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Air Elementals. Sylphs, Muses, Winds, Air Sprites. How to Connect and Work with Them

Today is gonna be all about air elementals, or the creatures that belong to the kingdom of air. Not a lot of people are familiar with the concept of elementals. Elementals are the creatures that live around you, whether you realize it or not, they are closer to you than any other metaphysical beings. I will introduce you to Sylphs, Winds, Air Sprites and Muses. In the end, I will give you a practice that will help you to connect with the fire elementals.

06:30 Wind elementals and how to work with them

31:08 Air sprites and how to work with them

49:36 Muses and how to work with them

60:18 How can I heal my relationship with the air elementals?

01:07:37 How do I know if I need to build a relationship with the wind elementals?

#airelementals #airspirits #spirits #spirituality

Please enjoy!


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