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Blue Flame The Flame of Truth Flow Strength Power and Faith How to work with it

In this episode, we will talk about the Blue Flame. It is a flame of truth, flow, strength, power, and faith. Mariya's Higher Self will give you some powerful meditations for beginners and advanced practitioners. We will talk about its properties and qualities. 

You will learn how to use this potent energy. We will talk about the qualities of people who mastered the Blue Flame and its shadow side. 

You will learn that humanity is living the shadow side of the Blue Flame right now and what it means. You will learn that some flames gravitate towards the feminine aspect, and some flames gravitate towards masculine aspects. 

We will talk about the fact that masculine and feminine positive and shadow sides are very different. We will talk about the "Faith" aspect of the Blue Flame and its shadow side which is the absence of Faith. Mariya's Higher Self will give two very powerful meditations, "How to be in the flow." One for men and one for women. 

She will also talk about the concept of the "Trust" and how to develop it. Trust if the essential part of being in the flow. 

Please enjoy!

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Read the transcript

Maria: Hello, friend. I am Maria and welcome to the Conversations with my Higher Self podcast. This show is about spirituality, consciousness, and the inner workings of the universe at large. My partner, Sergei, uses hypnosis to bring me into a deep theta state where I get a chance to connect with my higher self. He then interviews me to uncover a wealth of knowledge about higher realms, celestial beings, and various energetic practices. Enjoy.

Sergei: I would like to talk to you about the blue flame. Could you please tell us about the blue flame? What properties does it have?

Maria: Sure. The blue flame is a flame of truth. It's a flame of flow. It's the flame of strength. It's the flame of power. It's the flame of faith. Being unstoppable but also being flexible. It is a very interesting flame I think for you guys to understand because I think strength as a construct is being misconstrued and taken out of the context by 3D energies. That's why I think for you it's really hard to comprehend the higher aspect of the blue flame and the way that the Creator created it. When I say strength, what I notice you going into is brutal physical strength.

Sergei: Yeah, like a warrior.

Maria: Which is actually red energy. Strength that I'm talking about is the strength of spirit and that is blue energy. The easiest way for you to understand what the difference is is the strength of the blue flame is not the strength of fire but it's the strength of water. It's the strength of a torrent or an ocean with humungous waves. If you've ever been to the ocean shore where the waves were really just crashing on top of it or in the middle of the tempest, the ocean is strong. It's also so many other things. The energy of the blue flame is the energy of the ocean. It's that energy of flow. It's that energy of flexibility.

Yes, it is very much a raw primordial energy. One of the original energies but it's not rigid. It's the opposite of my way or the highway. The blue energy is actually one of the more flexible energies that you could imagine. As children, you would probably throw little stones in the water. The water would always accept the stone. The water would always accept what you give it, but it doesn't make it any less strong. You all know that. Water can move away stone. Water in the cave, for instance. Water is always going to carve a path for itself. That is the true strength of water.

The blue flame is that strength of spirit in its alignment but also flexibility. You see the tree? That is very flexible. That bends in the wind. It's a lot harder to break than the tree that's stiff. That makes the flexible tree the strongest tree. That's the aspect of the blue energy that I think is super misunderstood on this planet.

Sergei: Maybe to help us understand a little bit more, are there any people, like famous people on Earth, who would represent the blue flame? As an example.

Maria: Famous people on Earth that would represent the blue flame.

Sergei: Yeah.

Maria: You mean that are alive right now or whenever?

Sergei: No, whenever. Yeah, it's like we know that Jesus represents the golden flame. Are there any people who could represent the blue flame so we could understand?

Maria: King Solomon, actually. He was very strong in the blue and the yellow. There is a certain kind of wisdom and resilience that comes with this flame. I have to be really wise to be flexible. It's another aspect of strength that is a lot more wise. It's the wise strength so King Solomon for sure. It's hard to find that pure flame that is very high dimensional is what I'm struggling with.

To be honest, because water is such an ever-present molecule here, a lot of the people that are incarnated would have a blue in some type of form. A lot of people are actually working on the energy of the blue flame in this dimension right now. It's very hard for me to point out this one purest one.

Sergei: Yeah, but at the same time, it's widely misunderstood. How is it possible?

Maria: Yes, it's because they're working on the shadow aspects. How can it be understood if you're still in the shadow aspects of the blue flame? You can't.

