareness, but it's also a matter of choice. Technically speaking, there's always some precursor. And a lot of these negative type of... Let's not call them negative. All of these aspects where you're giving away energy, and most of them, are very conscious, and there was a choice that was made at one point by someone that enabled that exchange. Now, you always have a choice to end that exchange.

Sergei: And if this choice was unconscious, it means it was made by the soul before the incarnation?

Mariya: Could be that, it could be ancestral.

Sergei: I see. Got it. That makes sense.

Mariya: Yeah, a lot of them conscious things that we are carrying over our ancestral things.

Sergei: Got it. Not just contracts.

Mariya: No, no, or let's just say not just your contracts.

Sergei: Okay. And we were talking about some kind of connection with the physical body, how you can connect with the physical body. Is there such a thing with the energetic body? Can you connect to it? Given that it has so many different layers and aspects?

Mariya: By connecting, you mean like can you really establish a relationship with it?

Sergei: Yeah, yeah, have a relationship and understand it. And maybe work together on issues?

Mariya: Well, absolutely. But here's the thing, before connecting to your physical is also not super easy. So, connecting to the consciousness of the physical body... There is one consciousness of the physical body, that's easy. But if you try to study every organ, that would take you forever. From that standpoint, the physical and the energetic are not that different, because you could still connect with the consciousness of your energetic body. Or you could choose to study its organs and its aspects, such as, “Well, let me study chakras today, or let me study my feminine pathways.”

You could take it and befriend it as a whole, or you can befriend different parts of it. And I think the biggest missed opportunity for humanity is to befriend the energetic body as a whole. Because what I'm seeing right now, is there a lot of humans that are all too worried about their chakras, and perhaps not enough humans worried about understanding their energetic bodies as a whole. In the same way that you can have a conversation with your physical body, when you have a physical symptom, you could have a conversation with your energetic body, whether you have symptoms or you don't, it doesn't really matter. But it has a consciousness, which is basically a collective knowing of everything that's going on with it. And so, you could ask it for advice. You could ask it, what's wrong with it. You could ask your energetic body, what parts of it are imbalanced and what part of it could need like an extra hand. In the same way, I would encourage you to have a relationship with everybody of yours, because they're completely neglected and underappreciated?

Sergei: Yeah, it's a very good point. Can we maybe talk about the connection with the energetic body as a whole? How would you do this? Again, maybe I just don't understand this concept right now, but it seems like it can be very easy for a person with some kind of clairvoyance, very open third eye, let's say. And it may be a little bit hard for a person who doesn't have these abilities. What would you recommend to the most of humanity how to establish this relationship, or maybe how to start doing this and then progress gradually?

Mariya: I'm trying to think of what would be the easiest way.

Sergei: And maybe another question, but maybe it's not connected, but the concept of the third eye, and how it can help you to connect with and understand your energetic bodies in general, not just the energetic one, but the mental and emotional? How open it should be. And do you actually need it to feel and understand energetic bodies, or you can do it without it? I mean, I'm asking that given that some people believe that it is closed to a certain degree, and it's mainly because of the calcification and it's maybe another conversation about the source of this vision, inner vision. Is it in the pineal gland or it's somewhere else? Yeah, maybe it's too many questions.

Mariya: No, it's okay. So, you see, any type of connection to anybody, including the physical body that you have, is going to require you to look within. You cannot fully have a connection with your physical body, unless you start tapping into all the other resources of your body that you didn't know that you had, all these aspects that you didn't know that you had.

Sergei: We call it inner vision, right?

Mariya: Yeah, inner vision, transcendental vision, there are many names for it. And when you say most people don't have it, it's incorrect. We all have it to some degree. Because if you're able to close your eyes, and imagine an object, any object, an apple, an orange, that means you already have transcendental vision. Most people on this planet right now would be able to close their eyes and imagine an object. Now, how intricate are the scenes that you're able to imagine in your head, how vivid they look, whether they have a smell, whether they appear 2D or 3D or 5D is dependent on how much you've trained the inner vision muscle.

