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Anchoring and Grounding How to Anchor and Ground Your Higher Selfs Energy

In this episode, I will talk about anchoring and grounding. I will explain the difference between these two energetic practices and why grounding doesn't work without anchoring energy first. I will talk about the consequences of not anchoring your energy and give you a meditation that will allow you to anchor the energy that comes from your Higher Self.

I will also explain how to ground yourself and how to use grounding for your manifestation practices. You will learn about the difference between focused and dispersed energy and how to use them in your daily lives.

Questions from the collective:

Question 1: I have a hard time with the grounding exercise. The moment I start dispersing the energy into the ground, I feel that there are blockages and the energy is not able to go through. It doesn’t allow me to fully connect with the energies of Gaia.

Question 2: How do I know how much of my energy is anchored? How can I do a diagnostics?

Question 3: If I go through the exercise of anchoring, how do I make sure that my energy is not being wasted.

Please enjoy!

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