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2022 Prediction. Numerology and Astrology of 2022. A Year Karmic of Returns

In this episode, I’ll step into my Oracle self and talk about the year of 2022 and what you should expect from it.

2022 is a master year. In numerology, the number 22 is the master number; it signifies that this is not your average year. It is very charged. It will be a pivotal year; it sets the foundation for a new foundation to be built from scratch.

2022 is a year of karmic returns and karmic relationships.

Questions from the collective:

  • 01:11:53 How do I know if something is karmic or it is something that is “life a usual”?

  • 01:17:19 You said it is not gonna be a resourceful year to start new projects, I was planning to start a new company so do I not start it now?

  • 01:23:27 Is it true that every year has a zodiac sign?

Please enjoy!


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