You know how sometimes when you do a new type of workout, you wake up next morning and your muscles hurt? But you have the muscles hurt in places that you didn't even know you have muscles sometimes. And you're like, “Oh my god, why does this little weird muscle hurt somewhere close to my belly button, or under my right clavicle?” And you're like, “I didn't know, I even have a muscle there. I didn't know I needed it.”

Truth of the matter is, it started hurting because, well, yes, it was there despite the fact you didn't know that you had it, but also because maybe you don't really use it in daily life. It doesn't mean that it doesn't exist. But also, it's probably not at its prime strength if you don't use it that often. Let's maybe talk about the concept of that inner vision, transcendental vision really quickly.

If you're able to dream and see dreams, that means that you have the ability of transcendental vision, because it comes from the same place. If you're able to close your eyes and imagine something -- imagination pretty much comes from the same place and leverages the same muscles -- so yes, most people, 100% of people have that. And I think that's where the big breakdown happens. I can ask pretty much anybody on this planet to imagine their own heart right now, like their own heart muscle, and then I could ask them to cleanse whatever blockages or dark spots that are seen on their heart, and they would be able to do so.

The difference you would see between people is some people would think that they're playing pretend and they're just making it up, and they're just imagining and it's not real. And other people would have a weird sense that they're actually doing something, that they're actually, truly, indeed, removing blockages from someplace. Right?

Sergei: Mm-hmm.

Mariya: And that's just the level of awareness, but also how to train that muscle is. Because if you're training this muscle and it's so new, very often what you would think it wouldn't feel real. It would first feel like I'm just making it up. So, the more you train that muscle, the more you use your transcendental vision, the more you're going to be a believer that it's actually doing something. Now it will do something, regardless. Even if you think you're just imagining cleaning the blocks from your heart chakra, you're actually doing the real work. Whether you believe it or not, you don't have to believe in the law of gravity for the apple to fall down from the tree, it'll still happen. I feel like I'm going a little bit on a tangent from your original question.

Sergei: No, I mean, it's still very helpful and just to understand the concept of inner vision.

Mariya: Yes. I think you're asking how can one develop a relationship with all of these bodies if they're not a psychic? The truth is, you don't need to be a psychic because, in this particular instance, you're working with something that's inherently yours. You're not trying to see into somebody else's bodies and somebody else's or us, which, by the way, you also don't need to be a psychic to do that, but it's okay. And now that the energies of the planets are rising, more and more people are going to be open to things like meditation, to things like introspection. More and more people are going to start having lucid dreaming. All of those things are going to just keep flooding into the consciousness of people. So, I'm not too worried about that, to be honest.

There are two ways. Maybe two things that I would recommend. If you feel like you're a beginner, I would start with a technique that's called automatic writing. When you're trying to get to know your body, you'd sit down to write at a desk, you take a piece of paper out, and you would ask a question. So, you would write a question down from your own person, from yourself, to anybody that you're trying to connect to. And by anybody, I mean your [Phonetic 00:51:37] Tharakan [Laughs] and your emotional, etc. So, you would be like, “Hello, my energetic body, how are you feeling today?” That could be a possible question. And then you would put the word answer, semicolon, and you would wait for that answer to come and would just write it down. Don't edit it as it comes. Basically, let your hand right. And that is one way to communicate with anything that's unseen. That's actually very insightful. And it works for about 75% of the world's population who are going to be able to do automatic writing. It's not hard.

I think what's more fun, though, is to have a relationship in the meditative state, because it could be more visual. So, what automatic writing doesn't do for you is it doesn't show you pictures, it only gives you words, which is okay. It's a start. Pictures are prettier. [Laughs] And sometimes there are more. Hey, a picture is worth a thousand words. I would actually recommend going to that route, despite the fact that you feel like you're incompetent or not a seer are not clairvoyant or what have you.

So, with that, I would just first ask you to examine what your energetic body looks like and feels like. You just want to, first, look with that inner vision, with your third eye, and we can talk more about that also because I know that was your question, and see how your energetic body feels. Does it feel hollow or does it feel filled to the brim? Because the first thing that you want to manage and the first thing that you want to get present to is how much energy is your energetic body able to contain? So, if the energy levels are very optimal, it would be like a luscious fruit. It would be very full-bodied. It would feel very nurtured, almost heavy with hydration and waters and all kinds of flowing energies. Sometimes it actually feels on the opposite end. It would feel very dry and emaciated and skinny, where the flow is not there. So, you will be able to quickly diagnose whether your flow is healthy, or your flow is not healthy.