Sergei: That's true. Maybe let's talk about the shadow aspects, so we understand the shadow side.

Maria: The rigidity would be my way or the highway. It's the strength that where you're not willing to consider the circumstances. Where you're not willing to consider somebody else's opinion or feelings. When it's really, I said so and it's going to be like I said. We're taught to associate strength with men, the masculine gender. There is a lot of shadow of a lot of men trying to practice blue energy and actually falling into the red. That aggressive strength is when you're fighting and when you're bloody, when you're a revolutionary, that's the red. A lot of people actually end up wanting to learn the blue energy and then succumb to the red.

Also, what's really complicated is that the blue energy and the energy of the water is a very feminine aspect. The feminine aspect is currently suppressed in both genders or in its shadow form in both genders. Your women in essence are not feminine enough so they're not able to draw the right circumstances to them so as to not have to work so hard day to day. Men, their feminine aspect is also out of whack. Some of it completely suppress it, whether they're like, "Okay, I am a man. Therefore, an absolute and complete opposite of a woman." Completely ridiculous notion but that's how they feel. Even crying is not allowed. If you as a guy cannot cry, you cannot integrate the blue aspect. Period. One.

Then the other aspect that men are struggling with is when the female aspect takes over, that's when you have a lot of men that are too feminine. That's what I say the feminine aspect is not balanced in either gender on the planet right now. It's really hard to fully integrate that blue flame. To fully integrate the blue flame, you have to integrate both its feminine and its masculine aspect. The feminine is what this planet is struggling with right now. Yes.

Sergei: That's very hard to understand.

Maria: There are a lot of people that are working on this aspect for sure. You’re asking me what are the shadow aspects of a blue flame, right?

Sergei: Yeah.

Maria: Rigidity, for sure. That tends to happen with both men and women. An interesting aspect of women that comes from the blue flame is feeling the neediness. When it's not integrated in them, they're being needy. They're like, "Well, I need you as my man," for instance, "to provide for me, to do X, Y, and Z for me." They're trying to take, take, take. That is a shadow aspect of the blue flame. When you don't have enough of it or when you're not in control of it, you need to cling to forces and sources outside of yourself to try to get that strength back. That turns a lot of people needy. That's actually not the way that this flame is meant to be experienced but certainly signifies its lack.

We haven't really spoken about that because I've brushed over the other aspects of the blue flame really briefly. Strength and power. The ones that are very misunderstood on this Earth. They are not the only ones. The other aspects of the blue flame, positive aspects. Then we'll go into the shadow. As I said are truth, flow, and faith. There's so many shadow aspects of these three positive aspects.

Of course, the truth. The shadow aspect would be fear of the truth or lies. Both are equally bad. Faith. Oh my God. So much shadow around faith on this planet. That's precisely why we have things like religion. It's precisely why we have things like cults. It's precisely why we have things like atheism. All of these shadow aspects of faith. All of these shadow aspects of the blue flame.

When I told you that there are so many people in here practicing the blue flame, just its shadow aspect, you will know exactly what I mean. When you look at how many people belong to a religion because 100% of people belonging to a religion are living a shadow aspect of the blue flame today. They're actually going through a crisis of faith. Same thing about atheists. That little movement that was so popular in Soviet Union. In essence, they substituted religion for the lack of religion, but they didn't keep faith. It was not an answer. Atheism is just as bad.

Let's look at the faith on an esoteric level and what that actually means. The only thing that faith is is connection to source. That's all it is. People that experience faith, true faith not cultish type of devotion to the Bible. I'm talking the faith in the way that it's meant to be. The way that they feel is they feel supported by the Creator and Creatrix energies. They never feel alone. They feel this universe is taking care of them. If I were to tell you what that looks like on a metaphysical level, it's actually a blue cord that connects somebody's crown chakra to source. Literally, a little string, a shoestring that ties you to father and mother energies. That is what true faith is. You know what religion is? The absolute absence of that thing and a poor imitation of it.

Sergei: No cord at all.

