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COVID-19 The Reason of the Pandemic from the Spiritual Perspective

In this episode, we will talk about the origin of the current COVID-19 pandemic from the spiritual perspective. You will learn about the meaning and the cause of the coronavirus.

Please enjoy!

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Read the transcript

Sergei: I would like to talk to you about our current pandemic. What is the meaning of this current coronavirus pandemic, and how did humanity attract it?

Maria: You mean, what is the underlying cause?

Sergei: Yeah, what is the cause? Yeah.

Maria: Yeah. [Sigh] So, coronavirus is a respiratory disease, right? It takes over your lungs. It takes over your life force, your ability to breathe. At its most complicated state, at its most worst state.

Like every other respiratory disease, it has to do with interpersonal relationships, right? So there are a few things. When your life is sucked away from you – imagine the lungs cannot accept air – that is the worst that it gets. This disease is really a symbolic representation of how a lot of humanity feels. They feel like they don’t have enough life force in their bodies to make change, as far as society is concerned. So it is still very much interpersonal and communication.

But it is a lot of people, six billion people give or take, feeling like they’re not in control of their circumstances. They’re not in control of where this is going. They’re not even in control of their planet. They don’t know what’s happening. Is there global warming? Is there not? And no, we don’t even know if this planet is going to be around for our grandchildren. They’re not in control of their governments. They’re not in control of their bodies. That’s how humanity feels. I’m not in control.

When you’re not in control of something, you feel like you don’t have the life force inside of you. It’s like you’re chained and you’re a slave. So what humanity is rebelling against is that feeling of I’m so done with being a slave. I’m so done with being a victim. I’m so done with being sold false ideals. I’m so done with being asleep, not knowing what’s right or wrong. I’m so done with being brainwashed. All of that is like how other people – society, governments, people in a position of power – how they’re impacting you as an individual, and how they’re impacting the society that you live in.

So it’s very much still interpersonal. The heart-to-heart and throat-to-throat. So the two main chakras that get impacted are the green and the blue. So not being in control, not feeling in control, not feeling like anything you do is going to matter, running the rat race, running this planet into the ground, that’s very much the feeling and the perception that humanity has right now. Right? Like literally I am unhappy and my house is freaking drowning. My house, in the form of the planet. It’s shaky. And people have kind of reached a point of no return, of how much longer is this going to exist? Because on a subconscious level everybody knows they’re being controlled, and everybody’s still asleep.

So this virus is a physical representation of an absolute form of a lack of control, in a very, very visible format. Shut up and wear a mask. Don’t touch anything, please wear gloves. So it’s like a film, a film between your hands and anything that you touch. So in essence, every time you wear the gloves it’s preventing your warmth, your human warmth, from reaching others. Yes, it is a symbol. But it’s also a representation. Everything about this particular pandemic is very symbolic. So better watch what your government wants you to do.

They want you to wear a mask because they don’t want you to have a voice. They want you to be silent, as silent as can be. The less you speak, especially in public – god forbid you talk in public – the better it is. What else are they telling you to do? Stay home. God forbid you congregate. God forbid you have a good time. All gatherings band. Separate, separate, separate. Humans are already as separate as is possible, but because it is in such a covert way on a daily basis, we’re not really feeling as part of one human family. We’re feeling as individuals that are plucked into certain states and made to pursue false ideals.

This pandemic is actually a visual representation of what has been happening anyway. But right now it’s very much in your face. And it’s very much physical. You haven’t been touching people for a long time, and by touching I mean touching their hearts. Because is your heart chakra even open? So the fact that you’re afraid to touch groceries in a grocery store and you need to wear gloves is a perfect representation of you’re out of touch. You are out of touch with reality, and with people around you. You have been silenced and you do not have a voice.

Keep wearing that mask. You’ll never get a voice. Don’t say anything against the status quo. We don’t need your opinion here. Women specifically should be seen, not heard. [Laughs] All of those things. All the censorship, all of these media being owned by moguls, lobbying. All of that is we don’t want to hear you.

And then even democracy is such a game of pretense. When you’re not being fed the correct information, so how can you make that correct choice? And when you’re selecting in politics, you’re selecting from two candidates that are part of the same network anyway. So it really doesn’t matter which way you go, right?

And then being removed, staying alone, social distancing. We have been distancing for millennia on this planet. Humans have really not felt each other in the way that they’re supposed to be feeling. It has not been a tribal type of environment for a while now. Which is the one way that humans used to stay connected. So this is a pandemic of being disconnected and being lonely, not feeling like you have a voice, and not feeling like you can ever connect back and plug back into humanity. So we all have been plugged out of humanity. Plugged out and plucked out. Completely alone and separate.

And then we’re now given all of these substitutes. Look, video conferencing. It’s kind of together, but only better, because you cannot get contaminated. No. Video conferencing cuts out a good chunk of human energy. So you’re not really truly getting what you would be getting in person from that human. That interchange, not only is it cut by probably 60%, what also gets manipulated through transmission, electronic transmission, is that energy can and will be distorted. That’s the problem with a technological society.

