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Debunking Kundalini Rising and Why You Should Do Shakti Rising Instead

In this episode, I will talk about Kundalini energy. Be prepared to go very deep into the origin of this practice. I will explain how it really works and what is wrong with this practice. You will learn how Parvati (the counterpart of Shiva) first came up with this practice and why humanity misunderstood it. In the end, I will give you a meditation that will allow you to practice Shakti rising instead of Kundalini rising.

07:00 Kali Yuga and how it was affecting humanity all these past years.

12:12 What people think Kundalini rising is.

19:56 What is wrong with Kundalini rising. How Pravati actually worked with this energy.

28:00 How Kundalini practice got misunderstood.

31:00 Going into the void instead of the Root Chakra.

34:00 Accessing the tree of knowledge in your body.

41:00 Talking about the snake's energy and why you should think twice before allowing this snake into your energetic bodies.

47:47 Learn how Pravati worked with Shakti energy.

51:00 Why it should be called Shakti rising instead of Kundalini rising.

53:40 Learn how to start exploring the great void.

01:01:20 What Shakti rising is and how to practice it the right way.

Questions from the collective:

01:10:10 I'm afraid to touch snake energy after what you just said. How can I ensure that I don't become a slave of these energies?

01:16:09 Because I'm a guy, does it mean that I have less access to the Shakti energies? Will I have a hard time accessing the void?

Please enjoy!


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