Maria: No cord. In fact, they cut it when you get baptized or get converted to an energy. More like they close it up so it's very hard to then regain it. You have all of these people that shoestring is still in their vicinity because God and Goddess are stretching out their palms to try to connect. They never drop their end of the bargain. They never drop their cord. It's just you here said, "I want to connect so badly, what's my answer? What's my answer? It's got to be a religion that I was born into." That's precisely why all of these people need all of these dogmas because they're not getting the answers from the source, from their mother and father energies. They have to get it elsewhere. They have Quran. They have the Bible. They have all these other scriptures to tell them exactly how to pray, what to do, what not to do, what's a sin, what's not a sin, what happens when you die. It's a blueprint that all the answers are given to you. Well, of course, that's the only way the religion is even stay in place because the people are always going to have answers. If the people are not able to get answers, they need answers somewhere in the book. Ideally, answers are consistent. If the answers are not consistent, people are going to call BS really quickly. We're going through a huge crisis of faith. The only reason is because people are not truly living the aspect of the blue flame.

Sergei: Seems like there are a lot of issues on this planet related to the blue flame. How did it happen in the first place that the blue one is so misaligned?

Maria: No, it's not in that. It's certain planets are perfect to go and practice a particular kind of energy.

Sergei: Here it's perfect.

Maria: It's perfect for the blue but also for the yellow.

Sergei: All the conditions.

Maria: Yeah. This is a perfect place to practice blue. Probably the best. It’s about as good as it gets. Only here can you experience such complete and utter disconnection.

Sergei: That's true. Given that it has so many shadow sides...

Maria: Sorry, there was one more. Do you want me to finish or do you want to ask questions?

Sergei: Yes, please.

Maria: There's the flow and there was the absence of flow. Flow is a positive aspect of the blue flame that a lot of people practice. Absence of flow is when you have to push really hard to get anywhere. You're not really meant to do that. When you were fully aligned, things happen for you not to you. Flow equals water. The water is always going to find a way. 99% of humans today live in the absence of flow. They don't physically even know what it feels like when the universe is flowing in your favor. Very important mantra to integrate a blue flame is the universe is always flowing in my favor. Write it out. Frame it. Put it on the wall. The universe is always flowing in my favor. That is not an experience that most of you had or are having. What the experience that you are having is I have to work hard to get somewhere. I have to potentially get lucky to get somewhere. Then God forbid something could happen to me any minute. It's really dangerous getting out of bed. All of these, you always are in the state of self-induced pressure. You know what the state of self-induced pressure does?

Sergei: No, what does it do?

Maria: It prevents all kinds of flow. Flow of abundance. Flow of health. Flow of money. Flow of love into your reality. Pressure is the absence of flow. Anytime you put pressure on yourself, pressure to deliver, pressure to succeed, pressure to make more money, pressure to find that right partner, you're experiencing the absence of flow. Which means that you said, "Okay, universe." In essence what you are saying is, "Okay, universe. I know you could help, but actually I'll figure this out. I don't need your help. I'm all good." Then you go in completely the opposite direction of where you need to be going.

The universe is here to help you. The universe is your most powerful ally and so is the blue flame. Flow is the most potent energy of success that you can get access to on this planet. It can 100 billion percent get you to where you need to go. You're not going to have to work 24/7. You're not going to have to give up your vacation and you're not going to have to give up your time with your family. Yes, you can still have your bazillion dollars. All you need is to have flow on your side and not tugged away somewhere where you never get access to it.

The shadow aspect of that is having to push really hard to get anywhere. Fighting against the world instead of working with the world to get somewhere. Always blaming the world for what the world, the universe, what have you, circumstances, for what happened to you or didn't happen to you. Being in an antagonistic state, butting heads with the universe, that's the shadow aspect of the blue flame. It's also sometimes called survival. There are a hell of a lot of people here surviving. Shadow aspect.

Sergei: Because you said it's a feminine energy.

Maria: I'm glad you asked. It's so easy for you to misconstrue what I'm saying. When I said that the blue is the water, that's how you took it as it's only a feminine energy. It has a very feminine construction and composition. Every ray has the masculine aspect and the feminine aspect. You know how source has the masculine aspect and the feminine aspect?

Sergei: Yes.

Maria: Then there is the optimal state of each of the rays that we're talking about with a slight twist. The blue ray for a woman and a blue ray for a man would have a slight tweak. Sometimes it's so slight that in this 3D dimension it doesn't even matter. I said that it's the feminine aspect of the blue flame, that flow aspect. That's the one that's the most disintegrated.