Your own navigation system – your body has a navigation system of how… Your emotional body, for instance, is a huge navigation system, as we spoke before. It is there. It was placed in your body for you to be able to understand and realize how all the other humans around you feel. All of a sudden you put a screen in between humans and your emotional body doesn’t function properly. Because it can only detect things within a certain vicinity and not over this much distance that would separate you. So you’re going to miss out on 80% of human interaction by being fully digital.

Now over time you’re going to get used to it. Over time it’s going to feel like when you meet somebody face to face, oh my god, it’s such an overload, so much information. But that’s how we’re built. We were given those navigation systems for a reason. Because humans were never supposed to be separate. They were always supposed to be together as one big tribe, one big family. That’s why we have this navigation system. So we can act when we feel somebody is hurting. Not be overwhelmed when somebody’s hurting.

Sergei:  Interesting.

Maria: Yeah. So this virus, and we can talk awhile around who planned it and whether those were benevolent beings or not, but ultimately humanity has very much manifested coronavirus. And from the looks of it, this virus is here to stay. I hate to say it, but I’m not seeing humanity getting the point. Humanity has not yet gotten the point.

Sergei: Yeah.

Maria: Yeah. Which means that the virus hasn’t reached its destination yet. It hasn’t reached its critical mass. So it’ll be here until it does.

Sergei: So, what I’m trying to understand is when… The humanity as a whole is slipping, right? It’s waking up, as I understand.

Maria: Yes.

Sergei: But when a virus comes, it’s trying to solve some kind of issue, right? But the humanity is so asleep, how does it even have a hope that they will figure this out?

Maria: Oh, there is always a hope. They just need to understand that they’ve had enough. And you are starting to have people who feel that way. The people who… Look at people who’ve had riots and demonstrations because they were asked to stay home and stay back. This is a normal reaction to your freedoms being taken away. Ironically, these are the people that feel the most in control of their lives. Because they’re doing something by choice.

So when more and more people say enough with the masks already, enough with the damn gloves, and enough with social distancing, that is the only thing that’s really necessary. And by the way, you don’t have to be fully awake to do that. All you need to do is notice that there’s something off with this picture and allow your true feelings about this virus to come out. Your true feelings are not really impacted by media, because the false feeling that media is trying to imbue in your head is fear. So much fear. Oh my god, be worried, and you should be afraid.

That is the false fear. That is the layer, emotional layer, like an emotional pollution layer, that is being created and propagated by media so that people’s feelings, whatever feelings they were feeling around the lack of control, and that need to rebel, those feelings would be subdued by fear. Because fear is one of those emotions that covers pretty much anything else up. Right? It displaces any other emotions. Which is why it’s so powerful.

Sergei: And how does the future of pandemic look like now?

Maria: Which, this one?

Sergei: Yes.

Maria: There will be other waves. It’s, at this point, not really clear how many more. But this pandemic, like I said, it’s not going to be over. And you will see some societal change. It’s not going to be over in the course that was originally due to it. That was originally promised to it. So humanity has taken a longer road to solve this problem. Because humanity also has free will, as you well know.

So when humanity gets collectively really scared of something, that something just gets stretched out. So humanity, instead of choosing – okay, let’s be like one and done – they chose to have fewer deaths at this moment. Which means they’ve actually long term prolonged the suffering. Because corona is going to be like flu. [Laughs] It’s going to be pretty much a thing now.

Sergei:  Hm. And what was the alternative scenario?

Maria: The alternative scenario is 20 million people died.

Sergei: And just be done with it?

Maria: Yeah.

Sergei: Hm. So, is there any kind of information humanity should know?

Maria: There’s nothing you can know about it. The things is, every human – because not only are you going to keep experiencing this disease, but you’re going to keep experiencing the aftermath of this disease – which is all of the “measures” that you’re “benevolent” government is going to want to put in place to “keep you safe.” So you’re going to see them come out with all kinds of processes, procedures, all kinds of things and systems, and tracking devices, and whatnot, to “keep you safe.”

Yet, are you going to have a vaccine? Absolutely you will have a vaccine. Are you still going to have cases of corona? Absolutely, you’re still going to have cases of corona. It’s kind of going to be like flu. That’s why I said it’s here to stay. You have a vaccine for it and you still have a ton of people being sick with it every year. So it’s just going to turn into a cycle. And up until individual humans, as many as possible, would reach a point of them just being… Reaching that point of no return as they are observing the new status quo and the new systems and tracking devices and everything the government puts in place, up until they say “enough,” that is not going to be a closed issue.

Because the only way you cure “I’m not in control” is by taking your power back. And taking your power back means being able to make your own decisions and your own choices from a place of power and not a place of lack. So that’s what humanity should know. That it is up to each individual to reach that point and say, “You know what? This is bullshit. I’ve had enough of it.” And not comply.

Sergei: But how does it work? Because some people have lethal cases and some of them have very mild. What is the difference? Some people are more in control than others?