Basically, if you look at your energetic body with your third eye, you would be able to see three. Remember how I told you that to form your energetic body, you need three forces to come through. So, you would always have three humongous energetic cords, one from your mom, one from your dad, and one from the higher realms, which we can call your guardian angel or your guide cord. By the way, depending on who your guide is, depending on your level, your guide might be the source itself. There's just so many variations.

So, what you want to see is how many of the three cords. Generally speaking, if your body is a bubble, you want to imagine your energetic body as a bubble. The first cord comes from the top, that is your guardian angel cord. As you're looking at it, the left side is going to be your mother's energy, and the right side is going to be your dad's, and for simplicity, it'll work that way. So, you want to see how many of these cords are alive with a stream of energy, so they're sending you something, and how many of these are dead or gray, and nothing is coming through them. It's like a dry pipe.

Sergei: You mean how many out of three?

Mariya: Yes. Yeah, yeah.

Sergei: It’s just three.

Mariya: There are so many more than three, but everybody has three. It’s just the teaching becomes really complicated from there because, depending on a human, it's always this main three, and then it could be up to a million others, or up to 300. That range is very big in humans, depending on who is supporting them, and who is feeding off of them. But you want to at least always, always, always have a very healthy flow from all three of these cords.

The key to a healthy, energetic body, from that standpoint, healthy physical, because those are tied to the hip, joined to the hip, if you remember, is having at least three feeder cords. Because all of these three are your feeder cords, meaning they will be feeding energy into you. I guarantee you, if one of these is not flowing properly or is not giving you enough energy, you will experience either fatigue, depression, disease, or a combination of these things. You would see a symptom, for sure.

Sergei: If your health state is not optimal, it means that there is something wrong with one of these three cords?

Mariya: Not necessarily it goes a little bit the other way. If one of these cords is off, there would be something wrong with your health. But all of these three cords can be perfect and you might still have a disease. Does that make sense?

Sergei: Yes.

Mariya: Okay. Cool. And then there is a whole other can of worms. Because I know you didn't want to get into any of the specifics around, for instance, the masculine-feminine energies, but…

Sergei: I mean, maybe this is the time. Yeah.

Mariya: Okay. Just the fact that there is a flow of energy into your energetic body from your ancestral lines doesn’t mean it's good for you.

Sergei: Oh, depends on the line.

Mariya: Yes. So, you still need it either way, because unless there is a flow of energy into your body from your ancestors, whatever that energy might look like, and sometimes it's very dark, looks like black oil, very yucky, very high-viscosity, dirty type of energy. Trust me, you still want it because without it you cannot live. If one of your ancestral lines removes that energetic cord, there is not enough to sustain your body and you would most likely die. It doesn't happen really. Once the ancestral lineages are on board, they're on board. They commit once and then they, forever, until that person, his life, would donate that energy. But depending on what kind of energy gets donated, you might be benefiting from it, or it might be poisoning every cell in your body, without you even knowing it. So, you'd be living in a constant state of poison.

So, you're getting your feminine energies from your mother line, and you're getting your masculine energies from your father line. So, your body would have two, and those energies look like the spirals, two spirals of a helix, so almost like a DNA strand. Each of these, it's like a spiral up. You have your feminine spiral up and your masculine spiral up and they form a helix. Does it make sense what I'm saying?

Sergei: Yes, yes.

Mariya: Okay. Remember, your feminine aspect you just borrowed from your mother ancestral line and your masculine from your father's. Very often, because of the energy that has been flowing in that family tree, because we are adopting that energy, quite physically, it starts coursing through our bodies and it becomes part of who we are. We very often inherit the belief system, the emotional aspects, the habits, including addictions of our ancestors. So, we're pretty much walking copies of those ancestral lines, unless we do something about it.

Sergei: Is it always the case? Like you always inherit all these things, no matter what? And then you decide whether you want to keep them or establish new ones and get rid of the old ones?

