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Meet and Become Your Future Perfect Self Guided Meditation

Meet and Become Your Future Perfect Self Guided Meditation

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In this meditation you will meet your version of the future-self, the most optimal version of your future-self, your future-self that is happy and thriving, your future-self that is experiencing as much bliss as possible, your future-self that has gotten everything that you have ever wished for, your future-self that made it. You will be able to copy the energy of this perfect future-self and bring it to this world to accelerate your growth.

This meditation is curated by archangel Gabriel and the energies of the Temperance Tarot Card. Tarot cards are very strong portals and contain so much healing energies within them. I would like for you to get to know the Temperance card quite intimately, get to know the energies that it carries. It is a great card for the spiritual initiations, it is a card with some very strong feminine energies.

Please enjoy!

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