Sergei: I see. The flow aspect is a feminine aspect. The strength aspect is a masculine.

Maria: More of a masculine aspect, yes. I mean if I had to put the gender on those, then that's what I would say.

Sergei: I was also trying to figure out the divine feminine and the divine masculine. It seems it has a lot to do with the blue flame.

Maria: No, so divine feminine and divine masculine, like I said, they live in all of the flames. Golden flame, creation. There is the feminine aspect of creation and the masculine aspect of creation. It's not one or the other.

Sergei: They are different, right?

Maria: A little bit different but both flow in the same flame. Never under the sun do we want to say blue is feminine because it's not.

Sergei: I see what you mean. Got it.

Maria: Or red is masculine because it's not.

Sergei: How would you describe this sense of flow for a man and sense of flow for a woman?

Maria: Sure. Women is the energy that attracts things into their life. It's incoming energy. Masculine flow is outgoing energy. For a woman, it would be when she is in the aspect of flow, things are just coming to her naturally. She almost doesn't have to lift a finger. On an energetic state, she's sitting in the beautiful garden in the lotus pose and just breathing. She's happy. Then you see animals coming to her, and food coming to her, and sun shining upon her. She has everything that she needs but she hasn't lifted a finger. That's the feminine flow.

Sergei: That's beautiful.

Maria: You know what's the masculine flow?

Sergei: No.

Maria: Masculine energy is outgoing energy, pointed energy. I need to go from point A to point B. You know what stops masculine energy? The absence of flow in the form of a block. If I'm trying to go from point A to point B but there's this huge, massive block right in my way, what is it that I'm supposed to do? What flow creates for a man is the absence of blockages. Their road becomes clear. Instead of having to climb crazy mountains and be in crazy weird weather conditions, and through blood, sweat, and tears getting to your goal, you're just walking on the path. It's a very nice day. You're very well fed, and you have all the water you could possibly want. You are walking with a friend potentially and you're having a nice conversation. The next thing you know, you've arrived at your destination. That's flow for a guy.

Sergei: What happens when there is a blockage? There is no?

Maria: [Laughs] There is no blockage.

Sergei: When you're in this state.

Maria: Yes, there is none.

Sergei: That's beautiful.

Maria: What creates a block is pressure. Pressure is that condensed energy. That condensed energy that doesn't let you pass. It would put a block in your way. It's self-induced. It's created by the human that's walking the walk. For instance, if you expect that something is going to be hard, you're creating pressure. It's going to be hard to do X. Whatever that X is, you know?

Sergei: Yeah.

Maria: It could be walking to get my coffee is hard or winning the Olympics is hard. There is the full range on this planet. People call all kinds of things hard depending on where they are in life. You know what? It always comes true. It's a self-fulfilling prophecy because your beliefs make your reality. When you think getting coffee is hard, what you're manifesting is a lot of pressure onto yourself. If it's hard, then I must try harder. Oh, God. I need to just prepare for this. Work really hard to get coffee. You walk onto the street on a normal day. Another person would just go and get coffee. I don't know. You get hit by a bicycle. All of a sudden, you couldn't get to the coffee. Yeah, it's really hard to get coffee.

I guess I'm just trying to give you an example that would be so ridiculous that you would understand. Like I said, the things that people call hard boggle my mind because they have absolutely nothing to do with reality. Because they create all this pressure, they create frequency disturbances. They create clots in the matrix. To go from point A to point B, you need to pass through the matrix. In this world, there is no other way. If you have induced pressure and created pressure, you've created disturbances in the flow. They will manifest as obstacles. There is no other way. Depending on how much pressure you're putting on yourself, those obstacles can be from small to middle, middle to insurmountable. Full range. Either way. Then you're going to have to use more energy, more time to get where you need to go. Of course, you're going to be frustrated and it's not going to be a walk in the park. That is what a lot of people are experiencing when they're going after their goals. Achieving a goal is not bloody easy on this planet but it could be.

Sergei: How would you describe strength and faith for men and for women if there are any differences?

