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Channeling and Channels. How to Start Channeling Yourself

Today, I will talk about channeling and channels. I will start with the definition of channeling the way I see it. I will explain how it works. After that, I will tell you what you need to start channeling.

05:00 Let’s talk about channeling.

08:40 About channelers. Who they are and how they channel.

17:20 Talking about different kinds of channels

30:00 About personal agenda of the spirit guides or any channeled entities

35: 00 Can you trust channelers?

40:31 About diluted, dirty channels.

43:00 How to check if the information you are reading from a channeler serves you.

Questions from the collective:

47:50 Can anybody channel?

55:00 Can you give us any tips on how we can channel and what does the process feel like?

01:12:02 How do I know that I’m not just making stuff up? I do I know if this is indeed another being that is talking to me instead of me making stuff up and pretending that I’m channeling?

01:18:00 There are a lot of people at the New Age channeling angels, archangels, ascended masters. Where are they channeling from? Are they channeling actual ascended masters, and should I believe them?

Please enjoy!


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