Maria: No, no, no. So, well I guess. Yeah, yeah. So the underlying energy, right? That energy of how much grievance and how much pain not being in control causes you is in direct correlation, like that victim mentality. How much of a victim you’re feeling in your life is going to be directly correlated to (a) whether you contract that virus, whether that program gets attracted to your energy, and what is the severity of it. So humanity needs to cure the victim.

So you could wait. Especially, if you’re listening to this and you know you have a victim mentality, I would strongly encourage you to not wait to get sick. Because it will just be a matter of time. I would strongly encourage you to make a list of the things that make you feel like a victim and that have made you feel like a victim since your early childhood, and start working at that list one by one by one. If it’s a core belief, rewrite it. If it’s a feeling, rewrite it. If it’s a circumstance that you can change, that makes you feel like a victim, change it.

For instance, circumstance, example. “I feel like a victim because I’m stuck at a job that I hate.” Freaking change the job! “I feel like a victim because I have to go to school to be a lawyer, and I really want to be a doctor.” Freaking stop and go to school to be a doctor! There are so many aspects of that victim mentality, and so many facets of why humans believe they’re victims. Loveless marriages, feeling like a victim. Don’t stay and don’t settle. Claim your power back, claim control. You’re going to be okay.

If you don’t like the government or the country that you live in, change it. You don’t like the city, move. You don’t like your house, sell it, buy a new house. Or renovate. Gut renovate it. Stop feeling like a victim, take charge and take control of your life. Because you are a particle of God. And that means that you have boundless creative energy. Victim is the absolute end of that spectrum.

So remember how I told you there’s an axis of abundance? There is an axis of god or godliness. And on the one side of that axis is God, Creator or Creatress, Goddess. On the other part of it is victim. So you are denying yourself the absolute inherent integral part of who you are. And for as long as you keep doing that, your life is not going to suck less. It is not. So start moving and start claiming your power one by one by one, in different areas of your life. Because somebody who truly feels like a victim generally tends to feel like a victim across all aspects of their life, not just one or two.

So you’re going to unweed and unwind it, like a knot. One by one. You cannot fix everything overnight. You can use that same getting yourself out of the victim zone, the same way that we did with abundance. Find a mantra that is a jump for you, but not such a jump that you can never get there. Take baby steps. And replace how you feel about yourself with baby steps, so eventually you would get to the understanding that you are God, and you are all powerful, and you are in control, and you are the Creator or Creatress of everything around you. And the universe flows in your favor, and things like that.

And it is a gradual process that could take your whole lifetime. But it is going to be worth it.

Sergei: Hm. Got it. And if you already have coronavirus and it’s in a pretty bad shape, is there anything you can do?

Maria: Choose. Power.

Sergei: You choose power.

Maria: You choose power. This is the thing, you either give away your power and succumb to the virus, and be the victim that the virus already believes that you are, or you choose to fight. You choose to stand for yourself. You choose to be God. You take control back. You’re not powerless against the virus. You are only powerless because you think so. Unthink it. Unwind it. Take your power back. This is the only cure from coronavirus.

Sergei: Is it an emotion or a thought or a combination?

Maria: Both.

Sergei: How would you say it? I’m taking my powers back?

Maria: No. I matter. I belong. I am empowered to make choices. I can make something of myself. My voice is heard. I am accepted. I get what I want. I build what I want. I create what I want. All of those are different manifestations of power, and feeling in power, and being in power. As opposed to being a victim. I deserve the best in life. I deserve to be happy. Even those statements are statements of claiming your power back. And getting outside of the victim mentality.

Power is always fire. So light the fire in your belly. It’s that very warm energy, the energy of fire, the energy of the sun. Very helpful with this kind of disease. If you must, position a fire inside of your chest, right in your lungs. Let that warm and wash away all of the old cells. Because you know, if you’re having corona, what you’re having is a massive cell death inside of your chest area that are constricting your life force. So let the fire burn it away, and as you’re feeling that, say the thoughts that feel good to you, that feel empowering to you. And that would be actually really unique to each human.

Some people might be experiencing the feeling of victim towards their parent, like a dad. And for them, something like saying, “I can make my own choices, and it’s my life, not my father’s life. I’m going to make my own decisions.” That can be a life-changing thought for them. Because their whole livelihood is trying to please this one man. Again, victim towards something.

Different people are going to feel victim feelings towards different things. Some people feel victims towards their health. They feel like they’re not in control of their bodies. So take the control back. Etcetera, etcetera. Unfortunately, there is no one answer that I can give you. Because there are like 3000 different reasons why somebody can feel a victim.

Sergei: Yeah, but it’s very helpful to understand the pattern. Yeah. Thank you so much for sharing that. Yeah, thank you so much for the information. It was a great session. And now I am going to end the session.

Sergei: I am very grateful for the information you provided us today. I am asking the higher self to recede to where it belongs, with much love and much thanks for the help and information that has been given Maria today. I know she’s really going to appreciate it. Now, I want all the consciousness and personality of Maria to once again return and fully integrate back into the body completely.

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