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Anchor your God/Goddess Archetype. Why We All Experience Slave/Martyr Mentality

It is time for you to anchor your God/Goddess archetype. It is time to stop associating yourself with the servant or martyr archetype. I will explain why a slave mentality that we all experience to a certain degree doesn't allow you to anchor your God/Goddess archetype fully.

I will go really deep to explain why all people on this planet experience the same problem. You will learn about patterns that servant races exhibit like I'm not good enough, I don't have enough, I'm on my own, I don't belong, etc.

We will talk about emotional and mental control and how they anchor you to the servant mentality.

We will talk about Jesus and Lucifer and how they represent servant and god archetypes in people's eyes.

I will explain what is wrong with "serving humanity" and how it anchors you to the slave archetype.

On the bright side, you will learn what it means to be God/Goddess. I will give you examples and practices that will help you to see another side, help you to see the possibilities.

I will give you three practices that will help you to remove the chains that hold you back on the emotional, mental, and DNA levels. You will finally start receiving codes to receive and anchor the Source consciousness.

Please enjoy!

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