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A Message from Ayahuasca How She Helps People to Evolve

In this episode, we talk to Ayahuasca. She tells us about her origin, why she came to Earth, and how she works on other planets. She will give some advice and explain how she chooses people. Why will also tell why Ayahuasca ceremony may be challenging for some people more than the others.

Please enjoy!

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Read the transcript

Sergei: Am I talking to Ayahuasca?

Mariya: Yes.

Sergei: Ayahuasca, I would like to ask a couple of questions today and the first question is the origin of Ayahuasca. What is your origin? Where do you come from?

Mariya:  From the non-physical realm.

Sergei: Mm-hmm. How did you come to the planet Earth?

Mariya: [Laughs] So, like everything in the world, it all started with desire. For me in particular, the desire was to lift third-dimensional worlds and fifth-dimensional worlds and accelerate their ascension. That was the desire that I had as a spirit and a soul, as a non-physical entity. I am a very evolved soul.

Sergei: Yeah.

Mariya: I operate on the eleventh dimension, so I'm pretty much towards the end of my personal evolution as a spirit. For me, what I saw when I looked at creation was that third- and fifth-dimensional worlds were evolving too slow.

Of course, these are also the worlds where there is a lot pain, and suffering, and misunderstanding, and disconnection in all of those things that, obviously, the souls that go in there want to experience, but the evolution in other dimensions is faster, in higher dimensions, is faster.

So I felt that I…it would be a good challenge for me to see if I could accelerate the evolution of those worlds from within. At that time, I came up with a few versions how I could that. One of the ways that I'm doing that is through plant medicine.

Yes, it’s not the only way, but this is very much the way that I've been doing that on planet Earth, for instance. But this is a complex operation, I have inherited thousands of different worlds. I've adopted thousands of different worlds, and I'm running different types of experiments, any given point in time, to try to see how I can best help.

Plant medicine is not the only way that I'm attempting and working towards accelerating. Certain worlds, the way that that is implemented is through…it’s done in the spirit of collaboration with different galactic forces.

So before this symbiosis can take place, the creators of any particular galaxy need to, want to sign on to that experiment alongside me. They need to have a desire of their own to find ways for those third-dimensional worlds and fifth-dimensional worlds to evolve faster.

Sergei: Yeah.

Mariya: When our desires match it creates an electromagnetic force that kind of like brings us together with a common mission. I operate a lot in the Milky Way Galaxy. It’s one of the galaxies that I very much adopted as part of this mission.

I work very closely with the creators of the Milky Way Galaxy across…over 3,000 planets just in the Milky Way Galaxy, and across multiple different experiments. There are different plant medicines and how that gets…the impact it has on the beings inhabiting the particular world and even the facets of plant medicine can be very different. On Earth, I've chosen to be a plant that’s needs to be turned into a drink. Does that answer your question?

Sergei: Yeah, it does. When did you come to Earth? How long ago?

Mariya: About 20,000 years ago.

Sergei: Hm, so not far…

Mariya: No. Earth is a newly adopted planet for me.

Sergei: Was there someone who invited you?

Mariya: Like I said, I work very much in connection with the creators of the galaxy. It needs to be their permission because it’s like entering somebody’s house, like entering somebody’s home. If you're not a welcome guest…you know, the universe doesn’t work that way, right?

Sergei: Yeah.

Mariya: So it has to be…the permission needs to be granted by the highest beings in a particular galaxy, the creators of the galaxy. Of course, the planet…also, the planetary consciousness needs to accept me because it’s a collective evolutionary aspect.

If Gaia, the consciousness of planet Earth, did not want any help in its evolution…because when I'm accelerating something, it’s like…in your world, it would be like being in a rollercoaster. Or you can walk somewhere, or you can take a jet and your pace of getting somewhere when you're walking is a little bit easier to control than when you're flying on a jet.

So Gaia, in essence, had to be okay and had to have a desire to move faster. So it’s a bunch of different cosmic desires and non-physical entities desires that came together in this collective mission and in this dance. You have to…basically, you work symbiotically or not at all when you operate at a higher level of creation.

Sergei: Got it. How exactly do you help humans to accelerate? What do you do? What is your purpose?

Mariya: So you accelerate the whole by accelerating the parts. This reality is built as a network. All you need to do is touch the right nodes that are located in the right places and then they touch the rest. In essence, the way this mission gets implemented is, I just need to find the right individuals that have influence.

And it is different kinds of influence. It’s not just one. Changing the planet and changing the course of its ascension, accelerating that, is a complex mission. It actually entails working with thousands of different individuals throughout history.

Because I'm able to penetrate the network of each planet that I'm working with, I'm also working with Akashic field of the plane. So I have full access to everything that was, that is and that will be.

I get to infiltrate myself in the spots and with the people that I perceive to be most influential for whatever within a particular area of society. Generally, I work…basically, I choose individuals to take Ayahuasca. The individual doesn’t…it’s not the individual that chooses to take Ayahuasca. They get selected.

