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Activate Your Divine Feminine Open Your Lower and Upper Heart Guidance from Divine Mother

In this episode, I will talk about the pillar or the heart of the divine feminine pillar. I will give you a practice that will allow you to clean, open and increase the capacity of your emerald green lower heart. You will be able to process a much wider and deeper ray of emotions. In the end, I will help you to open your baby pink upper heart that is located in the thymus area.

I will explain the origin of a disease and what it has to do with the closed heart. I will explain why people keep their unprocessed emotions inside different parts of the body and how you can start processing these emotions.

We will also rewrite the codes of your heart so you can increase the capacity of your heart.

In the end, we will get access codes from the Divine Mother to her baby pink energetic lake that will help you to keep your upper heart connected and activated.

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