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A Big Shake-up. How to Prepare Yourself for the Next 18 Years of Turmoil

In this episode, I’ll talk about the shake-up that is happening in the collective right now and will keep happening until 2040. I will talk about what triggered the shake-up, what to expect next and how to prepare yourself for the upcoming years.

04:11 What is anxiety?

06:11 The shake-up explained.

15:38 How our game is designed.

30:48 How to handle this shake-up.

41:13 Talking about war.

55:38 Prepare yourself for the next 18 years.

58:08 How to connect to your Higher Self.

Questions from the collective:

1:17:46 What are some of the things that are coming through the pike?

1:22:10 How do I know if I am passing the test?

1:25:01 When was the last time the shake-up happened?

Please enjoy!


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