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Dominating Chakra. A Journey from the Root Chakra to the Crown Chakra

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In this episode, I will talk about the concept of the dominating chakra. One of your chakras would be dominating at a certain point in time. You will learn how it works, why energy is constantly flowing between chakras. I will talk about in-between states and what they mean. During the episode, you will go on a journey with me to discover what it means to raise from the root to the crown chakra.

  • 15:00 How to identify your dominating chakra

  • 23:00 Root Center. How does it feel like to be in the Root Chakra

  • 33:00 Sacral Center. How does it feel like to vibrate at the Sacral Chakra

  • 47:00 Solar Plexus Center

  • 58:00 Heart Center

  • 1:10:04 Throat Center

  • 01:16:33 Third Eye Center

  • 01:22:01 Crown Center

  • 01:31:14 Chakras alignment practice

Please enjoy!


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