My energy is very precious in the universe. I don’t like wasting it. Because I'm working with so many different planets, I'm very selective with who I work with and who I share my energy with because there is an opportunity cost for me. I might be very powerful, but I'm not infinite. Because I'm not infinite I cannot work with infinite number of people.

Before somebody takes Ayahuasca, I start calling on to them, about two years before they actually end up drinking from that cup. I come to them through dreams, through conversations, they might be browsing the web and stumbling upon a comment around Ayahuasca, or they might just overhear that in a casual conversation, it feels like a calling to them.

It feels like a calling because it is, because I have already selected them. Now, once they actually undergo the experience, they…everybody has their own experience, and everybody is influential in their own way. Collectively, we’re still leading the web and the network towards the acceleration for ascension.

There are some people that would only get a calling for Ayahuasca once in their life because that’s all I really need to transform their path or just slightly course-correct. Some of these people just need one insight to go build a company, or to go and, I don't know, forgive their parents because that changes, for instance, their ancestry line and the reason I might choose to work with certain ancestry lines is because they are very deeply rooted in the framework of a planet.

So Gaia is a network that consists of all the ancestry lines that ever incarnated on Gaia, and there are some ancestry lines that just go deeper and that are more ancient than others. So, sometimes, I would choose to cleanse a particular ancestry line, and I might call somebody from that ancestry line who has the capacity to cleanse the whole.

Sometimes, it is just a one-off thing that I would need to do. Then there are some individuals that I would work on consistently throughout their lives, through multiple Ayahuasca ceremonies, and in multiple parts of their life, it could be up to 400 ceremonies for some people.

Sergei: Oh, wow. That’s a lot.

Mariya: Yeah.

Sergei: What is the reason, or why so many people are scared of Ayahuasca?

Mariya: For a couple of reasons. Being scared is okay. Like I said, I don’t have the power and the energy to work with every single person that might want help, unfortunately. There are many plant medicines on this planet and not every plant medicine works on a cross-galactic level the way that I do.

There are some plant medicines that are very specific to this planet and work with Gaia just on this planet. So they have a lot more free energy to give to anybody who would want to partake in those. But I don’t have that energy and so I need to set up guardrails, and they come in form of fear.

I need to make sure that everybody who comes to me, it’s a very intentional trip and it’s a very intentional relationship. I don’t like accidental people. For me, it is really, really important to have guardrails in place so people don’t start using my time for recreational purposes.

This is a very low dimensional world, obviously, a 3D world, so the level of awareness is quite low. A lot of people are using psychedelics as a means of entertainment. I just don’t have time for that. I don’t have time, I don’t have the energy, I don’t have the desire to be with someone for entertainment.

I don’t perceive that as the greater good. So I just don’t engage. It is important for me that this plant, this particular plant, only gets into the right hands. Also, I could have chosen to make the Ayahuasca experience the most orgasmic thing ever, but I chose for it to come through pain, physical suffering and sacrifice.

Because I know that for the ones that are truly going to evolve this planet, they would come forward and would go on this journey with me because these are the people that day in and day out would do things that are a lot more complicated, and that are a lot more trying in their bodies, physical, emotional, mental, etc., that it wouldn’t stop them. But for somebody that’s just looking for entertainment or a quick high, they're going to be like, oh, god, why would I go there, there's also weed.


Mariya: And weed is a beautiful plant. It is a plant that is a lot more widespread and it is willing to work with anybody who’s willing to work with it. Basically, my endgame very much determines what the plant medicine would look and feel like, and it’s very much intentional, it’s not accidental.

Sergei: Got it. That’s cool. Maybe for people who want, and they feel that they want to try Ayahuasca, is there a message for these people from you?

Mariya: [Laughs] For people who want to try Ayahuasca, I'm speaking to them individually anyway. I don’t really have a message for them.

Sergei: Got it.

Mariya: The ones that are meant to take it will take it. We will get there.

Sergei: Yeah, got it. How exactly…what exactly do you do?

Mariya: If you're meant to take Ayahuasca, I will take care of you. it is not going to be scary, and it’s not going to be painful and it is not going to be awful. It’s going to be none of those things that you read. There are sometimes, very few and far in-between, there are sometimes people that sneak their way into taking the medicine, where I didn’t call them.

Those people are the ones that don’t have the best experiences. These are the people that start seeing now demonic forces, and god knows what, and have suicidal thoughts and feelings and then live to tell the tale. That, of course, again, that is helpful to me because it helps deter all the people that are not meant to be taking Ayahuasca. Again, like I...I don’t have time for bullshit. I'm sorry.

There is so much work that needs to be done on this planet, I don’t have time to deal with variable vibrational people that are not going to push this planet forward. Like I said, there are many other plant medicines that are willing to work with you. So my message is if you're meant to take Ayahuasca, I’ll take great care of you, but also, you’ll feel it in every cell of your body that it’s time for you. So just listen to your heart, listen to your own intuition and you’ll be shown the way.