Maria: For women, it would be a little bit more in flowing strength. The strength that generally manifests in how you're able to support those around you, mentally, physically. The energy of a woman for a family is very important. Strength is also very much paired with flexibility. Despite what happens, she's able to maintain that core balance for herself and others. That would be strength for a woman. More resilience. It's not about going out there and killing a tiger. It's preserving the cozy, healthy, happy home despite the fact that there could be nuclear war, despite the fact a loved one died. Whatever happened. Despite the fact her husband left her. If she's able to maintain that safe haven for her children and she's a single mom. That would be the female version of strength. Maintain her love. Maintain her kindness for them. Maintain her gentleness despite hardship. That would be strength for a woman. I'm pretty sure I don't have to describe what strength for a man is, right?

Sergei: Yeah.

Maria: Pretty self-explanatory.

Sergei: Yeah, pretty self-explanatory. What about faith?

Maria: Faith is very similar actually in both genders because you're connecting in both ways. You're connecting so high outside of your perspective that the differences are really not that palpable. It's still you're connecting from here up.

Sergei: Got it. Just wanted to make sure.

Maria: Faith is the same thing as belief.

Sergei: Yeah, it's very similar. Given that there are so many shadow sides, what meditation you would recommend?

Maria: There's not one meditation to fix all shadow sides. You're going to have to pick your favorites.

Sergei: Maybe let's work with the flow first.

Maria: For the flow, there is going to be very different meditations for two genders. The energy is very differently flowing. Makes sense, right?

Sergei: Yeah, makes sense.

Maria: For the woman, it's actually really important to work with a water element. That's all it is for the woman. At any given time and the Hindu knowledge, wisdom started tapping into it with our doshas. At any given time, your body represents one of the elemental energies. One more than others. Your body could be more fire. Your body could be more water. Your body could be more Earth or air. For women, whose bodies are water in and of themselves, that state of flow comes a little bit easier to them than others. For every other state, and that's where it gets a little bit complicated. With women whose body is not water, but the three other elements...

Sergei: Which is air, Earth.

Maria: And fire. What you need to do is open up your body to be able to intake the energy of water. Literally, what you want to do in a meditative state is as you quiet down your mind and everything, you need to imagine yourself next to a body of water. It could be a lake. It could be a river. It has to be a deep natural body of water. It cannot be a sink or a bathtub, ideally. That's not the most optimal way to work with a flow. It could be the ocean if you love the ocean. Whatever that is. It could be a deep pond. That would work also. You want to completely submerge yourself into that body of water down to the tips of your fingers and all of your hair. Completely submerge yourself. Then when you're underneath the water, you want to open your mouth and experiencing the water flowing inside of you. You're going to still be able to breathe normally. It's fine. You're not going to die or anything. I promise you. Just allow that water to come inside and center in your belly area. What's going to come with that energy is cool sensation, sense of calm, sense of peace, some quiet joy with all of that.

That is number one thing that is needed to create the sense of flow for the woman. She needs to feel she is in that flowy state. Moving your body actually as if you were water could also help. If you're not into sit down meditations, you can also just put on some music. I don't mean Lady Gaga type. I mean meditation music. Really flow in your body. Do a dance of sorts if you were water. Your energy and your movements are going to be very flowy, and very gentle, and very fluid. That would be one way to invite water inside. That's the first thing that's needed.

The second thing that's needed is the trust. That's actually also another aspect of the blue flame. Expect the good things to come your way. Don't expect the bad things to come your way. First, water attracts other water. The rivers flow into the ocean because water attracts other water. Water always wants to be reunited with water. Just so you know. When you enter and let the water be inside of your body through meditation state, you are guaranteed that the flow aspect, that energetic water is going to want to be united with you. It's going to start flowing to you. I recommend that meditation everyday by the way. For everybody who is not an aspect of water as a woman, you want to invite that every day for five minutes in the morning. You want to get into the water state.

The other aspect would be trust. You need to not feel fearful of the flow. Fear always blocks the flow. What ends up happening is even if you're water, imagine sitting on the shore and you see this big, huge wave coming at you. If you don't trust the wave, if you don't trust the ocean, you're going to either run away, build a block, or whatever. You're not going to receive that energy. Does it make sense?

Sergei: Yeah.

Maria: You want to develop trust. That is not an easy thing to do. That's probably a whole other conversation. You need to develop a state where you feel safe to receive the flow. One way to do that is you could create a dome around you made of water. A water dome. Cover yourself with a dome, like a cloche. Know that whatever flow comes to you, only the good things can penetrate through your personal field. You're under protection. You're safe. You're sound. Even if the large wave comes, it's not going to sweep you off your feet with all the abundance and whatnot. All the change. You're protected. You can take flow in the way that serves you at the speed that serves you. At the speed that you're ready for.

