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Ancestral Magic Tap Into The Full Power of Your Lineage Ancestral Healing Meditation

In this episode, I will talk about ancestral magic. I will give you an overview of the ancestral powers. Then, I will help you cleanse your lineage with the help of the Divine Monger or the Female Face of the Creator. After that, we will fill up all your chakras with the new, white energy of your lineage. In the end, you will connect with the guardian of your lineage that will transfer his/her power to you.

First question: A person that doesn't feel connected to her lineage. At some point in life, she has chosen to remove herself from the lineage. She wants to learn how she can get back to her lineage.

Second question: A woman that is trying to cleanse her lineage. She is asking, "How do I make sure that my actions matter. What can I do for my lineage to support it?"

Third question: This woman knows that she a wonderful ancestor that she really admires. She wants to know how she can connect with this ancestor.

Please enjoy!

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