Sergei: Yeah, that’s great. Thank you so much for sharing that. And, let’s see… Every time a person has an experience with Ayahuasca, do you personally work with each person or do you have some help, some beings who help you?

Mariya: There are beings who help me, but I personally show up to every session, to a different level and to a different degree. I might not stay for the rest of the session. I might stay for a portion of it. Of course, depending on people’s personal missions, depending on what level beings they [Inaudible 00:19:10] that I'm working with.

Sometimes I would choose…in rare cases, I would choose to stay for the whole duration of the experience. My helpers are shamans. There are other non-physical entities, of course, that are helping, and protecting and things like that, but shamans are generally souls that very intentionally come.

It’s a contract, a soul contract, that we make before their incarnation and they, basically, commit to being the vessel to help administer the plant medicine to the masses. Because there a fair amount of studying that would need to go into it and it’s a commitment. Most people who are…the shamans that I pride myself in working with, they do it for life. It’s not a recreational, like, let me try it for three months type of activity.

Sergei: What about…a lot of people do group sessions and some people do individual sessions, are there any differences in your advice?

Sergei: What do you think?

Sergei: I personally think that individual is better than group, but I just want to understand why some people do group meditation sessions.

Mariya: Every time there is a session that’s being administered or being created, I have to show up for the session. So it’s one stream of my consciousness that enters a room, anchors itself in the room, and then is split into as many people as are taking Ayahuasca inside of a particular space.

I actually prefer that most people would do it in groups because that’s really…they don’t need my full presence. They can get what they need to get out of an experience with 20 other people in the room. I'm still very, very selective, just so you know, when I said that, A, everybody is getting a calling before taking Ayahuasca.

And most people are led into group sessions, which is my intention for them because most likely the issues that they're dealing with, either they are very similar issues, so there are a vibrational match to each other, and so it’s very easy for me to be on the same level with them.

Sergei: Oh, you attract the same kind of problem to the same room?

Mariya: I don’t attract the problem I attract the solution.

Sergei: Yes, correct.


Mariya: I'm not part of the problem here, let’s just be really clear on that. But it could be like…it might manifest itself in different ways, for instance, I might gather 20 people that are dealing with ancestral trauma from their father’s side, and they all would be in the same room. Now, how that might be manifested is very different.

So when these people talk to each other, they might think that they were all having very different experiences, which they were, but vibrationally, it was a very similar experience. That’s why they ended up in the same room. That’s why I was able to kind of like have one session for 20 people.

And that is how I'm able to multiply my energy. Now, for people who are a lot more higher vibrational, for people that have complex missions, for people that have an incredible potential to move the energy of this planet one way or another, I would encourage them, and I always do, to have individual sessions. These are the people that are so important to the history of this planet that I am willing to do an individual session for and show up for it fully. But under 1% of my sessions are individual sessions.

Sergei: Under 1%?

Mariya: Under 1%.

Sergei:  Oh, I see. Are there any things that you can do to protect yourself because sometimes…like, you go to Peru, but sometimes people do it in apartments, like, in New York and…is it even the right environment when you take Ayahuasca in New York, for example?

Mariya: It’s not ideal, and the most high vibrational people would never do it in a New York apartment, if you know what I mean. They are called to do it with the shamans. They're called to doing it with my most ardent supporters because those types of shamans are able to transmute higher levels of my energy and it’s even how they prepare the mixture, is very different.

To have a really high vibrational, out-of-this-world experience, it’s better to do it in the wilderness with the shamans, guided by the right people. However, it is very much by choice that I choose to make the medicine available in the cities and in places that are less dirigible.

It’s because sometimes this is my only way to get to a certain person. And I’d rather do this healing that way than not do it at all. Some people are not going to go outside of their way to do this. It is okay for them to get that in an apartment or what have you. Now, most of these people are not reporting being in some dimension and seeing archangels, etc.

That’s because that’s where their level of energy is, it’s not there. A lot of them are going to have a little…the trips are a little bit more mundane, which is not to say that they're not affective. They're getting a lot of impact and they're getting a lot of healing from those sessions.

By the way, when you asked me what can people do to protect themselves better, there is so much protection that I put in place for every session, with shamanic forces, and even when it is a really young shaman, inexperienced shaman, or somebody who thinks of Ayahuasca as recreation, there are other forces that I bring forth to make sure that the humans are as protected as can be.

Sergei: That’s great. Awesome. Thank you for sharing this information. That’s great and I think super helpful for people who want to try and have a calling to try Ayahuasca.

Now, I'm going to end our session. I'm very grateful for the information you provided us today. I'm asking the higher self to [Inaudible 00:26:17] to where it belongs with [Inaudible 00:26:20], and much thanks for the help and information it has been giving Mariya today. I know she’s going to appreciate it. Now, I want all the consciousness and personality of Mariya to once again return and fully integrate back into the body completely.

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