We're not all equally ready for the flow of abundance. That's why people who win the lottery very often within a couple of years are just as poor as they were before. They're not able to receive and hold onto that abundance flow. With time, you can open up your abundance flow a little bit more. Maybe with time as you practice flow, you're not going to need a cloche. You're not going to need the dome to protect you. Then you can receive all of it. Trust is not built in one day. The same way when you first meet a person and you're not fully right away able to trust them, there are exceptions, but at a rule you can't. That is built over time. In the same way, you would start to trust the water in the universe in that flow energy as you keep working with it. I don't want to take too much time because we need to get through two more things.

If you're a woman that has water in its flow as your body energy, you're not going to need to do that first part where you're dipping yourself into the body of water. You'll already have that. You'll already vibrate at that energy. What I notice very often with humans that are very much water energy, what they're missing is a little bit of fire. Generally, with us women, their problem is they're not in the flow not because they're not okay with the water element. They don't desire anything. The energy of fire is the energy of desire. Their water has completely put out the fire so they're standing at the crossroads and they're like, "What is it that I want? I don't know." If you don't know what you want, chances are you are the water person. Just saying. What you actually need is to let in that spark of fire and you can open your mouth and literally let the fire come in and settle in your heart. Remember water will want to settle in our belly?

Sergei: Yup.

Maria: The fire would go in your heart. With time, you would want to ask that fire to show you what would make you happiest. In order for you to benefit from the flow, you need to know what it is that you want. The flow is not going to decide for you.

Sergei: The fire is responsible for this.

Maria: Yes, the fire is that spark of desire. It is that guiding light of what is that I want to do with my life. You know how they say have fire under your belly?

Sergei: Yeah.

Maria: When you feel motivated to do something. Well, when you're not motivated to do something you just generally tend to not know what it is that makes you happy, why you showed up here in the first place. When you're very deep in the water state, in your body it tends to happen. Like I said, the water put out all the fire. First, you need to ignite that fire inside of your heart to show you what it is that you should be manifesting. Then you can repeat the same exact thing that I showed you before. You can build a dome around you to protect you so that you can start receiving abundance on your own terms. Is that clear?

Sergei: Yeah, very clear.

Maria: Cool. Should I move onto men?

Sergei: Yes.

Maria: The meditation that would help men remove obstacles or experience flow?

Sergei: Experience flow. If you're in the flow, there are no obstacles.

Maria: It's a little bit of the same thing at first. At first, it's going to be like a mirror thing. Basically, men are also one of the four energies. For the other three energies that are not water, air, fire, Earth, what you want to do is let the water in. The same exact exercise that I just walked you through for women is going to work here. Take a dive into a pool of water. A body of water. Open your mouth. Let that water to come through. You're surrounded by water, but the water is also inside you settling in somewhere in your belly. First you want to make sure that you're there. Then imagine where you need to go. Where is it you're trying to go? The meditation that you're trying to do.

Sergei: If you don't know, then you need fire.

Maria: If you don't know, that probably means that you need fire. Yes. That would be for men that have water in them already. Of course, it could be also in some exceptional cases for other types of men also. If you know where you're trying to go, you want to imagine yourself. Imagine yourself in a very safe boat coursing down a mountainous very powerful river. You know how mountaineers are very fast but then they're also navigating their way really nicely in the mountains. They're going with the flow. The reason it's a mountain river is because it flows from up to down. You don't need to row. You don't need to try hard. In fact, you don't need to do anything but stay in your boat and know where you're trying to go. I guarantee you on an energetic level, there is always a mountainous river that would take you to where you are to where you need to be in the most natural way possible.

Sergei: It seems like you have to trust your boat.

Maria: First you have to trust the river. First you have to trust the river. Then that's how trust is also super important here. If you cannot trust the river, you can first make sure that the river is even taking you to where you need to go. In your meditation, if you're trying to go from point A to point Z, you can quickly go down to point Z and make sure that that's what you want. In that point Z, it's whatever you want. Say you want a new car. Say you want a Tesla. Imagine Tesla standing there at point Z. You can check. First, that river goes to where I need to go. Good. Box checked. If it's not, that's not your river. Find the river that ends with what you want. That's your flow. That's your door. That's where you're supposed to go.

