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Akashic Records. Why You Should Care and How to Access Akashic Records.

In this episode, I will talk about Akashic records. I will explain what role the Akashic records play in the Matrix, why it was created. I will show you the structure of the Akashic records for your deeper understanding. You will see how souls use the Akashic records to plan and integrate their incarnations.

You will learn about access codes to the Akashic records. Here are some levels of access:

  1. Your past life incarnations or your individual field.

  2. Your past life incarnations that you copied from somebody else. The field that you borrowed. I will also explain what it means.

  3. Planetary Akashic records.

  4. Solar system Akashic records.

  5. Neighboring star systems Akashic records.

  6. Galactic and neighboring galaxies Akashic records.

  7. After that, you go to the level of the Universe and higher.

Many people can access the planetary level, and around 1-2% can access the galactic level.

We will also talk about keepers and guardians of the Akashic records. I will explain the difference between them and what role they play.

After that, I will explain why you should care about Akashic records and how you can access your personal Akashic records field.

Questions from the collective:

  • Question 1: How do you know which life to access from the Akashic record? How do you know which life would be the best to access?

  • Question 2: What do I do if I want to look at the planetary level of the Akashic field, but I don’t have the access keys?

  • Question 3: Can I access information about my incarnations in the other world, or am I just limited by planet Earth?

Please enjoy!


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