Mariya: You always inherit that feminine. Depending on which mythology you would go, your feminine line would be called ida, and your masculine would be called pingala. They're revolving again upwards, like the strands of the DNA. There's also the medical symbol of the snakes that are wrapping around each other, that's the same essential symbol. So, your ida, your feminine, is always 100% borrowed from your mother's ancestral line. The same thing that she borrowed from her mom and her mom borrowed from her mom. That is what you get born into, if that is a healthy feminine stream, if that is a healthy feminine energy of balanced feminine energy. So, it would be a loving energy, a pure energy, a nurturing energy, a creative energy. There are so many aspects of the feminine balanced energy, then that is the energy that would be coursing through your body.

If your mom's ancestral line had issues around femininity, certain parts that they suppressed or disowned around their femininity, things like abortions, I don't know, things like black magic, it could be just so much, or things like not feeling loved or not being a mother, not being loving. There's just so many things that could go wrong. You would inherit it. No questions asked. Same thing from your dad.

Now we can go back into the chakras. Inherently, some chakras are masculine and some chakra is feminine. Not only would you borrow your ida from your mother's side, but you would also borrow your feminine chakras from your mother's side. So, you are pretty deep into your ancestral line, and you're very much a deep reflection of them. Now, you also have higher aspects. So, that higher aspect from up top, very often you are supported by masculine and feminine energies of the higher aspect. And they can make corrections, including your own higher self, by the way. Once you enter the body, you have a lot of help from your higher self also. Potentially, those two energies would merge. They would meet mid sentence, but it doesn't mean that.

By the way, no matter how pure or wonderful or balanced your higher self is, if you're a lower, feminine aspect of the ancestry line is very polluted, dark, disbalanced. One doesn't cancel out the other. They meet in the middle. So, that's why it's actually very important to cleanse and work with your ancestral energies. Because ancestral patterns work like a chain, you join as the latest link in that chain. What that means is not only do you inherit all of these goodness, but you're part of the same network. As soon as you join that network, you're able to impact the entirety of that network. So, that means that it is indeed possible for you to clean and clear the dirt, debris, blackness, and residue from every ancestral line that you would have.

The way you would do that is by calling in the higher aspect that is coming through your head, your crown chakra. You would always have a higher aspect. And you can tap into the masculine and feminine side of that aspect depending on which line you're working with. You want to tap into that energy and because remember how it's all part of the same channel. And you want to see that.

The bottom of the channel might be blocked, but the top of the channel is wide. So, you want to bring forth a lot of this wide energy. And you want to create a torrent going from the heavens, from up, down that spiral into the earth, through all of the roots of the family tree that you're connected to, because your ancestral lineage, energetically, it feels like it goes right into the ground, literally the roots of the tree. And you want to make sure that you allow that wide energy to clean away every aspect of that tree, the roots, the tree, the trunk, the branches, everything. You want that energy to come through you into your familial tree and clean every aspect of the tree.

Then if you want to have an even deeper meditation on this, you could imagine yourself in the field. You could actually look at the family tree, and you would need to work with one at a time. You cannot do your mom's and your dad's side at the same time. You’re just going to have to pick. Chances are, where the energies are at the moment, you will have to do both, one after another, or first and the other second. So, you want to imagine a field, and you want to imagine a tree. Let's say we're working with your mom's line.

You would want your inner vision to show you what that tree looks like. You would be able to notice what kind of tree it is. Is it an oak tree? Is it a birch tree, an acacia tree? There are many. Then you would want to see how deep the roots of that tree go. Do they go really deep? That means you have a very ancient ancestral line. You want to see how many branches the tree has to those who look healthy. Is the tree... because it looks strong? Is the trunk strong? Everything about the tree would be quite a literal description of that family tree.

You want to see, does the tree have many leaves? Because, in essence, you would be a leaf on the tree. Does a tree have many leaves? Are they luscious green? Are they withering in yellow? Are they falling away? Is the tree overall healthy, overall sick? For the families, for the ancestry lines that have a lot of black magic around them, you would see a lot of black leaves on that tree, and you would also see cracks in the trunk, and very often you would also see something wrong with the roots of the tree. What you would want to examine is the roots. And sometimes you would see an animal or some kind of entity, like [Phonetic 01:10:11] nagging at the roots or nibbling on the roots. It could be a worm or a snake or something. It depends. All of these are entities. This is all just visual information for you.

