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The Black Sun Activation Guided Meditation

The Black Sun Activation Guided Meditation

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Today we are going to be working with the energy of the Black Sun. Our sun that governs our solar system has a twin, that twin is the Black Sun. At one point in ancient times it was known that there are two suns running this solar system, it is actually quite common in the Universe for stars to have companions because journey of the star is quite infinite and it takes a while so it can get quite lonely and so the stars like to incarnate with twins. The Black Sun connects us to our subconscious, it is connected to the right hemisphere of our brain, so it governs things like creativity, dreamscape, intuition, the collective consciousness as well as the subconscious. It addresses things like the state of resourcefulness and it represents the magnetic forces within the Universe. If you have a strong connection with the Black Sun you are going to have a natural propensity of attracting things into your orbit, good things you really want and doing so quickly and seamlessly. Today I will share a powerful activation practice that would help you connect to this beautiful celestial companion that mostly exists in the energy field.

Please enjoy!

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