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02.02.2022 Cosmic Portal Curated by Divine Mother

I will talk about the cosmic portal of February 02, 2022, and cosmic portals in general. I will explain the numerology of the upcoming portal 02.02.2022 and how you can use this portal to your benefit.

03:03 Talking about cosmic portals in general.

08:28 The numerology of the portal 02.02.2022.

23:00 The energy of the number 4. A combination of the month and the day 02.02.

27:00 The energy and meaning of 000.

31:00 The energy and meaning of 22222.

33:40 The energy and meaning of 10

36:00 02.02.2022 ritual

45:00 Meditation that will reconnect you with Divine Mother

48:12 Question from the collective. Is there another way to release outside of the ritual you have given?

Questions from the collective:

48:12 Is there another way to release outside of the ritual you have given?

50:50 You’ve described all the numbers that are part of this portal. Are all these energies equal or some numbers are more relevant?

Please enjoy!


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