Sometimes there are certain trees that get polluted from the top. It happens all the time. It doesn't just have to come from the soil. And you want to feel yourself really connected to the tree because you are, in essence, just one of its leaves. And what you want to do is you, first, want to allow the street to be washed with the most wonderful, heavenly rain of holy water, however you imagine what holy water is to you. If there is some entity, some animals, some bird or something else that's preying on the tree, you want to block access to that tree in whatever way that feels right to you. For instance, if it's a bird that has been attacking the tree and its fruit, you might want to put a dome around the tree so the bird can no longer attack it. Or you could, I don't know, scare the snake away if the snake was eating at the tree’s roots.

I mean, basically, you call the shots. And in this meditation, you want to keep pouring the white light. It could be a combination of white and golden light onto that tree for as much as is needed, until you see that tree revived. So, you want to take that tree from its blackness into its most luscious form. And you would see the black leaf starting to disappear and turn into green leaves. You might actually even start seeing the tree bloom, whereas it didn't bloom before, give fruit where it wasn't giving fruit before, or some broken branches might be healed or reattached to the tree. So, you want to leave it in the most perfect state. All right. There are so many practices that we can go into, around how you can heal your ancestry lines. But this is just one quick meditation that could help you remove the major dirt from that tree.

Remember, you are that last link in the food chain, so to say. You get to impact the whole, regardless of how deep the darkness goes. What you want to notice then is when you go back to your meditation, around your energetic body, you would notice that, for instance, if we’re clearing your mom's side, the liquid that's flowing to you from that tree is a lot lighter, is prettier, is more vibrant, has less muddiness and dirt and debris to it. And because that is the energy that feeds you, your whole energy body is becoming cleaner, clearer, lighter, more pleasant to be in. And that would have such a deep impact on everything you do, because as we all know, we're connected. All of our bodies are connected, so it will have an impact on your physical.

Sergei: Got it. As I understand, the first step to connection with your energetic body and understanding it is to connect with these three major cords, like clean them up, and just have a good connection with them. And that would be the first step.

Mariya: Correct. The upper cord is not necessarily... It can be muddied, because those are higher energy aspects. So, I have never seen it black. What I have seen is blocked. So, the only thing that can be wrong with your top cord is it can be blocked.

Sergei: By somebody or something or yourself?

Mariya: Correct.

Sergei: Can you elaborate a little bit on this?

Mariya: Well, it could be as simple as in your childhood. You got really mad at your guide consciously, or subconsciously, and you decided that you're going to do everything on your own. There you have created a block.

Sergei: I see. Got it. Cool.

Mariya: There are so many reasons why this could happen.

Sergei: Got it. And it can be just a different conversation about the techniques and meditations that can clean up the block.

Mariya: No, actually, the block is really easy to clean out. It's like a top on a champagne bottle. It's like a cork on a champagne bottle. That's what the block looks like. Basically, all you need to do is examine what that block looks like, energetically, and get rid of it. And there's no right answer of how you can get rid of it. You can take a hammer, and just break it. You can take a laser and cut it. Whatever way that feels right to you. You can take a bomb and blow it up. Or you can just take a globule of gold, the white light, or heavenly fire and burn through it. There's just so many ways that you can get rid of that block.

Once that block is gone, you would see an opening. And you want to enable that flow, whatever color that is, every color is going to be different because heavenly doesn't mean white. Your top color that's coming through could be red, and it's still the color from your guides that you're missing. So, you want to allow whatever energy is supposed to come through from the top, easily flow through, and it should be a really, really substantial flow, if you're doing it right.

Sergei: Got it. That makes sense. All right, thank you so much. It's a great overview of the energetic body. And I think we'll have a separate episode about the different aspects of the energetic body. Okay, so now I'm going to end our session. I'm very grateful for the information you provided us today. I'm asking the higher self to recede to where it belongs, with much love and much thanks, for the help and information that has been given us today, and know that Mariya is really going to appreciate it. Now I want all the consciousness and personality of Mariya to once again return and fully integrate back into the body completely.

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