Then there is that issue of trust. That issue of trust in some ways is harder for men than women. Women in general are more used to giving up control. When you are bleeding on the monthly, when you're pregnant, or when you're birthing, your body takes full control of you. On a monthly basis, they're used to giving up control. Men are not. That's why men actually don't deal so well with being sick. It happens to them rarely. That is their time when they're experiencing lack of control. Pretty much the only time that they're experiencing lack of control of their bodies. Because lack of control and trust go hand in hand, or rather if you are trusting something, you don't need to control it. The feeling of trust is a lot more inherent in women on this planet than in men. Also, as a woman to even be pregnant and have a child, you have to trust that the universe is going to provide for the child. Most likely, you're stuck with the child and not the guy. The issue of trust is something that men in general would need to work on a lot.

Another shadow aspect of the blue flame is needing to control. Not just needing, demanding that need for control. What you want to do is surrender, ironically. The way you would surrender, and you would need to practice surrender because if you know that this river goes to where you want to go and you don't need to do a single thing, what I recommend you do is you can lay down on the bottom of that boat. You need to stretch out your arms sideways. What that does is you're fully exposing your chest when you do that. If I were to look at you, I would see a cross. [Laughs] If I were to look up. Then you want to take in the energy of the sun that's coming.

First, you're going to have to trust the father aspect. The sun is always the father aspect. You want to trust that the sun is not going to burn your skin. It's not going to make you dehydrated and whatnot. First you trust the sun aspect. Then you trust the father aspect. Then you trust the mother aspect, which is the water beneath you. You have to surrender and trust that she has your best interests at heart, that she's not dangerous, that she's not going to sink your boat, that she's going to take you to where you need to go in the most natural way possible in the perfect state of flow without harming you or hurting you. Always having your best interests at heart. Then you're just going to have to let go. Let the two parents of yours, the masculine and the feminine, take care of where you need to go. There will be no blockages on that road. Does it make sense?

Sergei: Yeah, it makes sense. What about things that happen in the world, for example. Just some global things. It cannot stop you because you're just positive?

Maria: No. Where in that example that I just showed you, which is actually an absolute perfect embodiment of what happens energetically, was the world? There's just you, the sun, the water, and the boat.

Sergei: Yeah, just three of you.

Maria: Yeah, the world doesn't matter. By the way, there is no one single truth around this world. Outer circumstances impact or don't impact you. It's up to you. It's not up to anyone.

Sergei: It's a matter of perspective.

Maria: Not just perspective but you have your own slice of the pie that's, for better or worse, completely separate from everybody else's.

Sergei: I see what you mean. That makes sense.

Maria: It doesn't mean that if the world is going down, you're going down with it. It doesn't have to be that way.

Sergei: Some people actually become rich or gain wealth during these times.

Maria: They become rich and gain wealth not because they're focusing on the outside world. They're focusing on point Z that they're trying to get to. That's why. You always want to make sure that what you focus on serves you. Not harms you. The focus within is the one focus where you cannot lose. The focus without, or in other words, the focus onto the outside world is only as good as what happens in that world. “Look, today the world is happy. The markets are booming. That means I'm going to do great.” “Wait, it's raining today and there's an earthquake. That's it. My life is over.” Do you see how unstable that is?

Sergei: Yeah.

Maria: It is such an unstable ground. That's why people are so stressed and so anxious. Well, of course if you keep tapping without, if you can keep tapping and trying to find that sense of stability in the outside world, you're never going to get it. The only sense of stability that exists is within. That sense of stability would come from your connection to the Creator and Creatrix, to your eternity, to things that are always true. This dimension was designed as an unstable dimension. That is what serves humanity is for it to be fast moving and fast changing so we can experience the spectrum of emotions.

Sergei: During a short period of time.

Maria: Yes, or long. It depends. Certain things last for 5, 10 years.

Sergei: [Laughs] Yeah, all right. Thank you so much for sharing all this information. Now, I'm going to end our session. I'm very grateful for the information you provided us today. I'm asking the subconsciousness to recede to where it belongs with much love and much thanks for the help and information it has given Maria today. I know she's really going to appreciate it. Now, I want all the consciousness and personality of Maria to once again return and fully integrate back into the body completely.

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